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Albert Duveen art reference files, [ca. 1831-1950]

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Duveen, Albert, 1892-1965  Search this
Alexander, Francis  Search this
Allston, Washington  Search this
Bartlett, W. H. (William Henry)  Search this
Ben-Zion  Search this
Birch, Thomas  Search this
Blackburn, Joseph  Search this
Blakelock, Ralph Albert  Search this
Blauvelt, Charles F.  Search this
Blume, Peter  Search this
Branchard, Emile Pierre  Search this
Browere, A. D. O. (Alburtis Dell Orient)  Search this
Brown, John George  Search this
Buddington, Jonathan  Search this
Buttersworth, James Edward  Search this
Carter, Dennis Malone  Search this
Cassatt, Mary  Search this
Catlin, George  Search this
Cézanne, Paul  Search this
Chabor, Moura  Search this
Chagall, Marc  Search this
Chambers, Thomas  Search this
Charlot, Jean  Search this
Cole, Thomas  Search this
Constable, John  Search this
Cope, George  Search this
Copley, John Singleton  Search this
Crawford, Ralston  Search this
Cropsey, Jasper Francis  Search this
Davies, Arthur B. (Arthur Bowen)  Search this
Despiau, Charles  Search this
Detre, Roland  Search this
Dibble, Thomas R. (Thomas Reilly)  Search this
Donati, Enrico  Search this
Doriani, William  Search this
Doughty, Thomas  Search this
Drew-Bear, Jessie  Search this
Duncanson, Robert S.  Search this
Durand, Asher Brown  Search this
Durrie, George Henry  Search this
Duveneck, Frank  Search this
Duyckinck, Evert A. (Evert Augustus)  Search this
Eakins, Thomas  Search this
Eichholtz, Jacob  Search this
Eilshemius, Louis M. (Louis Michel)  Search this
Elliott, Charles Loring  Search this
Field, Robert  Search this
Ganso, Emil  Search this
Gargallo, Pablo  Search this
Gelb, Jan  Search this
Gillman, Paul  Search this
Gullager, Christian  Search this
Hall, George Henry  Search this
Harding, Chester  Search this
Harnett, William Michael  Search this
Harvey, George W.  Search this
Hays, William Jacob  Search this
Healy, G. P. A. (George Peter Alexander)  Search this
Henry, Edward Lamson  Search this
Hesselius, John  Search this
Hicks, Edward  Search this
Hicks, Thomas  Search this
Homer, Winslow  Search this
Hudson, Samuel Adams  Search this
Huntington, Daniel  Search this
Inman, Henry  Search this
Inness, George  Search this
Jarvis, John Wesley  Search this
Johnson, Eastman  Search this
Johnston, Henrietta  Search this
Johnston, John Bernard  Search this
Kayn, Hilde B.  Search this
Kelekian, Dikran  Search this
Lane, Fitz Hugh  Search this
Lawson, Ernest  Search this
Lefferts, M. F.  Search this
Leigh, William Robinson  Search this
Lincoln, Abraham  Search this
Luks, George Benjamin  Search this
Malbone, Edward Greene  Search this
Maurer, Alfred Henry  Search this
Maurer, Louis  Search this
Miller, Alfred Jacob  Search this
Moeller, Louis  Search this
Morse, Samuel Finley Breese  Search this
Neagle, John  Search this
Organ, Donald  Search this
Otis, Bass  Search this
Pach, Walter  Search this
Peale, Charles Willson  Search this
Peale, James  Search this
Peale, Rembrandt  Search this
Penn, William  Search this
Perry, E. W. (Enoch Wood)  Search this
Philippoteaux, Fʹelix Emmanuel Henri  Search this
Polk, Charles Peale  Search this
Pope, T. B. (Thomas Benjamin)  Search this
Porter, Rufus  Search this
Prior, William Matthew  Search this
Quirt, Walter  Search this
Ranney, William Tylee  Search this
Remington, Frederic  Search this
Robins, Louisa Winslow  Search this
Roesen, Severin  Search this
Rossiter, Thomas Prichard  Search this
Rothermel, Peter Frederick  Search this
Russell, Charles M. (Charles Marion)  Search this
Saint-Mémin, Charles Balthazar Julien Fevret de  Search this
Savage, Edward  Search this
Sawitzky, William  Search this
Schattenstein, Nikol  Search this
Schussele, Christian  Search this
Serres, D.  Search this
Sharples, James  Search this
Shulman, Morris  Search this
Smibert, John  Search this
Soudeikine, Serge  Search this
Soutine, Chaim  Search this
Spencer, Frederick R.  Search this
Stewart, Albert T.  Search this
Street, Robert  Search this
Strong, William J.  Search this
Stuart, Gilbert  Search this
Sullivan, Charles  Search this
Sully, Thomas  Search this
Tait, Arthur Fitzwilliam  Search this
Tirrell, G.  Search this
Trumbull, John  Search this
Vanderlyn, John  Search this
Vanderlyn, Pieter  Search this
Von Schlegell, William  Search this
Waldo, Samuel  Search this
Walkowitz, Abraham  Search this
Washington, George  Search this
Weinberg, Elbert  Search this
Weir, Julian Alden  Search this
Welch, Thomas B.  Search this
Wertmüller, Adolph Ulric  Search this
West, Benjamin  Search this
Whitney, Anne  Search this
Wiltz, Arnold  Search this
Winner, W. E. (William E)  Search this
Wood, S.  Search this
Wood, Thomas Waterman  Search this
Rosenthal, Albert  Search this
Centurion (Firm)  Search this
Holland House Corporation of the Netherlands  Search this
Place of publication, production, or execution:
United States
Physical Description:
5 microfilm reels
Files are arranged alphabetically by artist and subject, rolls NDU1-NDU3; publications and other miscellany were filmed on rolls NDU4-NDU5.
