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Place of publication, production, or execution:
United States
Physical Description:
32.1 Linear feet
The records are arranged into the following series: Series 1: Board of Governors, 1898-1960, undated Series 2: Administration, 1898-1960, undated Series 3: Financial Records, 1917-1952 Series 4: Membership, circa 1900-1962 Series 5: Arts Realty Co., 1909-1913, 1945-1956, undated Series 6: Miscellaneous, 1890-1961, undated Series 7: Photographs, 1899-1957, undated Series 8: Printed Matter, 1893-1960, undated Series 9: Scrapbooks, 1898-1940
Access Note / Rights:
The collection is open for research. Patrons must use microfilm copy.
The records of the National Arts Club measure 32.1 linear feet and date from 1898 to 1960. The collection documents the founding of the club, and it's governance, administration, exhibitions, and social activities
National Arts Club records, 1898-1960. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
Additional Forms:
The bulk of the collection is available on 35 mm microfilm reels 4237-4269 at the Archives of American Art offices and through interlibrary loan. Researchers should note that the arrangement of the material described in the container inventory does not reflect the arrangement of the collection on microfilm.
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The Archives of American Art makes its archival collections available for non-commercial, educational and personal use unless restricted by copyright and/or donor restrictions, including but not limited to access and publication restrictions. AAA makes no representations concerning such rights and restrictions and it is the user's responsibility to determine whether rights or restrictions exist and to obtain any necessary permission to access, use, reproduce and publish the collections. Please refer to the Smithsonian's Terms of Use for additional information.
Related Materials:
These citations were compiled from <em>Art Index</em>, 1929-1960; <em>The New York Times Index</em>, 1898-1960; <em>Poole's Index to Periodical Literature</em>, 1898-1906; <em>Nineteenth Century Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature</em>, 1898-1899; and <em>Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature</em>, 1900-1960, using the format employed in <em>Art Index</em>. Citations are presented in chronological order, as it is anticipated that most researchers consulting the National Arts Club Records will be interested in a specific event or era in the Club's history, or are apt to be researching artists whose National Arts Club affiliation or exhibition activities were confined to a particular period.<br /> <ul> <li>1898</li> <li>National Art Club. <em>Harpers Weekly </em>42:329, April 2.</li> <li>1899</li> <li>Club to advance art industries. <em>Critic </em>34:349-51, April.</li> <li>National Arts Club organized. <em>New York Times </em>(7-2), 29-288-2, April 26.</li> <li>1909</li> <li>Position as a factor in the encouragement of the fine arts. G. Teall. <em>Craftsman </em>15:604-13, February.</li> <li>Club officials rule a member may take a process server into club as a guest to serve papers on fellow member, case of R.S. Perrin vs. D. Whipple. <em>New York Times </em>7:3, June 29.</li> <li>1913</li> <li>Lecture of Prof. Eucken on Art and Morality. <em>New York Times </em>9:3, March 1.</li> <li>Offers prize to member who writes best manuscript on "A Critical Estimate of the Altman Collection." <em>New York Times </em>12:7, November 8.</li> <li>Annual exhibition of Books of the Year; organization of American Institute of Graphic Arts planned. <em>New </em>York Times 9:3, November 13.</li> <li>1914</li> <li>Alexander de Yourevitch has visited Russian political exiles as agent from the Czar; arranges for Russian trade exhibit in New York; National Arts Club has agreed to cooperate. <em>New York Times </em>20:2, March 27.