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Collection Correspondent:
Nash, Philleo, 1909-1987  Search this
Zimmerman, Lorraine May  Search this
Wolfe, Alvin W. (Alvin William), 1928-  Search this
Tax, Sol, 1907-1995  Search this
Wheeler-Voegelin, Erminie, 1903-1988  Search this
Sebeok, Thomas A. (Thomas Albert), 1920-2001  Search this
Schwartz, Douglas W., 1929-  Search this
Silverberg, James Mark  Search this
Sellers, Mary  Search this
Sahlins, Marshall David  Search this
Hart, Charles William Merton  Search this
Schnitt, Ivan  Search this
Schneider, Harold Kenneth, 1925-1987  Search this
Stout, David Bond  Search this
Titterington, P.F.  Search this
Titiev, Mischa  Search this
Spicer, Edward Holland  Search this
Smith, Marian W. (Marian Wesley), 1907-1961  Search this
Spuhler, James Norman  Search this
Spier, Robert Forest Gayton  Search this
Wallis, Wilson D. (Wilson Dallam), 1886-1970  Search this
Warner, William Lloyd  Search this
Watson, James B. (James Bennett), 1918-2009  Search this
Weckler, Joseph E. Jr  Search this
Useem, John  Search this
Vaughan, James Herbert  Search this
Vaughan, Wilson Herbert  Search this
Wallace, Anthony F. C., 1923-  Search this
White, Leslie A., 1900-1975  Search this
Whiteford, Andrew Hunter  Search this
Whitten, Norman E.  Search this
Wittry, Warren L.  Search this
Wedel, Waldo R. (Waldo Rudolph), 1908-1996  Search this
Weer, Paul  Search this
Weitzner, Bella, 1891?-1988  Search this
Angel, J. Lawrence (John Lawrence)  Search this
Aginsky, Ethel G.  Search this
Aberle, David F. (David Friend), 1918-2004  Search this
Bittle, William Elmer  Search this
Black, Robert A.  Search this
Boggs, Stephen Taylor  Search this
Borhegyi, Stephan F.  Search this
Bourguignon, Erika Eichhorn  Search this
Carlson, Gustav G.  Search this
Casagrande, Joseph B. (Joseph Bartholomew), 1915-1982  Search this
Champe, John L. (John Leland), 1895-  Search this
Christensen, James Boyd  Search this
Cobb, W. Montague  Search this
Cole, Fay-Cooper  Search this
Collier, Donald, 1911-1995  Search this
Henry, William E.  Search this
Field, Henry  Search this
Hoijer, Harry  Search this
Herskovits, Melville J. (Melville Jean), 1895-1963  Search this
Honigsheim, Paul  Search this
Holmes, Lowell Don  Search this
Jantzen, Carl Raymond  Search this
Isaac, Barry Lamont  Search this
Jones, Volney H. (Volney Hurt), 1903-1982  Search this
Johnson, Frederick, 1904-1994  Search this
Kaplan, Bernice Antoville  Search this
Haag, William George  Search this
Harding, Charles  Search this
Hanna, Katherine  Search this
Griffin, James B. (James Bennett), 1905-1997  Search this
Goldschmidt, Walter, 1913-2010  Search this
Guthe, Alfred K. (Alfred Kidder), 1920-1983  Search this
Griswold, Charles H.  Search this
Frantz, Charles  Search this
Fox, George R.  Search this
Godfrey, William S.  Search this
Gallagher, Art  Search this
Estel, Leo  Search this
Eggan, Fred, 1906-1991  Search this
Force, Roland W.  Search this
Deuel, Thorne, 1890-  Search this
Douglas, Frederick Huntington  Search this
Dragoo, Don W.  Search this
Guthe, Carl E. (Carl Eugen), 1893-1974  Search this
Driver, Harold E. (Harold Edson), 1907-1992  Search this
Bennett, John William  Search this
Culver, Dwight W.  Search this
De Pena, Joan Finkle  Search this
Despres, Leo Arthur  Search this
Bates, Marston  Search this
Helm, June, 1924-  Search this
Bauxar, J. Joseph  Search this
Beardsley, Richard K. (Richard King), 1918-1978  Search this
Bee, Robert L.  Search this
Baby, Raymond S.  Search this
Baerreis, David A., 1916-1989  Search this
Barnouw, Victor  Search this
Bascom, William Russell, 1912-1981  Search this
Meggers, Betty Jane  Search this
Melin, Mary  Search this
Neumann, Georg K. (Georg Karl), 1907-1971  Search this
Nesbitt, Paul  Search this
Nash, Manning  Search this
Moss, Leonard Wallace  Search this
Morgan, Richard G.  Search this
Miner, Horace M.  Search this
Merriam, Alan P. (Alan Parkhurst), 1923-1980  Search this
Rowe, Chandler William  Search this
Robinson, J.T.  Search this
Ritzenthaler, Robert E. (Robert Eugene), 1911-1980  Search this