Access Note / Rights:
The Archives does not own the original papers. Microfilmed materials must be consulted on microfilm.
Files on ca. 150 American artists and art subjects, selected from Duveen's art reference files. Included are photographs of paintings in other collections, auction and exhibition catalogs, miscellaneous publications.<br /> Files include: Francis Alexander, Washington Allston, William H. Bartlett, Ben-Zion, Thomas Birch, Joseph Blackburn, Ralph A. Blakelock, Charles F. Blauvelt, Peter Blume, Emile Branchard, Albertis D. O. Browere, John G. Brown, Jonathan Buddington, James E. Buttersworth, Carra, Dennis M. Carter, Mary Cassatt, George Catlin, Centurion, Paul Cezanne, Moura Chabor, Marc Chagall, T. Chambers, Jean Charlot, Thomas Cole, John Constable, George Cope, John S. Copley, Ralston Crawford, Jasper F. Cropsey, Arthur B. Davies, Charles Despiau, Roland Detre, Thomas R. Dibble, Enrico Donati, William Doriani, Thomas Doughty, Jessie Drew-Bear, Robert S. Duncanson, Dunlap, Asher B. Durand, George H. Durrie, Frank Duveneck, Evert Duyckinck, Thomas Eakins, Jacob Eichholtz, Louis M. Eilshemius, Charles L. Elliott, Robert Field, Emil Ganso, Pablo Gargallo, Jan Gelb, Paul Gillman, Christian Gullager, George H. Hall, Chester Harding, William M. Harnett, George Harvey, William J. Hays, George P. A. Healy, Edward L. Henry, John Hesselius, Edward Hicks, Thomas Hicks, Holland House, Charles Fevret de Saint-Memin, Winslow Homer, S. A. Hudson, Daniel Huntington, Henry Inman, George Inness, John W, Jarvis, Eastman Johnson, Henrietta Johnston, John Johnston, Hilde B. Kayn, Dikran K. Kelekian, Fitz Hugh Lane, Ernest Lawson, M. F. Lefferts, William R. Leigh, Abraham Lincoln, George B. Luks, Edward G. Malbone, Alfred H. Maurer, Louis Maurer, McKay, Alfred J. Miller, Louis C. Moeller, Samuel F. B. Morse, John Neagle, Donald Organ, Bass Otis, Walter Pach, Charles W. Peale, James Peale, Rembrandt Peale, William Penn, Enoch W. Perry, F. E. H. Philippoteaux, Charles P. Polk, T. B. Pope, Rufus Porter, William M. Prior, Walter Quirt, William T. Ranney, Reinhardt, Frederic Remington, Louisa Robins, Severin Roesen, Thomas P. Rossiter, Peter F. Rothermel, Charles M. Russell, Edward Savage, William Sawitzky, Nikol Schattenstein, Christian Schussele, D. Serres, James Sharples, Morris Shulman, John Smibert, Sergei Soudeikin, Haim Soutine, Frederick R. Spencer, Albert Stewart, Robert Street, William J. Strong, Gilbert Stuart, C. (Charles ?) Sullivan, Thomas Sully, Arthur F. Tait, G. Tirrell, John Trumbull, John Vanderlyn, Pieter Vanderlyn, William Von Schlegell, Samuel L. Waldo, Abraham Walkowitz, George Washington, Elbert Weinberg, Julian A. Weir, Thomas B. Welch, Adolph U. Wertmuller, Benjamin West, Anne Whitney, Arnold Wiltz, William E. Winner, S. Wood, and Thomas W. Wood.<br /> The Saint-Memin, Stuart, B. West and Wertmuller files contain material from Albert Rosenthal relating to the above artists.
Albert Duveen art reference files, [ca. 1831-1950]. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
Additional Forms:
35mm microfilm reels NDU1-NDU5 available at Archives of American Art offices and through interlibrary loan.
Biography Note:
Albert Duveen was an art dealer and collector with offices in New York, N.Y., specializing in early American art. He was a cousin to Joseph Duveen (1869-1939), 1st Baron Duveen, president of Duveen Brothers art dealers.
Lent for microfilming 1958 by Duveen.
Location Note:
Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, 750 9th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20001
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The Art Market
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Archives of American Art