</li> <li>Dinner in honor of Shakespeare celebration, address by Henry Clews. <em>New York Times </em>13:2, April 24.</li> <li>Farewell dinner to Karl Vollmoeller and George Sylvester Viereck at National Arts Club by Alfred Rau. <em>New York Times </em>III, 7:3, May 7.</li> <li>Exhibition of Books of the Year (editorial). <em>New York Times </em>VI, 514:2, November 22.</li> <li>1915</li> <li>Awards announced. <em>New York Times </em>10:1, January 7.</li> <li>Paintings exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>V, 11:13, January 10.</li> <li>Poster exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>III, 2:5, March 28.</li> <li>Thanksgiving dinner to east side waifs. <em>New York Times </em>11:1, November 26.</li> <li>1917</li> <li>Annual exhibition; Gold Medal and $1000 prize awarded to Ben Foster. <em>New York Times </em>10:6, January 4.</li> <li>Memorial services for W.B. Howland. <em>New York Times </em>7:3, March 3.</li> <li>Offers prizes for best patriotic medal, poem, and song. <em>New York Times </em>9:14, April 6.</li> <li>Offers prizes to promote expression of American patriotism in art. <em>New York Times </em>IV, 13:2, April 15.</li> <li>H.A.W. Wood speaks at distribution of prizes. <em>New York Times </em>11:3, May 31.</li> <li>"Road to France," $500 prize offered for appropriate music. <em>New York Times </em>13:2, June 9.</li> <li>American Artists' War Emergency Fund Committee announces that art stamp will be sold to aid artists reduced in circumstances through the war. <em>New York Times </em>13:6, July 10.</li> <li>Offers prize of $500 for best musical setting for D.M. Henderson's "The Road to France." <em>New York Times </em>VIII, 9:3, August 12.</li> <li>Prize for music for war song by D.M. Henderson is awarded to Signe Lund. <em>New York Times </em>13:3, November 1.</li> <li>1919</li> <li>Annual books exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>VIII, 686:1, November 23.</li> <li>1921</li> <li>Comment on suggestion by G. Bellows that proposed members should possess some work by living American artist. <em>New York Times </em>III, 20:3, February 6.</li> <li>Elects governors. <em>New York Times </em>9:2, April 13.</li> <li>1922</li> <li>Awards Agar prize to Christine Herter. <em>New York Times </em>16:7, April 7.</li> <li>Address by Ann Martin. <em>New York Times </em>4:3, August 3.</li> <li>1923</li> <li>Annual exhibition of books; I. Zangwill speaks; protest by member. <em>New York Times </em>6:1, November 8.</li> <li>1924</li> <li>Prize winners of annual exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>4:15, January 10.</li> <li>Honors J.G. Agar at dinner. <em>New York Times </em>6:2, February 26.</li> <li>1925</li> <li>Mural panels of Old NY used for New Year's fete to be put on exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>29:1, January 4.</li> <li>Announces prize winners at Members' Annual Exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>VIII, 11:2, January 18.</li> <li>Murals depicting history of NYC, painted for New Years' ball, to be given to Museum of the City of New York. <em>New York Times </em>25:4, February 3.</li> <li>Exhibition of lithographs, woodcuts, and linoleum prints. <em>New York Times </em>VIII, 11:13, April 12.</li> <li>1926</li> <li>Exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>4:5, January 14.</li> <li>Exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>17:3, April 8.</li> <li>Exhibition of photographs of recent buildings. <em>New York Times </em>VIII, 12:6, April 18.</li> <li>15th century books brought from Germany by Dr. Otto H.F. Vollbehr on exhibition at the National Arts Club. <em>New York Times </em>6:6, August 24.</li> <li>15th century Book of Hours, worth $15,000, stolen from exhibition at National Arts Club. <em>New York Times </em>1:2, August 26.</li> <li>Feature article on exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>IV, 15:1, August 29.