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"Regional America" cut across all the other sections of the Festival by looking at the assemblages of different peoples scattered across our land. In this area, therefore, visitors could see working people and children, ethnics and blacks and Native Americans brought together to celebrate not so much their individual identities but the space in which they all live together, their homeplace within the wide American land. A region was acknowledged to be a hard thing to create on the Mall; it is an abstract made up of a thousand concrete details: the lay of the land, the slant of the sunlight, the way a person says "Good morning," the particular records on the jukeboxes in the diner, the depth of the topsoil, the smell of Sunday dinner. So in Regional America the Festival brought together the people who lived in a particular place and asked them to demonstrate the arts and the skills that make it possible to live in that place and that most powerfully characterize it. It is the sense of home that the Smithsonian sought to capture here. June 16-20, the Northeast. The Northeast Region combines the peoples and the traditions of the Atlantic Northeast (Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware) and those of New England. There were demonstrations of lobster trap making, whittling, quilting, and snowshoe making, traditional food preparation, and presentations of Anglo, French, and German American traditional music. June 23-27, the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes region is a large area consisting of diverse peoples and traditions. Scandinavian, Eastern European, Mediterranean, and Native American music, crafts, and food demonstrations included birch bark canoe building, bread baking, and pysanky decorating. From the farming and dairy areas, skills such as shingle making and wood carving were presented, along with dairy cattle demonstrations of milking, calf feeding, and caring for livestock. Demonstrations of maritime activities included fish net making, waterfowl decoy carving, dock building, and storytelling. Blues and other transplanted styles of Southern music were also performed. July 1-5, the South. Presentations included Alabama folk painting, traditional boat building, stitchery by Ethel Mohamed (who did the tapestry on the cover of the 1976 program book), decoy carving and painting, a Freedom Quilting Bee, pottery, and splint basket making. Regional America's presentation of Southern foodways traditions included the preparation of pecan pralines, various gumbos, crawfish, and sorghum. July 7-11, the Upland South. Crafts presented this week included quilting, blacksmithing, stone carving, barrel making, and whittling. Vinegar pie, hominy, biscuits and gravy were made for sampling, with barbequed chicken, corn on the cob, cobbler, and barbequed beans for sale. July 14-18, the Heartland. Craft presentations included the making of apple head dolls, corn husk dolls, tree branch dolls and spurs, wood carving, and pysanky (egg decorating.) Foodways demonstrations includes the preparation of such regional specialties as kolaches (a Bohemian fruit-filled bun), sweet braided bread, New Year cookies, cheese, and sauerkraut. July 14-18, the Great West. Featured crafts included quilting by seven different participants, wagon wheel making, horse hair rope making, wood carving, braided and woven rug making, and the demonstration of traditional fence building styles. Preparation of foods from the Great West was demonstrated including bratzells (cookies baked over an open fire), whole wheat bread, and the canning of sauerkraut, pickles, relish, and jelly. July 28-August 1, the Pacific Northwest. Craft presentations included fly tying and casting, snow sled making, fiddle making, a logging demonstration, weaving, whittling, net making, boat building, and paper cutting. Foodways demonstrations featured a camp cook making pancakes and sourdough bread, traditional to the logging life of the Pacific Northwest. August 4-8, the Southwest. Visitors could see cowboy boot making, adobe making, mural painting, calf roping, saddle making, rawhide work, and soap making demonstrated as part of the presentation of the culture of the Southwest. Traditional ranch cooking was demonstrated, with chili, beans, and sourdough biscuits among the featured specialties. Barbara LaPan Rahm was Program Coordinator; William K. McNeil was Folklorist; and Diana Parker was Assistant Program Coordinator.
