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Alan Bell, American  Search this
Edited by:
Alan Bell, American  Search this
Subject of:
Jo Jo Lewis  Search this
Kathleen Pitts  Search this
Hiawatha Johnson  Search this
Black Enterprise, American, founded 1970  Search this
Rev. Dr. Renee McCoy, American, born 1951  Search this
National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays, American, 1978 - 1990  Search this
Essex Hemphill, American, 1957 - 1995  Search this
Jewelle Gomez, American, born 1948  Search this
Nia Collective, American, founded 1987  Search this
Keith St. John, American, born 1957  Search this
Barbara Smith, American, born 1946  Search this
Sabrina Sojourner, American, born 1952  Search this
Phill Wilson, American, born 1956  Search this
African-American Lesbian and Gay Alliance, American, founded 1986  Search this
Dionne Warwick, American, born 1940  Search this
Minority AIDS Project, American, founded 1985  Search this
Gilberto Gerald, Panamanian American, born 1950  Search this
Reggie Williams, American, 1951 - 1999  Search this
Joe Simmons, American, 1959 - 1995  Search this
Alvin Ailey, American, 1931 - 1989  Search this
AFL-CIO, American, founded 1955  Search this
David N. Dinkins, American, born 1927  Search this
Coretta Scott King, American, 1927 - 2006  Search this
Rev. Jesse Jackson, American, born 1941  Search this
Rep. Maxine Waters, American, born 1938  Search this
Tom Bradley, American, 1917 - 1998  Search this
Nate N. Holden, American, born 1929  Search this
Sgt. Perry Watkins, American, 1948 - 1996  Search this
ink on paper (fiber product)
H x W x D: 10 13/16 × 8 1/4 × 1/8 in. (27.4 × 20.9 × 0.3 cm)
magazines (periodicals)
Place made:
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States, North and Central America
Place depicted:
Washington, District of Columbia, United States, North and Central America
New York City, New York, United States, North and Central America
Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States, North and Central America
Pawtucket, Providence County, Rhode Island, United States, North and Central America
Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States, North and Central America
Highland Park, Lake County, Illinois, United States, North and Central America
Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, United States, North and Central America
San Francisco, San Francisco county, California, United States, North and Central America
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States, North and Central America
London, Greater London, England, Europe
Toronto, York County, Ontario, Canada, North and Central America
January 1990
This is the 14th issue of BLK magazine published January 1990. The front cover features an black and white image of three individuals dressed in occupational clothing sitting it what seems like a waiting room. The cover models, from left to right, are Jo Jo Lewis as a construction worker, Kathleen Pitts as a medical professional, and Hiawatha Johnson in a suit. At the top center, [BLK] is printed in large, bold, white uppercase letters within a green rectangular box. The date and issue [Number 14, January 1990] are printed below in white text. The headlines are at the bottom of the cover; aligned to the left in green text it reads [10 Best Places / to Work]; aligned to right in green text it reads [Job / Discrimination]. There are 36 numbered pages, with articles, advertisements, classifieds, black and white photographs, and cartoon illustrations throughout.
The inside of the cover features an ad for the [Minority AIDS Project] under the headline [Be a volunteer.]. The content opens with the section [WORD UP] by Leon Miller and two short articles: [Gay Sheep Long to Ram It] about a sheep study and [What Henry Is Having] speculating if the Dewar Profile ad on Henry Geldzahler and Scott Kilgour is a marketing tactic for the gay community. On the bottom of the page is an excerpt titled [Tell the Tale], which invites readers to submit funny, strange, outrageous, or homophobic news.
This is followed by letters to the editor, [BLK MAIL], an announcement of the discontinuation of "The News" which prior to BLK was the only gay and lesbian newspaper in Southern California, and the BLK masthead on page 4.
The first cover story, which beings on page 6, is titled [Job Discrimination / Black lesbians and gay men find record mixed / on equal employment opportunity] with a label headline [COVER STORY]. Written by Mark Haile, the article provides a snapshot of the history regarding job discrimination based on sexuality. One quote from the article is printed in larger font, [Sometimes union lead the way: in San Francisco, Gay Pride Day is an official AFL-CIO union holiday.]. The article includes a list of ten organization to contact regarding discrimination or harassment in a place of work due to sexual orientation or race.
Pages 10 and 11 contain a spread announcing the conference and itinerary for the [THIRD ANNUAL NATIONAL BLACK GAY AND LESBIAN CONFERENCE A HEALTH INSTITUTE / Celebrating Our History, Creating Our Future], sponsored by Black Gay and Lesbian Leadership Forum and hosted by African American Lesbian and Gay Alliance in Atlanta, GA,. Speakers include Keith St. John, Rene McCoy, Rev. Carl Bean, Barbara Smith, Sabrina Sojourner, and Phill Wilson. There is registration form for the conference and travel arrangements made by Travel Lab.