</li> <li>Book of Hours mysteriously returned to Vollbehr by E.M. Garlock, attorney, acting for unnamed client who claims to have bought book from stranger. <em>New York Times </em>19:1, September 12.</li> <li>Editorial on return of book. <em>New York Times </em>20:4, September 13.</li> <li>21st annual book exhibit; addresses. <em>New York Times </em>28:3, November 4.</li> <li>History in connection with 20th anniversary celebration. <em>New York Times </em>VIII,18:6, November 7.</li> <li>1927</li> <li>New Year's Eve costume ball. <em>New York Times </em>15:3, January 1.</li> <li>Exhibition of American paintings. <em>New York Times </em>25:5, March 3.</li> <li>Exhibition of etchings. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 10:4, December 11.</li> <li>1928</li> <li>Exhibits. <em>New York Times </em>30:2, January 12; <em>New York Times </em>IX, 13:2, January 29.</li> <li>Awards in small painting exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>27:2, February 10.</li> <li>Exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>VIII, 15:3, February 12.</li> <li>First exhibition of decorative arts. <em>New York Times </em>28:4, March 15; <em>New York Times </em>IX, 15:4, March 18.</li> <li>Exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 15:2, April 15.</li> <li>1929</li> <li>J. Lie, P. Manship, and C. Beach win prizes. <em>New York Times </em>25:3, January 11.</li> <li>Annual members' exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>X, 18:4, January 27.</li> <li>Exhibition of crafts. <em>New York Times </em>X, 15:6, December 8.</li> <li>Prize awarded to D.C. Nisbet. <em>New York Times </em>23:5, December 29.</li> <li>1930</li> <li>Arts Club prizes announced. <em>Art News </em>28:21, January 4.</li> <li>Annual exhibition of painting and sculpture. <em>New York Times </em>VIII, 13:3, January 19.</li> <li>Seventh annual exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>VIII, 13:1, February 16.</li> <li>Annual junior art show. <em>New York Times </em>3:5, March 15; <em>New York Times </em>X, 19:3, March 16.</li> <li>Exhibition of prints by living American etchers. <em>New York Times </em>X, 18:1, December 14.</li> <li>1931</li> <li>New York season; Living American Etchers. <em>Art Digest </em>5:14, January 1.</li> <li>M. Gregg Memorial Prize awarded to I.G. Olinsky; medal to H.W. Watrous. <em>New York Times </em>34:6, January 10.</li> <li>Exhibitions. <em>New York Times </em>VIII, 12:7, February 22.</li> <li>Exhibition of Junior Artist Members. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 13:4, March 15.</li> <li>Hold exhibition of portraits and other objects relating to history of Gramercy Park. <em>New York Times </em>II, 1:7 and 18:4, May 3.</li> <li>Annual exhibition of paintings by members. <em>New York Times </em>30:6, June 4.</li> <li>Awards to R.D. Bowden $3000 prize, offered by J.G. Agar for best book on "The Soul of America." <em>New York Times </em>20:6, June 8.</li> <li>1932</li> <li>Annual exhibition of work by painter and sculptor members; prizes announced. <em>New York Times </em>27:7, January 7.</li> <li>Art Club prizes. <em>Art Digest </em>6:10, January 15.</li> <li>Forum on development of art talent in young artists. <em>New York Times </em>13:8, January 18.</li> <li>Arts Club prizes. <em>Art News </em>30:20, January 23.</li> <li>Opening. <em>New York Times </em>16:7, February 4.</li> <li>Prizes awarded to junior artists. <em>New York Times </em>19:2, March 8.</li> <li>Art auction totals $600. <em>New York Times </em>19:5, April 14.</li> <li>Members' exhibition of small paintings. <em>New York Times </em>16:6, May 5.</li> <li>National Arts Club book exhibition. E. Yost. <em>Publishers Weekly </em>122:2382-3, December 31.</li> <li>1933</li> <li>R. Nickerson, new member, wins medal at annual painting and sculpture show; other awards. <em>New York Times </em>18:2, January 5.