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N-85: "Afghanistan -Ostpersien I. 1924-1925"

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Herzfeld, Ernst, 1879-1948  Search this
Herzfeld, Ernst, 1879-1948  Search this
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Herzfeld, Ernst, 1879-1948  Search this
1 Diary (1 volume (141 pages), 15.5 cm. x 20 cm.)
Archival materials
1924 December 1-1925 March 21
Scope and Contents:
The Journal ends at Salami, just before Herzfeld reached Mashhad. From Bombay to Mashhad via Kabul, Sistan (Kūh-i Khwāja and Shahristān), Kuhistan (Birjand, Khargird). Journal No.II which would cover the stay in Mashhad and the trip to Tehran via Sangbast, Nishapur, Sabzevar, Damghan, Bistam, Radkan and Simnan is not in the Archive.
- FSA A.6 01.06, on which Joseph Upton's classification mentions "N-85", provides an account of Herzfeld's visits (December 1924 and January 1925) to museums in Bombay and Delhi (India), Kabul (Afghanistan), Karrachi and Peshawar (Pakistan), as well as an account of an expedition (January 25, 1925 to March 21, 1925) from Zahedan, in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan (Iran), to Salami (Iran), a village south of Mashhad (Iran) in the province of Khorasan. During this trip which ultimately led him to Tehran (Iran), Herzfeld visited Kuh-i Khwaja (Iran), Shahristan (Iran), Birjand (Iran), Qa'In (Iran), and Khargird (Iran). Finally, many historical notes are to be found throughout the diary. - Original handwritten title on cover reads: "Ernst Herzfeld; Afghanistan - Ostpersien I, 1924-1925" - Taxila (Pakistan): Sketch of temple and tower, October 14-15, 1924, (pp. 1-2). - Peshawar (Pakistan): Sketch of gray stone dish, "Opferschale", November 16, 1924, (pp. 2-3). - Kabul (Afghanistan): Notes on objects in Museum, including Korans. Sketch of turban and cap on figures from Kafiristan, December 1, 1924, (pp. 4-6). - Notes on inscribed sarcophagus. Sketch: Kufic (p.8); water-jug (p.9), (pp. 8-9). - Sistan (Iran): Notes on Auzdar and other Tells, January 25 - February 4, 1925, (pp. 10-11). - Sistan (Iran): Auzdar, Achaemenian ruins, March 25, 1925, (p. 11). - Shahristan (Iran): Description of ruins "more a large fortress, than a city". Believes to be pre-Islamic city "Rāmshehrestān". Sketch: plan of fortress (p.22); plan of domed building (p.23); pottery shapes (pp.25-26); plan of another domed building (p.26), February 11-14, 1925, (pp. 19-27). - Baghdad (Iraq): Khan Ortuma, 1923, (p. 20). - Qasimabad (Iran): Notes on tower, inscription etc. Sketch: knotted character of Kufic script (p.37), February 15-16, 1925, (pp. 35-38). - Bishapur (Iran): Returned from Qasimabad, January 1, 1925, (p. 38). - Bishapur (Iran): Again at Kuh-i Khwaja, February 25, 1925, (p. 70). - Kaleh-i dukhtar (near Ribāt-i Safīd) (Iran): Sketch of fire-temple at Kale-i dukhtar, also plans of fire-temples at Hatra, Shahristan, Qasr-i Shirin, Farrashband, Kuh-i Khwaja and Samarra, February 25, 1925, (pp. 70a-71). - Khunik (Iran): Types of domed house construction in Sistan. Sketch: plans and elevations of typical examples, March 5, 1925, (p. 102). - Neh (Iran): Sketch of vertical windmill, March 5, 1925, (p. 103). - Personal comments, speculations on the great political events of the past 100 years; and appeals for the recognition of culture, knowledge and art as the bases of civilization, February 25, 1925, (pp. 104-108). - Qa'in (Kuhistan, Iran): Mosque inscription of Qādī Shams al-dīn al-Qārāni, c. 770 H., March 9, 1925, (p. 119). - Birjand (Kuhistan, Iran): Notes on types of house plans and domes between Birjand and Dastgird. Sketches of plans, March 9, 1925, (pp. 119-121). - Sehdeh (Kuhistan, Iran): Notes on Ismailite fortresses in area, March 13, 1925, (p. 126). - Abuzar (Kuhistan, Iran): Ruins of Ismaili fortress with shrine, March 15, 1925, (pp. 130-131). - Abuzar (Kuhistan, Iran): Notes on fortress. Sketch: section of plan of fortress, March 15, 1925, (pp. 130-131). - Qa'in (Kuhistan, Iran): Notes on mosque, March 15, 1925, (p. 134). - Khargird (Iran): Detailed notes on Nizāmiyya mosque and Ghiyāthiyya madrasa. Sketch: section plan of mosque (p.138); Ghiyāthiyya inscriptions (p.139); tile panel of madrasa (p.141); painted tile (p.142); door inscription of madrasa (p.143), March 20-21, 1925, (pp. 137-143).
Ernst Herzfeld Papers, Series 1: Travel Journals; Diary of Expedition from Kabul (Afghanistan) to Mashhad (Iran)
In the original arrangement of the Ernst Herzfeld Archive, Travel Journals were included in a larger body of diverse material acknowledged by Ernst Herzfeld as his study collection. In the early 1970s, Joseph Upton, for research purpose, rearranged the collection and created a specific series (Ernst Herzfeld Papers, Series 1: Travel Journals, 1905-1928) for eight travel journals. For some reason, Upton has given this journal an accession number related to the series he created for the notebooks (Ernst Herzfeld Papers, Series 3: Notebooks, 1904-1946, 1957, n.d.), probably following Herzfeld's original organization.
Local Numbers:
Ernst Herzfeld Papers, N-85 FSA A.6 03.085 FSA A.6 01.06
- Additional information from staff reads, "Only part of the handwritten text of the Journal in German was transliterated and reviewed by Ernst Herzfeld's former collaborator, Friedrich Krefter, with the assistance of his wife, Maria Krefter. Please contact the Archives for digital access to the transliterated copy."
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Collection is open for research.
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Permission to publish, quote, or reproduce must be secured from the repository.
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Ernst Herzfeld Papers. Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives. Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. Gift of Ernst Herzfeld, 1946
FSA.A.06, Subseries 1.6
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