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Sony microphone used in the studio by Luther Vandross

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Manufactured by:
Sony Corporation, Japanese, founded 1946  Search this
Owned by:
Luther Vandross, American, 1951 - 2005  Search this
Used by:
Luther Vandross, American, 1951 - 2005  Search this
a. ink on plastic with metal, rubber, foam, and leather;
b. ink on plastic with metal and foam;
c. ink on plastic with metal;
d. metal;
e. plastic with metal;
f. plastic
H x W x D (a: case): 12 1/2 × 17 1/2 × 7 in. (31.8 × 44.5 × 17.8 cm)
H x W x D (b: microphone): 7 1/2 × 9 1/2 × 2 in. (19.1 × 24.1 × 5.1 cm)
H x W x D (c: circular topper): 7 × 3 3/4 × 2 in. (17.8 × 9.5 × 5.1 cm)
H x W x D (d: silver cylinder): 2 7/8 × 1/2 × 1/2 in. (7.3 × 1.3 × 1.3 cm)
H x W x D (e: black small cylinder): 1 × 3/4 × 3/4 in. (2.5 × 1.9 × 1.9 cm)
H x W x D (f: small black circle): 1/2 × 15/16 × 15/16 in. (1.3 × 2.4 × 2.4 cm)
Place used:
United States, North and Central America
1980s - 1990s
Sony Condense Microphone C-800 with storage case.
a. A black, rectangular plastic case with grey letters that read [SONY / CONDENSER MICROPHONE C-800]. The case has some ridges on the front and back. There is a stripe down the side of each outer edge with thing, grooved lines. The bottom of the case has four round “feet” and metal hinges. The hinges read [MADE IN JAPAN]. The top of the case reads [SONY] in raised grey letters. There is a white label which reads [LUTHER VANDROSS #1] in black text. There is a black leather keychain with two silver keys on it. There is a handle in the center with a key hole and an unlock switch on either side. The key holes read [LOCK] in raised letters with an arrow underneath. The inside of the case has grey foam. The foam on the lid is scratched, scuffed, and dented. There are two rectangular pieces of foam attached to it. At the top there are two indentations, one on either side, with metal rings inside. The main part of the case has a textured grey foam with shaped compartments for the different microphone pieces.
b. A SONY C-800 condenser microphone. The main part of the microphone is cylindrical. The top is made of a mesh grille, with the internal structure of the microphone inside. It reads [SONY] with an On/Off switch underneath. The base reads [No. 10127]. There is a small piece at the bottom with grooved rings around it and small raised metal pieces inside. There is an attachment on the side which reads [SONY / C-800 / CONDENSER / MICROPHONE / MADE IN JAPAN] in grey. There is an appendage on the side with thick grooved rings around it. This is the cooling system, which helps with microphone temperature and noise distortion. The cooling system is covered with a black foam windscreen. The foam is starting to disintegrate.
c. A black microphone attachment. The base has vertical grooved lines going around it. There is grey text which reads [SONY] and [Made in Japan]. There is a knob attached to the side. The top of the attachment is a large circle with bungee cord and plastic going in different angles. There are several textured areas inside of the circle.
d. A thin, cylindrical metal tube. The tube is silver in color. The tube is hollow. On one end there are several grooved lines going around it, with an additional textured piece attached. The tube has several scrapes and scratches. The other and of the tube has a small keyhole shaped cutout.
e. A black circular attachment with one hollow end. The hollow end has metal inside with grooved lines going around the interior. The outside of the attachment has vertical grooved lines going around the top, and vertical grooved lines going around the bottom. The non-hollow end of the attachment is thinner than the top, and has several grooved horizontal lines going around it.
f. A small, black, circular attachment. There is a textured border around the top with short, vertical grooved lines. The top reads [SONY / JAPAN / SAD-34] in raised letters. There is a hole in the center. The bottom of the attachment is thinner and has grooved rings around it. The bottom of the attachment is hollow, and has grooved rings on the inside.
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Credit Line:
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Seveda Williams in Celebration of the Musical Legacy of her Uncle, Luther Vandross
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No Known Copyright Restrictions
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