</li> <li>Annual members' exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>13:2, January 13; <em>New York Times </em>IX, 12:6, January 15.</li> <li>National Arts club prizes. <em>Art Digest </em>7:15, January 15; <em>Art News </em>31:7, January 28 Celebrates 119th birthday of S.J. Tilden. <em>New York Times </em>17:6, February 8.</li> <li>Exhibition by junior artist members. <em>New York Times </em>15:2, March 2.</li> <li>1934</li> <li>Prizes for annual members' show announced. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 12:3, January 14.</li> <li>Annual dinner. <em>New York Times </em>17:4, January 18.</li> <li>Prizes. <em>Art Digest </em>February 1, 8:19; <em>Art Digest </em>8:13, May 15.</li> <li>Memorial exhibition of eight of its deceased painter and sculptor members. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 12:6, February 4.</li> <li>Junior members exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>17:1, March 8; <em>New York Times </em>IX, 9:7, March 18; Prizes awarded. <em>New York Times </em>22:8, March 22.</li> <li>Annual members' show. <em>New York Times </em>17:2, May 3; Awards, <em>New York Times </em>21:1, May 8; <em>New York Times </em>IX, 7:7, May 13.</li> <li>Awards given by Arts Club. <em>Art News </em>32:4, June 2.</li> <li>Rare book exhibition planned. <em>New York Times </em>19:4, September 18; Exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>17:1, September 19.</li> <li>1935</li> <li>Annual exhibition of members' work opened. <em>New York Times </em>17:5, January 10; <em>New York Times </em>9:3, January 14.</li> <li>Annual dinner; awards. <em>New York Times </em>20:7, January 17.</li> <li>Stag dinner; portrait of Victoria replaces painting of nude. <em>New York Times </em>23:4, February 1.</li> <li>Prizes, annual exhibition of painting and sculpture. <em>Art Digest </em>9:21, February 1.</li> <li>Members' annual exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>18:2, February 8; <em>New York Times </em>VIII, 9:6, February 17.</li> <li>Annual exhibition by junior artists. <em>New York Times </em>18:5, March 9.</li> <li>Arts Club plans a large bazaar. <em>Art News </em>33:10, August 17.</li> <li>Series of articles on traditions of club being written. <em>New York Times </em>II, 7:1, October 6.</li> <li>Plans for annual book week. <em>New York Times </em>II and III, 8:5, October 13; exhibitors to be entertained by J.R. Gregg, president. <em>New York Times </em>19:2, October 30.</li> <li>To award two trips to Europe for mural decoration. New <em>York Times </em>26:7, November 1; <em>New York Times </em>19:5, November 14.</li> <li>To hold "At Home" tea. <em>New York Times </em>II, 8:2, December 8.</li> <li>Dinner. <em>New York Times </em>14:8, December 11.</li> <li>1936</li> <li>Annual members' exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>19:6, January 9; <em>New York Times </em>13:8, January 11; <em>New York Times </em>IX, 10:1, January 19.</li> <li>Exhibition of modern textbooks. <em>New York Times </em>17:7, February 6.</li> <li>Announces winners of trips to Europe. <em>New York Times </em>21:2, February 11.</li> <li>Exhibition by neighboring organizations. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 8:1, April 12.</li> <li>Summer exhibit from permanent collection. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 7:4, June 21.</li> <li>Exhibition of contemporary books; authors' night. <em>New York Times </em>VI, 9:2, November 8.</li> <li>Plans for children's matinee at annual book exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>VI, 7:2, November 8.</li> <li>Women's open table plans dinner. <em>New York Times </em>16:4, November 23.</li> <li>Exhibition of Society of American Etchers. <em>New York Times </em>XII, 9:2, November 29.</li> <li>1937</li> <li>Awards at members' exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>24:3, January 27.