Fieldwork coordinators:
Suzi Jones, Allen Tullos, Margaret R. Yocom
The Northeast Clifford Allen, 1911-1980, Meshoppen, Pennsylvania Stevie Axthelm, 1952-, Great Falls, Virginia June Barner, 1939-, Millerstown, Pennsylvania Shirley Barner, Millerstown, Pennsylvania Theodore Roosevelt Barrows, 1903-1987, Perkinsville, Vermont Lisa Marie Beaudoin, 1956-, Burlington, Vermont Louis Alfred Beaudoin, 1920-1980, Burlington, Vermont, ex-Massachusetts Wilfred Joseph Beaudoin, 1925-, Burlington, Vermont, ex-Massachusetts Robert C. Bucher, 1911-, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania John Buhler, 1931-, Pennsylvania Edgar W. Byers, 1949-, Liverpool, Pennsylvania Zuzka Cakan, New Jersey Marshall Case, 1917-2005, Troy, Pennsylvania Sara Cleveland, 1905-1987, Hudson Falls, New York John Coffey, Baltimore, Maryland, ex-Virginia Addie Darling, 1920-2009, Groton, Vermont, ex-New Hampshire Margaret Davidson, 1923-, Millerstown, Pennsylvania Richard Davidson, 1924-1986, Millerstown, Pennsylvania Earl Day, 1934-, Gill, Massachusetts Evelyn Deckard, 1925-, Liverpool, Pennsylvania Glenn Deckard, 1924-, Liverpool, Pennsylvania Archie Edwards, 1915-1998, Seat Pleasant, Maryland, ex-Virginia George Edwards, 1920-1983, Walpole, New Hampshire, ex-Michigan Lillian Edwards, 1909-1994, Walpole, New Hampshire Hugh Friedline, 1897-1979, Stahlstown, Pennsylvania Leroy Gaines, 1924-, Washington, D.C., ex-Virginia Robert Gelnett, Pennsylvania William Graybeal, 1949-, Conowingo, Maryland, ex-Pennsylvania Nick Hudak, New Jersey Mark Johnson, Washington, D.C. Mary Ann Kadera, New Jersey Alex Kellam, 1908-1986, Crisfield, Maryland Colin Kelley, 1945-1988, Gardner, Maine Ed Kocjancic, 1930-, Kane, Pennsylvania John Kocjancic, 1930-, Kane, Pennsylvania Joseph Kocjanic, 1925-2003, Kane, Pennsylvania Rudy J. Kocjanic, 1954-, Kane, Pennsylvania Rudy R. Kocjanic, 1927-1994, Kane, Pennsylvania Homer Kriebel, 1892-1981, Hereford, Pennsylvania Sadie Kriebel, 1906-1998, Hereford, Pennsylvania Dewey Landon, 1898-1976, Crisfield, Maryland Ernest Link, Great Falls, Virginia Jerry Lundy, 1942-, Elkton, Maryland Ted Lundy, 1937-1980, Wilmington, Delaware, ex-Virginia Teddy Lundy, 1959-, Wilmington, Delaware Barner Lyter, 1917-1989, Liverpool, Pennsylvania Florence Lyter, 1924-2006, Liverpool, Pennsylvania Beatrice McKenrick, 1904-1994, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania Ed Mosheim, Pennsylvania Marilyn Mosheim, Pennsylvania Leo Murphy, 1908-2004, Brewer, Maine Sofia Muzychak, 1903-1996, Hazelton, Pennsylvania Charles Nevells, 1934-, Stonington, Maine Barry Nutbrown, 1956-, Putney, Vermont Joan Nutbrown, 1928-2003, Putney, Vermont, ex-Quebec, Canada Nancy Nutbrown, 1961-, Putney, Vermont, ex-Quebec, Canada Russell Nutbrown, 1923-, Putney, Vermont, ex-Quebec, Canada Larry Older, 1912-1982, Lake Hamilton, Florida, New York Martha Older, 1911-2011, Lake Hamilton, Florida, ex-New York Daniel Paisley, 1959-, Landenberg, Pennsylvania Joan Palmer, 1933-, Groton, New York, ex-Vermont Rodney Richard, Sr., Rangeley, Maine Rodney