The second cover story, starting on page 12, is titled [10 Best Places to Work / Survey identifies companies with commitment to ending / black and gay employment discrimination] with a label headline [COVER STORY]. Written by Mark Haile, the article is inspired by the February 1989 issue of "Black Enterprise" identifying the best 50 companies for black people to work at and Haile uses the same methodology to identify the “best places for black lesbians and gay men to work”. In addition to [THE TOP 10] companies, two excerpts are written on the [United States Armed Forces] and [the United States Postal Service], plus [THE SECOND 13], [HONORABLE MENTIONS], [THEY GOT CAUGHT AND NOW THEY’RE SORRY], and [THE BAD GUYS] regarding hiring patterns at other companies.
Several shorter articles appear under the [BLK COMMUNITY NEWS], starting on page 18. This includes: [Controversy Surrounds Dianne Davidson Concert; Entertainer Accused of Making Racist Statements / by Ayofemi Stowe Folyan] about Chicago Lesbians Emerging Against Racism, Latina Lesbianas en Nuestro Ambiente and founder of Lavender Women Vernita Gray boycotting a music event showcasing Dianne Davidson for allegations of racism, [300 Hear McCoy Speak at Horizons Conference] about Rev. Renee McCoy speaking at the 12th Annal Midwest Lesbian and Gay Conference, [Attacks Outrage London Black Community] about the Lesbian and Gay Black Group meeting to discuss the increase of violence towards gay men, [Harry Lewis Faces Life] about Lewis guilty of murdering Roosevelt “Coop" Williams, a gay man, [Black Lesbian Org Holds Retreat in Marin County / by Janet Wallace] about a black lesbian collective, Nia, holding the Gathering, [Black Authors Attend S.F. Writer’s Conference] called Out/Write 1990, the first national lesbian and gay writers conference, [Keith St. John to Speak at Georgia Conference], [McCoy Resigns; NCBLG Returns to Washington] about the National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays, [Brownlie Fund Created], [Black 2nd in ‘Gay U.S.A.’] about Louis Bradford, [Warwick Holds Benefit], [MAP Gets $150K Grant], [Orgs Lose Office Space] about the Gays and Lesbians at University of Toronto and ACSA, an anti-apartheid group, [CSW Announces Grants] about the Christopher Street/West Los Angeles, [Davis Named to Board] about L. Paul Davis being appointed to the West Hollywood Homeless Organization, [Black Play Opens in N.Y.] called Metamorphosis written by Eric Booth and direct by Karen Smith and is about the struggles of three gay men of color, [Four Blacks Arrested in D.C. ‘AIDS Day’ Action] about Gil Gerald, Phillip Morrow, Phillip Pannell and Reggie Williams (NMAAHC 2018.108.13 features a related article), [Search Begins for Joe Simmons Porno Co-Star / by Jarvis D. Moore], [Tomas Soto Picked to Head Client Department], [Charity Gets Gay Money While AIDS Groups Hurt] AIDS agencies financially struggling to help PWAs, or people with AIDS, who were affected by the Loma Prieta, [Famed Choreographer Alvin Ailey Succumbs / by Mark Haile], and [D.C. Activist Dies at 45] about Lawrence Albert Washington, a pivotal activist in the black gay and lesbian community.
Section [BLK VEIL] starts on page 28 and lists five obituaries: Ronald Francis, Jonathan Milton Irvine, Alton Jerome Raines, George Roddy Franklin, and Theodore R. Lee. This is followed by the gossip column [Read My Lips] written by Preston G Guider. The issue concludes with the classifieds section titled [BLK MARKET], with the personal ads split by U.S. regions.
The back cover is a full-page advertisement [TALK LIVE!].
There are advertisements throughout, including: [WORLD / AFRICAN / ART FESTIVAL & / CULTURAL / CONVENTION], support groups held by LAPIS: [Black Lesbian Support Group] and [LAPIS Women of Color / Drop-in Support Group]; [Shanti Foundation] seeking volunteers and physical training; [ACCESS / The Center / The Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center] counseling service; [WE CARE ABOUT THE GAY AND LESBIAN COMMUNITY / VISITING NURSE HOMES SERVICES]; [970-WOLF]; [976-CAMP]; [FOR BLACK GAY & / BISEXUAL MEN ONLY!] from the African American Men’s Health Project; [THE / Black Gay Men’s Exchange / Friendship, Companionship / and Support]; [Subscribe to the leading interracial gay magazine / QUARTERLY INTERCHANGE]; [Unity Fellowship Church / A Church for All People]; [Shanti]; [The Pleasure Chest Ltd.]; [ A DIFFERENT LIGHT / Gay and Lesbian Literature]; [Black and White / Men Together]; [The Experience] weekend workshop for self-care; [AIDS Project Los Angeles] with a list of services; and [the Body Black Calendar 1990].
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