</li> <li>Exhibitions sponsored by Society of American Etchers. <em>New York Times </em>21:3, February 3; <em>New York Times </em>X, 9:7, February 7.</li> <li>Women's committee holds drama dinner. <em>New York Times </em>13:1, February 15.</li> <li>R.D. Kohn speaks, <em>New York Times </em>25:7, March 11.</li> <li>Jr. artists group exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 10:1, March 14; Awards. <em>New York Times </em>23:6, March 25.</li> <li>Photographic exhibition. <em>New York Times </em>X, 10:2, May 16.</li> <li>Officers elected. <em>New York Times </em>19:1, May 20.</li> <li>H. Hamilton exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 6:7, September 26.</li> <li>Book of the year exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>23:6, November 4; <em>New York Times </em>VI, 4:3, November 28.</li> <li>Mr. H.P. Crine elected life member. <em>New York Times </em>9:1, November 28.</li> <li>Members' exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>28:3, December 9.</li> <li>1938</li> <li>Women's Open Table plans. <em>New York Times </em>11:2, January 17.</li> <li>Members' annual exhibit. <em>New York Times</em>, January 18 26:2; <em>New York Times </em>IX,9:3, January 23; Awards. <em>New York Times </em>22:2, January 27.</li> <li>Members studio receptions planned. <em>New York Times </em>VI, 2:7, January 30.</li> <li>Dinner honoring Dr. W. Damrosch. <em>New York Times </em>12:5, March 7.</li> <li>Exhibit by art groups near NYC. <em>New York Times </em>20:8, March 28.</li> <li>Group show. <em>New York Times </em>X, 8:2, April 17.</li> <li>Viennese ball. <em>New York Times </em>22:6, April 21.</li> <li>J.F. Talcott elected president; D.E. Waid executive committee chairman. <em>New York Times </em>21:6, November 19.</li> <li>Victorian ball. <em>New York Times </em>18:1, December 17.</li> <li>1939</li> <li>Members' memorial exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>15:1, January 13; <em>New York Times </em>IX, 9:2, January 22.</li> <li>Members' painting and sculpture exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 9:2, February 5.</li> <li>Jr. Members' lecture. <em>New York Times </em>10:2, February 6.</li> <li>Painting exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>18:1, March 1; <em>New York Times </em>X, 10:2, March 5.</li> <li>Jr. Members party planned. <em>New York Times </em>50:3, March 5.</li> <li>Exhibit of neighboring art organizations. <em>New York Times </em>13:2, April 17.</li> <li>Wild West party planned to benefit Jr. Members Scholarship Fund; to close 40th anniversary celebration. <em>New York Times </em>II, 2:8, April 23; <em>New York Times </em>II, 3:1, April 30.</li> <li>Jr. Members plan New Year's Eve Olympian Ball. <em>New York Times </em>30:2, December 19; <em>New York Times </em>II, 1:2, December 31.</li> <li>1940</li> <li>Art by deceased life members to be sold. <em>New York Times </em>17:2, January 5.</li> <li>Group show; awards. <em>New York Times </em>21:2, January 11.</li> <li>Group show. <em>New York Times </em>24:2, January 24; <em>New York Times </em>IX, 9:2, January 28.</li> <li>Non-members exhibition. <em>Art News </em>38:15, February 3.</li> <li>Exhibits: ceramics. <em>New York Times </em>17:4, February 16; Ceramics and flowers. <em>New York Times </em>15:5, February 19; Ceramics. <em>New York Times </em>II, 5:2, February 25; Exhibits: Jr. members. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 10:2, April 14; Group show awards. <em>New York Times </em>21: 5, April 25.</li> <li>Pan-American Ball held. <em>New York Times </em>21:5, April 20.</li> <li>Fund campaign for refugee artists started. <em>New York Times </em>8:2, July 31.</li> <li>Establishes artist refugee fund. <em>New York Times </em>19:1, August 1.</li> <li>Benefit exhibit plans. <em>New York Times </em>20:8, October 2; Exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 5:4, October 6.