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17 Documents
Box 24, Folder 3
Archival materials
Scope and Contents:
Extracts and articles related to operations around Kuban, 1943. K. Vershinin, "Air Battle in the Kuban, Spring 1943," -- Soviet Military Review -- 1968, 6 (June):42-44. English language article (photocopy). N. Denisov, "Spring in the Kuban - From the Notebook of a Front-Line Journalist," -- Aviatsiya i Kosmonavtika -- 1968, No. 4 (translated and issued as Foreign Technology Division (USAF) report FTD-HT-23-699-68), pp. 84-90. English language article (photocopy) G. A. Pshenyanik, "In the Kuban' Sky," -- Herald of Air Fleet -- 1958, 2:59-69. English language article (photocopy). Советская Военная Энциклоредия -- [ -- Sovetskai͡a Voennai͡a Ėnt͡siklopedii͡a -- ] (Moscow: Voennoe Izdatl'stvo, 1977). Russian language reference (various extracts, photocopies). "In the Sky Over the Kuban'", unattributed translation of unidentified monograph (extracts, pp.124-135, original pagination pp.142-152; microform print). N. Khovrin and G. Morozov, "The Achievement of Surprise in Black Sea Fleet Combat Operations," -- Voyenno-Istoricheskiy Zhurnal -- 1979, 1 (January):39-45; JPRS translation (pp.108-118). English language article; photocopy). Camille Rougeron, "Russian Air Strategy," -- Military Review -- 30, November 1950, pp.94-99; translation of article in -- Forces Aérienne Française -- , February 1950. (photocopy). L. Shishov, "Certain Questions of Air Force Operational Art in the Air Engagements Over the Kuban in 1943," -- Voyenno-Istoricheskiy Zhurnal -- 1983, 5 (May):21-29; JPRS translation (pp.15-23). English language article; photocopy). "Battle for the Kuban Bridgehead," from -- The Soviet Air Force in World War II: The Official History, Originally Published by the Ministry of Defense of the USSR -- , edited by Ray Wagner, translated by Leland Fetser (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, 1973.). English language monograph (extracts, pp.147-163; photocopy). Alex Buchner, "Battle in Mud and Marsh," -- Foreign Military Review -- 37 (1957), 2:99-105; translated from article in -- Wehrkunde -- , July 1956. English language article (photocopy). M. V. Zakharov, et al. -- 50 let vooruzhennykh sil SSSR -- (Moscow: Voennoe izd-vo Ministerstva oborony SSSR, 1968). Russian language monograph (extracts, pp.353-355; photocopy). S. Luganskiy, -- Na Glubokikh Virazhakh - zapiski voyennovo letchika -- (Alma-ata: Zhazushy, 1966). Russian language monograph (extracts, pp.106-131; photocopy). Walter Schwbedissen, -- THe Russian Air Force in the Eyes of German Commanders -- , USAF Historical Study 175 (Maxwell AFB, AL: Air University, 1960). English language monograph (extracts, pp.194-198; photocopies). Юрий Жуков [I͡Uriĭ Zhukov], -- Один "Мир" из Тысячи -- [ -- Oden "Mir" iz Tysi͡achi -- ] (Moscow: Izdatel'stvo DOSAAF SSSR, 1979). Russian language monograph (extract, pp.255-269; photocopies). Н. Денисов [N. Denisov], -- Боевая слава советской авиации -- [ -- Boyevaya slava Sovetskoy Aviatsiy -- ] (Moscow: Voyenizdat, 1953). Russian language monograph (extracts, pp.144-155; photocopies). John Erickson, -- The Road to Stalingrad -- (New York: Harper & Row, 1975). English language monograph (extract, pp.376-381; photocopies). Г. Годубев [G. Golubev], -- В Паре с "Сотым" -- [ -- V Pare c "Sotym" -- ] (Moscow: Izdatel'stvo DOSAAF SSSR, 1978). Russian language monograph (extracts, pp.86-95; photocopies).
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