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[Trade catalogs from Minnesota Mining & Mfg. Co.]

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Company Name:
Minnesota Mining & Mfg. Co.  Search this
Related companies:
3M ; 3-M ; Mincom Div. ; Revere Camera Co. ; Wollensak Optical Co. ; Adhesives, Coatings & Sealers Div. 3M ; Scotch Brand Tape ; AVI, Inc. ; McGhan Medical Corp. ; Ion Brand ; 3M Pharmaceuticals ; 3M Company ; Revere-Wollensak Div.  Search this
Notes content:
One piece OVERSIZE ; One binder. "3-M" products ; "Scotch" adhesive tapes ; "Scotch Adhesive Tapes for Aircraft Industry" ; World War II wartime publication ; grinding tools ; "Safety-Walk" non-slip surface ; "Scotch-Tred" floor covering ; "3M" "Scotchprint" crapgics ; "3-M" adhesives ; high-speed cameras and lenses ; industrial finishes ; "Scotch" mounting systems ; "Ferraniacolor" reversal film ; photocopiers ; "Filmsort" microfilm systems ; "Color-in-Color" reproduction system ; photography equipment and supplies ; "Wollensak" cassette tape recorders ; "3-M" particle masks ; "Scotchlite" reflective materials ; "Honite" barrel finishing ; static elimination equipment ; "Scotchlite" heat shrinkable tubing ; "Scotchflex" cable / connector system ; "theolair" ; anhydrous theophylline sustained release tablets ; IV Flow Regulator ; medical tape ; plastic lenses ; laser imager ; fluoridator ; aerosol drug delivery systems ; Patient Counseling ; angina ; "Scotch" sound recording tape...this comprises the uncataloged portion.
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Types of samples:
Tape, sanding papers ;
Physical description:
138 pieces; 3 boxes
Type of material:
Trade catalogs
Trade literature
St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
Topic (Romaine term):
Drugs; pharmaceuticals and patent medicines  Search this
Electrical apparatus and equipment  Search this
Laboratories and laboratory supplies and equipment  Search this
Medical and surgical instruments and supplies  Search this
Nuclear materials and technologies  Search this
Office equipment and supplies  Search this
Paint; varnishes; adhesives; coatings; etc.  Search this
Photographic equipment and supplies  Search this
Plastics and rubber  Search this
Sound recording and playback equipment (including phonographs; microphones; and phonograph records)  Search this
"Laboratories -- Furniture, equipment, etc."  Search this
Adhesives  Search this
Audio equipment industry  Search this
Cameras  Search this
Drugs  Search this
Electric apparatus and appliances  Search this
Medical instruments and apparatus industry  Search this
Nuclear energy  Search this
Nuclear engineering -- Instruments  Search this
Nuclear industry  Search this
Nuclear power plants  Search this
Office equipment and supplies industry  Search this
Paint industry and trade  Search this
Patent medicines  Search this
Pharmacy  Search this
Phonograph  Search this
Photographic industry  Search this
Plastics industry and trade  Search this
Rubber industry and trade  Search this
Sound -- Recording and reproducing  Search this
Sound recording industry  Search this
Surgical instruments and apparatus industry  Search this
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