</li> <li>County fair planned. <em>New York Times </em>II, 3:3, October 6.</li> <li>Refugee artists show their work. <em>Art News </em>39:10, October 12.</li> <li>Annual book exhibit opens. <em>New York Times </em>3:5, November 3.</li> <li>Testimonial luncheon for foreign authors in U.S. <em>New York Times </em>45:2, November 10.</li> <li>National Arts Club dramatizes books at the 35th annual new books of the year exhibition. <em>Publishers Weekly </em>138:2046, November 30.</li> <li>1941</li> <li>Annual members' exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>24:8, January 10; Comment. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 9:2, January 12; Awards. <em>New York Times </em>24:6, January 23.</li> <li>Annual prizes. <em>Art Digest </em>15:13, February 1.</li> <li>Benefits concerts planned. <em>New York Times </em>39:1, February 23; <em>New York Times </em>20:7, March 28.</li> <li>Annual exhibit awards. <em>New York Times </em>28:3, March 11; Comment. <em>New York Times </em>I, 10:3, March 16.</li> <li>Group shows. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 10:1, March 30; <em>New York Times </em>IX, 8:2, May 25; <em>New York Times </em>X, 13:5, May 25; <em>New York Times </em>IX, 7:5, June 15.</li> <li>Book exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>1:6,November 9.</li> <li>1942</li> <li>Group show. <em>New York Times </em>X, 10:1, January 18.</li> <li>Group show. <em>New York Times </em>14:4, February 4; Private preview. <em>New York Times </em>15:4, February 5; Comment. <em>New York Times </em>IX, 9:6, February 8.</li> <li>Jr. members to honor servicemen at Hallowe'en party. <em>New York Times </em>16:3, October 30.</li> <li>37th annual show of new books. <em>Publishers Weekly </em>142:2044, November 14.</li> <li>To sponsor Chinese and Indian art exhibit in NYC. <em>New York Times </em>VIII, 9:1, December 13; Exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>42:5, December 17.</li> <li>1945</li> <li>Holds Xmas fair. <em>New York Times </em>13:3, November 16.</li> <li>1946</li> <li>Contemporary American painting exhibit planned. <em>New York Times </em>23:6, February 20.</li> <li>Jr. members and young non-members exhibition. <em>Art News </em>45:67, May.</li> <li>Annual book show plans. <em>New York Times </em>21:2, November 1; Show, W.L. Laurence speaks. <em>New York Times </em>13:1, November 12.</li> <li>Annual book show. <em>Publishers Weekly </em>150:2731, 2718, November 9.</li> <li>Packaging the book. P. Boswell. <em>Art Digest </em>21:3, November 15.</li> <li>Choosing best book jackets, 41st annual book show. <em>Art News </em>45:8, December.</li> <li>1947</li> <li>Preview exhibit. <em>New York Times </em>21:5, January 9.</li> <li>Forming symphony orchestra. <em>New York Times </em>27:1, September 19.</li> <li>1948</li> <li>Ninth annual exhibition of American Veterans Society of Artists. <em>Art Digest </em>22:19, January 1.</li> <li>Conservatives score at the 50th annual exhibition of painting and sculpture. <em>Art Digest </em>22:17, February 1.</li> <li>Fiftieth annual exhibition. <em>Art News </em>47:49, March.</li> <li>Book fair opens in NYC. <em>New York Times </em>30:7, December 9.</li> <li>1949</li> <li>Summer annual. <em>Art Digest </em>23:14, August.</li> <li>Dinner honors Mrs. F.D. Roosevelt. <em>New York Times </em>39:5, October 11.</li> <li>1950</li> <li>Fifty-second annual exhibition of oils and sculptures. <em>Art Digest </em>24:12, January 15.</li> <li>Members' summer exhibition. <em>Art Digest </em>24:18, August.</li> <li>Fair plans. <em>New York Times </em>44:8, November 1.</li> <li>1951</li> <li>Members-guests annual. <em>New York Times </em>II, 19:1, January 14.</li> <li>53rd Annual Exhibition. <em>Art Digest </em>25:18, January 15; <em>Art News </em>49:47, February.</li> <li>Non-members annual. <em>New York Times </em>21:5, March 30.