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Lukens Steel Co.  Search this
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By-Products Steel Corp. [Div.] ; Lukenweld, Inc. [Div.] ; Lukenweld Construction [Div.] ; Lukens Iron & Steel Co. ; Federal Slitting Mill ; Brandywine Mill ; International Nickel Co., Inc.  Search this
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One envelope OVERSIZE ; Unique ; "The Fine Art of Fabrication , a series of prints illustrating various phases of the fabricating process..." Also promotes Lukens M-Series improved-property carbon steels . Black and white fine art prints . "A Visit to Lukens" ; "Economic Design of Modern Pressure Vessels" by E. F. Brummerstedt ; "jacketed steel drier rolls" ; clad steels ; "Stainless-Clad" steel ; "Design of an Arc Welded Penstock of Nickel-Clad Steel" by Alfred Ernest Bratfisch ; boiler heads ; flue holes ; manhole covers for boilers ; "Huston Patent Boiler Brace" ; boiler specifications ; boiler rivets ; welded cylinders ; steel plate rings ; "Fabrication Costs of Boilers, Tanks and Pressure Vessels as affected by Plate Widths" by Dr. W. G. Theisinger ; "Lukens Steam Platens" ; "weldments" ; "Lukenweld Special Rolled Shapes" ; steel plates ; "Steel Plates and Their Fabrication: A Reference Book on Plates and Plate Products for Engineers, Draftsmen, and Fabricators" ; "A Report of Performance of Johns-Manville Insulations for Open Hearth Furnace Regenerators as used by Lukens Steel Company" ; heads for boilers , tanks , and other equipment ; handbooks ; program for "Plant Visitation and Dinner Thursday, August 4, 1949" ; "Fabrication of Lukens Clad Steels" ; heat treatment and other services ; "Benefits of Design and Clad Steel Construction in Coal Handling Equipment" ; "Suggested Maximum Heat Inputs for Welding Lukens "T-1" [Trademark] Steel" ; "Equipment Progress" on Luken steel in the petroleum industry ; slaughterhouse and meatpacking equipment for the Cincinnati Butchers' Supply Co. ; "Hydrocarbon Processing & Petroleum Refiner: Use Upgraded Cr-Mo Steel for Hydrocrackers" by E. L. Fogleman and R. H. Sterne, Jr. ; "Clad News" company publication ; "Lukens Nickel-Clad Steel in the Textile Industry" ; "Lukens "Cromansil Steel" ; "World's Largest Press Brake" ; machinery bases ; gear blanks ; "Welded Steel Truck Frames" for railroads ; "Proposed Tanker Bulkhead System for Fluid Storage" ; "A Century and a Quarter in Iron and Steel" ; "Lukens Steel Plate Weight Calculator" sliding calculator ; "Cleaning and Maintenance of Clad Steel Equipment" ; "Punching Heavy Plates Damages Steel: Prohibited by 1924 A.S.M.E. Code" ; gear cases ; "Edgebends and Kneebends...for Lighter, Stronger One-Story Buildings" ; "Welded Structures vs. Meehanite Castings" by Edward J. Charlton ; "Design Considerations for Welded Machinery Parts" by George L. Snyder ; "Lukenwelds Labyrinth Steam Platens" ; railroad specialties ; "Lukens T-1 Steel" ; World War II wartime publication ; "World's Largest Plate Mill and Its Products" ; "Tentative Code for Fusion Welding and Flame Cutting in Machinery Construction" ; "Properties and Uses of Inconel" ; "Trends in the Use of Welded Machinery Parts" by Edward J. Charlton ; other steel products . "First to Roll Boiler Plate in America" [Source: in record.] see history at:
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213 pieces; 5 boxes
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Trade catalogs
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Coatesville, Pennsylvania, United States
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