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Photo File 4: "Prehistoric Persepolis"

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Herzfeld, Ernst, 1879-1948  Search this
Herzfeld, Ernst, 1879-1948  Search this
Collection Creator:
Herzfeld, Ernst, 1879-1948  Search this
2 Volumes
1 Volume (193 cyanotype prints, b&w, 16 cm. x 21.7 cm.)
Archival materials
Photographic prints
Bakun, Tall-e (Iran)
Scope and Contents:
The abbreviations used in the captions of published photos are: IAE--Iran in the Ancient East, Herzfeld ID--Iranische Denkmäler. Lieferung 3/4 Niphauanda, Herzfeld These two volumes contain photos of the finds from a village excavated on the plain near the ruins of Persepolis. They should be studied in conjunction with the water-colors and ink drawings: D--05--36 and D--82--88. See also Photo File 41
- "Ernst Herzfeld Papers; Cyanotypes File 4", which was arranged by Ernst Herzfeld, provides 193 photographic prints related to a trial excavation undertook by Ernst Herzfeld in the Summer 1928 as well as a campaign of excavation at the western mound, Tall-i-Bakun A under the auspice of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, carried out by Alexander Langsdorff under Ernst Herzfeld's direction between March 25, 1932 and July 21, 1932.
- Additional information from Joseph Upton's Catalogue of the Herzfeld Archive reads, "The prints are from three sources: (1) those from glass negatives; (2) those from cut film; and (3) those for which there are no negatives. The Archive contains Herzfeld's glass negatives, numbered from 1 to 3850. Of most of these he had blueprints made which he had arranged in 16 binders by general categories, irrespective of the number on the negative. These formed the nucleus for the preparation of the Photo Files. The 16 binders of blueprints have been replaced by Photo Files, Nos. 1-16. The prints in each File are arranged in the same order as the blueprints; and the number of the negative is enclosed in parentheses. Following a brief identification, is a reference to the place where the print has been published, if that is the case and such publication has been located."
- "Ernst Herzfeld Papers; Cyanotypes File 4" is composed of 203 cyanotype prints (blueprints), made from the following glass plates, "FSA a.6 04.GN.0890; FSA a.6 04.GN.0509; FSA a.6 04.GN.0510; FSA a.6 04.GN.0512; FSA a.6 04.GN.0513; FSA a.6 04.GN.0516; FSA a.6 04.GN.0517; FSA a.6 04.GN.1169; FSA a.6 04.GN.1170; FSA a.6 04.GN.0342; FSA a.6 04.GN.0511; FSA a.6 04.GN.0518; FSA a.6 04.GN.0514; FSA a.6 04.GN.0515; FSA a.6 04.GN.0519; FSA a.6 04.GN.0520; FSA a.6 04.GN.1168; FSA a.6 04.GN.0563; FSA a.6 04.GN.0564; FSA a.6 04.GN.0566; FSA a.6 04.GN.0857; FSA a.6 04.GN.0261; FSA a.6 04.GN.0262; FSA a.6 04.GN.0340; FSA a.6 04.GN.0341; FSA a.6 04.GN.1088; FSA a.6 04.GN.1087; FSA a.6 04.GN.1090; FSA a.6 04.GN.1089; FSA a.6 04.GN.0293; FSA a.6 04.GN.0590; FSA a.6 04.GN.0560; FSA a.6 04.GN.0584; FSA a.6 04.GN.0813; FSA a.6 04.GN.0578; FSA a.6 04.GN.0816; FSA a.6 04.GN.0573; FSA a.6 04.GN.0562; FSA a.6 04.GN.0801; FSA a.6 04.GN.0802; FSA a.6 04.GN.0803; FSA a.6 04.GN.1032; FSA a.6 04.GN.1034; FSA a.6 04.GN.1035; FSA a.6 04.GN.1094; FSA a.6 04.GN.1145; FSA a.6 04.GN.1030; FSA a.6 04.GN.0805; FSA a.6 04.GN.0806; FSA a.6 04.GN.0807; FSA a.6 04.GN.0808; FSA a.6 04.GN.1096; FSA a.6 04.GN.1147; FSA a.6 04.GN.1154; FSA a.6 04.GN.0872; FSA a.6 04.GN.0809; FSA a.6 04.GN.0810; FSA a.6 04.GN.0811; FSA a.6 04.GN.0812; FSA a.6 04.GN.0814; FSA a.6 04.GN.0815; FSA a.6 04.GN.0817; FSA a.6 04.GN.0818; FSA a.6 04.GN.0819; FSA a.6 04.GN.0820; FSA a.6 04.GN.0821; FSA a.6 04.GN.0836; FSA a.6 04.GN.0837; FSA a.6 04.GN.0838; FSA a.6 04.GN.0839; FSA a.6 04.GN.0840; FSA a.6 04.GN.0841; FSA a.6 04.GN.0842; FSA a.6 04.GN.0843; FSA a.6 04.GN.0844; FSA a.6 04.GN.0845; FSA a.6 04.GN.0846; FSA a.6 04.GN.0847; FSA a.6 04.GN.0848; FSA a.6 04.GN.0849; FSA a.6 04.GN.0850; FSA a.6 04.GN.0851; FSA a.6 04.GN.0852; FSA a.6 