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Rudy VanderLans, Dutch, b. 1955  Search this
Emigre Graphics, founded 1984  Search this
Plastic, printed paper
12.1 x 14.0 cm (4 3/4 x 5 1/2 in. )
packaging designs
CD graphics
Object Name:
CD graphics
Catalogue Status:
Research in Progress
CD packaging from Emigre Music.
CD cover: Orange printed paper with "Emigre Music Sampler" at top in black and partial image of headphones. Black reectangle box at lower right corner with "no. 1" in shadow effect white font.
Unpaginated pages of CD cover with information about songs on CD.
Page 1: ""Audioafterbirth"/ waiting with Baudrilland (2:12)/ 2. The Picture Upright (2:42)/ From the album COMMBINE (ECD 010)/ written, performed and programmed by P. Scott Makela..." Orange toned photo of residential street scene with "1.2" superimposed in white.
Page 2: ""Every Good Boy"/ 3. Judy Climbarrow (4:03)/ From the album BALING WIRE & BUBBLEGUM (ECD 009).../ 4. Social Graces (3:08)/ From the album SOCIAL GRACES (ECD 003)/ written and arranged by Erik Deerly" Orange toned photo of street sign for 14th Street and apartment building with "3.4" superimposed in white.
Page 3: ""Basehead"/ 5. Play with Toys (4:03)./ From the album PLAY WITH TOYS (ECD 005)/ written and produced by Michael Ivey..." Oranged toned photo of intersection with "5." superimposed in white.
Page 4. ""Fact TwentyTwo"/ 6. emanation Feel (3:34)/ From the album THE BIOGRAPHIC HUMM (ECD 007).../ 7. Basil's Fear/ From the album ENERGY. WORK & POWER (ECD 002).../ 8. Murderess (3:350/ previously unreleased/ written, performed by James Towning..." Orange toned photo of partial view of house with "6.7.8." superimposed in white.
Page 5. ""Stephen Sheehan"/ 9. Reclutant Rage $:24)/ previously unreleased/ written by Stephen Sheehan and Bart Wolfe.../ 10. I Can't wait (3:06)/ From the album INNOCENCE AT WILL (ECD 001)/ written by Stephen Sheehan, Coreen Dyer and Derek Higgins..." Orange toned photo of cark parked outside small house with "9.10." superimposed in white.
Page 6. ""Ray Carmen"/. 11. Summer's Day (2:35)/ From the album NOTHING PERSONAL (ECD 008)/ Performed and recorded by Ray Carmen..." Orange toned photo of top half of apartment building and traffic light with "11." superimposed in white.
Page 7. ""Harvey Barbara"/ 12. Mushrooms (4:55)/ From the forthcoming album FEEDLOTLOOPHOLE (ECD 012)/ words and music by Harvey Barbara..." Orange toned photo of side view of house and fence with "12." superimposed in white.
Page 8. ""Supercollider"/ 13. Seized (4:44)/ From the forthcoming album DUAL/ written and produced by Supercollider.../14. Primary (6:35)/ From the album SUPERCOLLIDER (ECD 006)/ written and produced by Supercollider..." Orange toned photo tall skinny tree trunks with "13.14" superimposed in white.
Page 9. ""Binary Race/ 15. Not Wyoming (1:30)/ From the album FITS AND STARTS (ECD 004)/ written and produced by Tom Ware..." Orange toned photo of closed top of old convertible with "15." superimposed in white.
Page 10. "The Grassy Knoll"/ 16. senta (6:11)/ Previously unreleased/ written and produced by Bob Green." Photo of house garage with "16." superimposed in white.
Back page of CD cover: Black rectangle box with orange text "ECD 011" on white background.
Orange loose sheet coupon with "$2.00 off" in white at top.
CD with black image of headphones and Emigre logo in black.
Back of CD case: List of songs and total playing time "(64:35)" in orange box on white paper covering half of CD case. Imprinted "C. 1992" and bar code at top left.
Credit Line:
Gift of Rudy VanderLans and Zuzana Licko
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