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[Trade catalogs from Sears, Roebuck and Co. Inc.]

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Company Name:
Sears, Roebuck and Co. Inc.  Search this
Related companies:
Simpsons-Sears Ltd. (Toronto, Canada)  Search this
Notes content:
1982 reprint of the first Christmas Catalog (1933) ; annual reports (1965, 1991) ; craftsman power and hand tools (1985-86, 1988-89, 1995-96) ; blacksmith supplies ; wood and metal working machinery ; sporting goods ; paints ; auto tires ; photography equipment ; electric and gas lighting fixtures ; farm implements ; fences ; garden and lawn equipment ; surgical and medical instruments and supplies ; school furniture and supplies ; shoes ; clothing ; musical instruments ; surveying instruments ; engines ; Hercules oil heating equipment ; humidifier ; Kenmore washer, vacuum cleaner ; sewing machine ; household electrical appliances ; radio apparatus ; televisions ; stoves ; mosquito canopies, window screens, and fixtures ; concrete machinery ; building materials ; toys ; luggage ; firearms ; clocks ; silverware ; furniture ; jewelry ; equestrian equipment ; "Kenmore" microwave oven (use and care guide) ; "Kenmore" dehumidifier ; "Uniforms '74" catalog ; home care and convalescent needs catalog 1973 ; Home Care Health specialog 1985/1986 and 1986/87 ; Uniforms specialog 1985/1986 ; wheelchairs ; hospital beds ; mastectomy needs ; health care and rehabilitation garments ; exercise equipment ; blood pressure monitors ; diabetic aids ; bath and shower therapeutic and assistive equipment ; "Kenmore" grill-waffler ; fabric samples in sample book no. 81 V spring & summer 1915 ; portable typewriters
Trade catalog, price lists, manual and samples
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Types of samples:
paint ; wallpaper
Physical description:
170 pieces; 17 boxes
Type of material:
Trade catalogs
Trade literature
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Date range:
Topic (Romaine term):
Agricultural tools and machinery  Search this
Appliances (household)  Search this
Architectural designs and building materials  Search this
Automobiles and automotive equipment (including trucks and buses)  Search this
Clocks and watches (including clock-making and watch-making equipment)  Search this
Clothing (including hats; shoes; accessories; etc)  Search this
Department store; dry goods and mail order catalogs  Search this
Educational institutions; equipment and supplies (includes playground equipment)  Search this
Engines and motors: steam; oil; gas; etc.  Search this
Farm equipment and supplies (including dairy and poultry equipment)  Search this
Fences  Search this
Firearms  Search this
Furniture and furnishings  Search this
Garden and lawn equipment and supplies  Search this
Hardware and hand tools  Search this
Heating; ventilation and air conditioning  Search this
Jewelry  Search this
Leather products; tanning and equestrian supplies  Search this
Lighting (electric; gas; candle; oil; etc.)  Search this
Luggage; travel; travel services and traveling accessories (including trunks; briefcases; and other traveling accessories)  Search this
Machine tools and metalworking equipment  Search this
Medical and surgical instruments and supplies  Search this
Musical instruments  Search this
Office equipment and supplies  Search this
Paint; varnishes; adhesives; coatings; etc.  Search this
Photographic equipment and supplies  Search this
Radios and radio equipment  Search this
Sewing machines and equipment  Search this
Silverware  Search this
Sporting goods  Search this
Surveying supplies  Search this
Television  Search this
Toys and games  Search this
Woodworking machinery and wood crafts  Search this
"Decoration and ornament, Architectural"  Search this
"Schools -- Furniture, equipment, etc."  Search this
Adhesives  Search this
Agricultural implements  Search this
Agricultural machinery  Search this
Air conditioning  Search this
Architectural design  Search this
Automobiles  Search this
Briefcases  Search this
Building materials  Search this
Cameras  Search this
Candles  Search this
Clocks and watches  Search this
Clothing and dress  Search this
Commercial catalogs  Search this
Dairying  Search this
Department stores  Search this
Dress accessories  Search this
Dry-goods  Search this
Engines  Search this
Farm equipment  Search this
Fence industry  Search this
Firearms industry and trade  Search this
Furniture industry and trade  Search this
Games  Search this
Garden ornaments and furniture  Search this
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