04.GN.0853; FSA a.6 04.GN.0854; FSA a.6 04.GN.0855; FSA a.6 04.GN.0856; FSA a.6 04.GN.0858; FSA a.6 04.GN.0859; FSA a.6 04.GN.0873; FSA a.6 04.GN.0874; FSA a.6 04.GN.0875; FSA a.6 04.GN.0876; FSA a.6 04.GN.0877; FSA a.6 04.GN.0878; FSA a.6 04.GN.0879; FSA a.6 04.GN.0880; FSA a.6 04.GN.0881; FSA a.6 04.GN.1036; FSA a.6 04.GN.1093; FSA a.6 04.GN.1146; FSA a.6 04.GN.0291; FSA a.6 04.GN.0339; FSA a.6 04.GN.0343; FSA a.6 04.GN.0346; FSA a.6 04.GN.0546; FSA a.6 04.GN.0547; FSA a.6 04.GN.0548; FSA a.6 04.GN.0549; FSA a.6 04.GN.0551; FSA a.6 04.GN.0553; FSA a.6 04.GN.0556; FSA a.6 04.GN.0559; FSA a.6 04.GN.0568; FSA a.6 04.GN.0569; FSA a.6 04.GN.0570; FSA a.6 04.GN.0571; FSA a.6 04.GN.0572; FSA a.6 04.GN.0574; FSA a.6 04.GN.0575; FSA a.6 04.GN.0576; FSA a.6 04.GN.0577; FSA a.6 04.GN.0579; FSA a.6 04.GN.0580; FSA a.6 04.GN.0581; FSA a.6 04.GN.0582; FSA a.6 04.GN.0583; FSA a.6 04.GN.0585; FSA a.6 04.GN.0586; FSA a.6 04.GN.0587; FSA a.6 04.GN.0588; FSA a.6 04.GN.0589; FSA a.6 04.GN.0882; FSA a.6 04.GN.0883; FSA a.6 04.GN.0884; FSA a.6 04.GN.0885; FSA a.6 04.GN.0886; FSA a.6 04.GN.0887; FSA a.6 04.GN.0888; FSA a.6 04.GN.0889; FSA a.6 04.GN.0893; FSA a.6 04.GN.0894; FSA a.6 04.GN.0895; FSA a.6 04.GN.0896; FSA a.6 04.GN.0897; FSA a.6 04.GN.0898; FSA a.6 04.GN.0899; FSA a.6 04.GN.0900; FSA a.6 04.GN.0901; FSA a.6 04.GN.0902; FSA a.6 04.GN.0903; FSA a.6 04.GN.0904; FSA a.6 04.GN.0905; FSA a.6 04.GN.0906; FSA a.6 04.GN.0907; FSA a.6 04.GN.1097; FSA a.6 04.GN.0591; FSA a.6 04.GN.0344; FSA a.6 04.GN.0345; FSA a.6 04.GN.0348; FSA a.6 04.GN.0367; FSA a.6 04.GN.0545; FSA a.6 04.GN.0550; FSA a.6 04.GN.0552; FSA a.6 04.GN.0554; FSA a.6 04.GN.0555; FSA a.6 04.GN.0558; FSA a.6 04.GN.0561; FSA a.6 04.GN.0774; FSA a.6 04.GN.0775; FSA a.6 04.GN.0776; FSA a.6 04.GN.0779; FSA a.6 04.GN.0798; FSA a.6 04.GN.0777; FSA a.6 04.GN.0347; FSA a.6 04.GN.0349; FSA a.6 04.GN.0350; FSA a.6 04.GN.0778; FSA a.6 04.GN.0780; FSA a.6 04.GN.0781; FSA a.6 04.GN.0782; FSA a.6 04.GN.0783; FSA a.6 04.GN.0784; FSA a.6 04.GN.0785; FSA a.6 04.GN.0799; FSA a.6 04.GN.0800; FSA a.6 04.GN.0804; FSA a.6 04.GN.1033; FSA a.6 04.GN.1092; FSA a.6 04.GN.1095; FSA a.6 04.GN.1037; FSA a.6 04.GN.1026; FSA a.6 04.GN.1027; FSA a.6 04.GN.1028; FSA a.6 04.GN.1029; FSA a.6 04.GN.1031."
Ernst Herzfeld Papers, Series 4: Photographic Files; Prehistoric Persepolis (Cyanotypes File 4)
- Of most of his 3,890 glass negatives, Herzfeld had blueprints made which he arranged in 16 binders irrespective of the number on the negative. In addition to the 16 blueprint binders, he assembled 5 albums including two from the Samarra series labelled "Paläste und Moscheen-I and -II." The remainder of the photographs, from glass negatives and from cut films, sometimes identified by Herzfeld, were printed en masse for study purpose (labelled by Upton as duplicate prints) and which are, for the most part, unpublished. For his own research, Herzfeld also collected prints from many sources. Of those there are no negatives. Finally, in early 1970s, Joseph Upton reorganized the whole Herzfeld collection of photographic prints into 42 photographic files, assembling 14 additional files in excess of the 21 existing files arranged by Herzfeld himself. The eight remaining files, File 35 to File 42, are made of duplicate prints provided by the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.
Local Numbers:
Ernst Herzfeld Papers; Cyanotypes File 4 FSA A.6 04.CY.04
- Title is provided by Xavier Courouble, FSg Archives cataloger, based on Joseph Upton's Catalogue of the Herzfeld Archive.
Collection Restrictions:
Collection is open for research.
Collection Rights:
Permission to publish, quote, or reproduce must be secured from the repository.
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Collection Citation:
Ernst Herzfeld Papers. FSA.A.06. Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives. Gift of Ernst Herzfeld, 1946
FSA.A.06, Subseries 4.4
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