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Box 18, Disk 48b
Archival materials
August 1986
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Reimar continues discussing problems with glue, [3:17]. Did Reimar ask any of his former employees from wartime Horten workshops to join him in Argentina? No, for them, inflation and cost of living too high…[7:00] scientists and engineers paid well, less skilled labor paid low wages, [7:33] laborers about 200 pesos per month, draftsmen about 400, engineers 6-800, Reimar 2,700 per month, Reimar talks about difficulties to design and manufacturer complex components. [11:47] Reimar on the sailplane that competed in 1952 world meet in Spain [I. Ae. 34m], 1 survived to 1986 but only good for museum – not flyable. [14:03] Fate of Pulqui II sailplane prototypes, [16:00] Pulqui II details top secret, Sanders got year-and-a-half in prison for having a small drawing as he went through customs. [18:17] Flight test results – Pulqui II glider, Behrens test pilot: 1st flight, "rudder is impossible … aileron" very difficult. Modifications incorporated into 2nd Pulqui II sailplane, new tail, fin and rudder, aileron control …other problems with Pulqui II [to 26:28]; Reimar blamed for failure of Pulqui II. Tank flew sailplane but he did not stall the aircraft. Reimar arrived in Argentina 10 May 1948 [31:59] and first Pulqui II sailplane flew end of August, [33:00] why two Pulqui II sailplanes required. [35:11] Why use skid gear instead of more conventional (and complex) landing gear on these sailplanes? [39:50] Tank refused to change Pulqui II design as Reimar advised, because Argentine officials already had models of the aircraft that showed design details. [43:37] Who measured Pulqui II design in Cordoba wind tunnel, Buford (sp?) repaired tunnel, improved operation. [47:00] Tank would not accept Reimar's recommendations to improve Pulqui II, Reimar left Tank in 1949. [50:45] Reimar wanted more taper and twist for the wing, other solutions to Pulqui II problems difficult for Tank for various reasons. [51:51] Northrop B-49 had fixed slots with laminar profile wingtips – Reimar: how can you have good laminar flow with the airflow disturbed by the slots? [55:31] Who ordered Pulqui II project terminated? [56:30] Reimar on inferior engines installed in Argentine transport aircraft, used in Ju 52 that Reimar used to tow delta glider, tow plane has engine failure and force-lands in soccer stadium, lucky no injuries.
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