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Herzfeld, Ernst, 1879-1948  Search this
Herzfeld, Ernst, 1879-1948  Search this
Krefter, Friedrich, 1898-1995  Search this
Collection Creator:
Herzfeld, Ernst, 1879-1948  Search this
1562 Drawings (visual works) (various dimensions)
70 Maps (various dimensions)
Archival materials
Drawings (visual works)
Aleppo (Syria)
Bakun, Tall-e (Iran)
Baʻlabakk (Lebanon)
Bīshāpūr (Extinct city)
Bisutun Site (Iran)
Damascus (Syria)
Fīrūzābād (Iran)
Ḥimṣ (Syria)
Iṣfahān (Iran)
Luristān (Iran)
Nahāvand (Iran)
Naqsh-i Rustam (Iran)
Paikuli (Iraq)
Palmyra (Syria)
Pasargadae (Extinct city)
Persepolis (Iran)
Sāmarrāʼ (Iraq)
Sīstān va Balūchistān (Iran)
Taq-e Bostan Site (Iran)
Tripoli (Lebanon)
Scope and Contents:
The abbreviations used in captions of published drawings are: IAE -- Iran in the Ancient East, Herzfeld AMI -- Archaeologische Mitteilungen aus Iran, Herzfeld Corpus -- Materiaux pour un Corpus Inscriptionum Arabicarum. Part II, Tome II (Aleppo), Herzfeld ID -- Iranische Denkmä, Lieferung 3/4 Niphauanda, Herzfeld SA-I -- Ars Islamica, IX, "Damascus:Studies in Architecture, I. The Mukarnas Dome. The Madrasa," Herzfeld SA-II -- Ars Islamica, X. Same study, II."The Cruciform Plan. Syrian Architecture, Period of Nur al-din," Herzfeld SA-III -- Ars Islamica, XI--II. Same study, III. "The Ayyubid Madrasa. The Turba," Herzfeld SA-IV -- Ars Islamica, XIII--IV. Same study, IV. "The Mosque," Herzfeld TA -- Am Tor von Asien, Herzfeld
Drawings D-405 through D-485 (water-colors) are mounted on mats numbered PI.XXXIII through PI.LXI. They were apparently prepared for some publication not yet located. Other water-colors have similar notations. The large numbers, such as No.3445, apparently refer to a catalogue or inventory, not located.
- Approximately 1,562 drawings and plans that reflect Herzfeld's fine draftmanship and architectural training , with observations on topography, landscape, archaeological remains, architecture, and artifacts. Renderings are in pencil, ink, and watercolor. The published and unpublished drawings reveal Herzfeld's working methodology, in which he often employed tracings to rework his original field sketches. In addition, there are drawings by Friedrich Krefter, the architect who worked in association with Herzfeld for many years, and by drafting assistant Karl Bergner and Donald E. McCown.
- Approximately 70 maps dating from 1899 to the 1930s, including original maps prepared by Herzfeld, Karl Bergner or Friedrich Krefter, as well as various maps from German archaeologists such as Moritz Sobernheim and Max Freiherr von Oppenheim.
Drawings are arranged roughly by size and then in number sequences, housed in document boxes or in flat file folders and stored in map case drawers.
Biographical / Historical:
"Ernst Emil Herzfeld (1879-1948) was an orientalist whose many talents led him to explore all phases of Near Eastern culture, from the prehistoric period to Islamic times and from linguistics and religion to art and architecture." [Margaret Cool Root, 1976: "The Herzfeld Archive of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Metropolitan Museum Journal, Vol. 11, pp. 119-124."]
Local Numbers:
FSA A.06 05
- Title is provided by Xavier Courouble, FSg Archives cataloger, based on Joseph Upton's Catalogue of the Herzfeld Archive."
Date/Time and Place of an Event Note:
The Papers primarly relate to Herzfeld's survey of the monuments, artifacts, and inscriptions of Western Asia between 1903 and 1947 and particularly to his excavations at Istakhr (Iran), Paikuli (Iraq), Pasargadae (Iran), Persepolis (Iran), Samarra (Iraq) and Kuh-e Khwaja (Iran), as well as various archaeological expeditions throughout Cilicia, Mesopotamia, Northern Syria, and Persia. Additional research material, probably collected by Moritz Sobernheim and Max Freiherr von Oppenheim but preserved by Ernst Herzfeld, was part of a broader project, that of Max van Berchem's "Matériaux pour un Corpus Inscriptionum Arabicarum."
Collection Restrictions:
Collection is open for research.
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Permission to publish, quote, or reproduce must be secured from the repository.
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Collection Citation:
Ernst Herzfeld Papers. Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives. Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. Gift of Ernst Herzfeld, 1946
FSA.A.06, Series 5
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