</li> <li>Open competition for non-members. <em>Art Digest </em>25:18, April 15.</li> <li>Summer painting exhibition series opens. <em>New York Times </em>42:8, June 7.</li> <li>Members work. <em>New York Times </em>II, 6:4, June 17.</li> <li>Summer exhibition. <em>Art Digest </em>25:19, July.</li> <li>1952</li> <li>Fifty-fourth annual exhibition. <em>Art Digest </em>26:19, January 15; <em>Art News </em>49:47, February.</li> <li>Members and guests annual. <em>New York Times </em>59:2, January 6; Awards. <em>New York Times </em>16:2, January 17.</li> <li>Watercolor annual; awards. <em>New York Times </em>14:4, February 8; <em>Art News </em>51:56, March.</li> <li>Non-members painting annual; awards. <em>New York Times </em>16:5, March 10; <em>New York Times </em>27:3, March 13.</li> <li>Small pictures by members; awards. <em>New York Times </em>25:5, April 9.</li> <li>Exhibition of small oils. <em>Art Digest </em>26:18-19, April 15; <em>Art News </em>49:47, February.</li> <li>1953</li> <li>Theatre in an art gallery. A. Scheff. <em>Theatre Arts </em>37:92, January.</li> <li>Members-guests annual; awards. <em>New York Times </em>II, 11:2, January 11.</li> <li>Non-members painting annual; awards. <em>New York Times </em>21:5., February 19.</li> <li>Members work; awards. <em>New York Times </em>II, 13:2, May 10; <em>New York Times </em>II, 8:5, June 21.</li> <li>1954</li> <li>Painting and sculpture annual by members and guests. <em>New York Times </em>25:5, January 26.</li> <li>Fifty-sixth annual exhibition. <em>Arts Digest </em>28:17, February 1.</li> <li>Members and non-members annual; contemporary watercolors; awards. <em>New York Times </em>27:5, February 11; Review. <em>New York Times </em>II, 14:2, February 14.</li> <li>Grand national annual members' competition. <em>Art News </em>53:63, May.</li> <li>1955</li> <li>Painting and sculpture annual; awards. <em>New York Times </em>23:1, January 12.</li> <li>Fifty-sixth annual exhibition. <em>Arts Digest </em>28:17, February 1.</li> <li>Paintings annual; awards. <em>New York Times </em>18:4, March 1.</li> <li>Annual exhibition of American oil paintings. <em>Art Digest </em>29:26, March 15.</li> <li>Poet P. MacKaye honored on 80th birthday. <em>New York Times </em>28:2, March 16.</li> <li>1957</li> <li>Arts Club honors Neuman; WNYC. C. Durgin. <em>Musical America </em>77:12, April.</li> <li>Art Clubs of America. <em>Artist </em>53:67, June.</li> <li>1958</li> <li>At founding [sixtieth anniversary]. <em>New York Times </em>49:2, November 27.</li> <li>First annual metropolitan young artists show; awards. <em>New York Times </em>49:2, November 27</li> <li>1959</li> <li>Stadium Concerts founder Mrs. C.S. Guggenheimer gets scroll from Mayor Wagner and National Arts Club medal. <em>New York Times </em>9:2, March 12.</li> <li>1960</li> <li>Tenor competition awards. <em>New York Times </em>47:8, November 15.</li> </ul>
Biography Note:
The National Arts Club was founded by Charles de Kay, literary and art critic for the New York Times who believed there was a need for a club uniting all of the arts. In March of 1898, de Kay called together a number of civic leaders and men prominent in the art world who supported the idea, elected the first officers and incorporated the Club in 1899.
Language Note:
English .
The National Arts Club donated its records to the Archives of American Art in 1987. Although a limited amount of printed matter was available at various libraries and on microfilm through the Archives of American Art, scholars have not had access to unpublished records of the Club until this time. In November 2017 an addition to the Officers' Correspondence was donated by Elizabeth G. Knudsen, granddaughter of Edmund Greacen, former Arts Committee Chair.
Location Note:
Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, 750 9th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20001
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