Quimby, George I. (George Irving), 1913-2003  Search this
Pilling, Arnold R.  Search this
Philips, Jane  Search this
Osmundsen, Lita S.  Search this
Noon, John A.  Search this
Collection Creator:
Central States Anthropological Society (U.S.)  Search this
American Anthropological Association. Central States Branch  Search this
Kelley, J. Charles, 1913-1997  Search this
Kneberg, Madeline D.  Search this
Keyes, Charles Fenton  Search this
La Barre, Weston, 1911-1996  Search this
Kurtz, Ronald Joseph  Search this
Lewis, Thomas M. N. (Thomas McDowell Nelson), 1896-  Search this
Lily, Eli  Search this
Lessa, William Armand  Search this
Lewis, Oscar  Search this
Laughlin, William Sceva  Search this
Lehman, Edward J.  Search this
Lange, Charles Henry  Search this
Lasker, Gabriel Ward  Search this
McGregor, Jo  Search this
McKern, W. C. (Will Carleton), 1892-  Search this
Marriott, McKim  Search this
Martin, Paul S. (Paul Sidney), 1899-1974  Search this
Lurie, Nancy Oestreich  Search this
Mandelbaum, David G.  Search this
Box 2
Archival materials
Scope and Contents:
Missing Title "Dear Colleague" letter re: papers, January 23, 1974 Notice from Northeastern Anthropological Association Meeting, April 1975 Three registration forms CSAS March 1973, one form April 1972 Handwritten note n.d. February 27, 1974 letter with reservation form and ballot, 3 p. Vitae of Nominees for 1974 1974 Notice of Placement Service at Annual Meeting AAA with interview information, 3 pp April 9 letter from Jonathan G. Andelson April 12 letter from Ernest L. Schusky re: symposium suggestions April 22 estimate from FOCUS/TYPOGRAPHERS May 13 request concerning joint meeting. CSAS & AES May 28 letter from AAA concerning printing prices May 28 letter from Detroit Hilton concerning CSAS Meeting May 1974. 2 pp. Handwritten note re: phone call from Hilton Hotel about CSAS program requirements, June 17 From Celestine M. Harvey of University National Bank, June 20 Estimate from Braun-Brumfield, Inc. July 1 Handwritten note, July 12, concerning message from Mike Salter Handwritten note, July 10, concerning John Andelson Letter from Michael A. Salter, AASP, July 25 Copy of John H. Moore paper: the culture concept as ideology, Printed in American ethnologists, August 1974, 14 pp. From Judith K. Brown, August 16 Announcement of ASP formation From Ernie Schusky, September 11 From Helen Codere, September 17 From Gustav G. Carlson, September 23 To Celestine M. Harvey, September 24 2 handwritten notes October 2 From Dr. Alyce Cheska, October 4 From Bernice A. Kaplan, October 13, 2 pp. From James W. Fernandez, October 15 From Ralph J. Bishop, October 21 Letter concerning April 1975 Meeting, November 4, 1974, 5 pp. From Gerald Britan, November 8 From Edward J. Lehman, November 8 To Dr. Ernest Schusky from Edward J. Lehman, November 14 From James A. Clifton, November 14 From Barry L. Isaac, November 26 From John H. Moore, November 26 and abstract From Barbara W. Lex, November 27 From Ralph J. Bishop, Dec. 3 From Sharlotte Neely (Williams), December 12, with abstract and paper: ETHNIC DIVERSITY AMONG THE EASTERN CHEROKEE INDIANS, 18 pp. To CSAS Board Members from Ernest L. Schusky, December 18 From Ernest L. Schusky, Dec. 19 Letter concerning 1975 meeting of CSAS, December 23 From Ralph J. Bishop, December 24 From David W. Hartman, December 24 From Joseph F. Foster, December 26 with abstract of LEGEND OF THE TALKING BAGPIPE From Woodrow W. Clark, Jr., December 27 with abstract: Cognitive Politics From Barry L. Isaac, December 30 with two abstracts; FIRE "USING" VERSUS FIRE-MAKING IN PRIMITIVE SOCIETY and PEASANTRY AS A LOCAL EVOLUTIONARY STAGE From Ralph J. Bishop, December 31 16 pages names and addresses
Collection Restrictions:
Materials relating to CSAS award applicants and selected correspondence from 1976-77 are restricted until 10 years after the death of the correspondents. Computer disks are restricted due to preservation concerns. Access to the Central States Anthropological Society records requires an appointment.
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