Richard, Jr., 1955-, Orono, Maine William Richard, 1900-1993, Phillips, Maine, ex-Canada Grant Rogers, 1907-1979, Walton, New York Betsy Rutherford, Baltimore, Maryland, ex-Virginia Charles Sayles, 1948-, Washington, D.C., ex-Massachusetts Esther Mae 'Mother' Scott, 1893-1979, Washington, D.C., ex-Mississippi Delores Sernak, 1925-, Mayfield, Pennsylvania Flavia Shaw, 1951-, Gardner, Maine Ed Shute, 1940-, Belfast, Maine Roscoe Solley, 1899-1986, Grampion, Pennsylvania John Starvish, 1907-1989, Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, ex-Massachusetts Anastacia Swartz, 1896-, Amherst, Massachusetts, ex-Poland Mary Veronica Szala, 1923-, Amherst, Massachusetts Robert Szala, 1959-, Amherst, Massachusetts Sterl Van Arsdale, 1929-, Jamestown, New York, ex-Pennsylvania Berle Worster, 1921-2011, Springfield, Maine Edna Worster, 1931-2009, Springfield, Maine Leona York, 1900-1986, Caratunk, Maine Walter York, 1902-1999, Caratunk, Maine The Great Lakes Sue G. Anderson, 1918-, Walker, Minnesota Clarence R. Bailey, 1908-1991, Trenary, Michigan William M. Barnard, 1942-, Cable, Wisconsin, ex-New York Mike Benjamin, 1915-1980, Onamia, Minnesota Mary Ellen Bowens, 1904-1995, Chicago, Illinois William E. Branch, 1951-, Chicago, Illinois Danny W. Brown, 1961-, St. Louis, Missouri Don Ray Brown, Sr., 1935-2002, St. Louis, Missouri Don Brown, Jr., 1958-, St. Louis, Missouri Boyd Butler, 1925-1989, Carbondale, Illinois Leroy Canaday, 1928-, Moberly, Missouri Donald Chesebro, 1934-2010, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Jim Cotone, Sr., 1904-1979, Cumberland, Wisconsin Oliver F. Counter, Sr., 1905-1995, Avon, Minnesota Oliver B. Counter, Jr., 1936-1998, St. Joseph, Minnesota Peter Crawford, 1950-, Chicago, Illinois, Michigan Dean Crowe, St. Charles, Missouri Mabel Damron, 1924-1985, River Rouge, Michigan, ex-Kentucky Clyde Davis, 1938-, Southgate, Michigan, ex-Illinois Alonzo Day, Chicago, Illinois Julia Day, Chicago, Illinois Jerold Dunn, 1944-, Ashland, Wisconsin Samuel Dymesich, Wisconsin Richard Elliker, 1931-, Cable, Wisconsin, ex-Ohio Rev. Hueston Emerson, Chicago, Illinois Leona A. Erickson, 1918-1987, La Pointe, Wisconsin Esta Fehrenbach, 1926-, Carmel, Indiana Suse Fehrenbach, Carmel, Indiana Frank Flowers, 1954-, Festus, Missouri George Foreman, Detroit, Michigan Donald Gay, 1945-, Chicago, Illinois Evelyn Gay, Illinois Geraldine Gay, 1931-, Chicago, Illinois Mildred Gay, 1925-, Chicago, Illinois Missionary Gay, 1907-, Chicago, Illinois, ex-Georgia Ollie Gill, 1908-1990, Chicago, Illinois Lodge Grant, 1903-, McLeansboro, Illinois Katy Gregory, Chicago, Illinois Eugene Holder, Chicago, Illinois Robert Alfred Honigmann, 1900-1982, Hayward, Wisconsin, ex-Germany Suoma Annikki Jarvi, 1927-, Parkville, Minnesota, Finland Bobo Jenkins, 1916-1984, Detroit, Michigan, ex-Alabama Lester Johnson, Michigan, ex-Louisiana Rosalyn Johnson, Pennsylvania Lucy Karkoc, 1935-2003, Virginia, Minnesota, ex-Ukraine USSR Maude Kegg, 1904-1996, Vineland, Minnesota Gene Keith, 1929-, Missouri Sadie Keys, 1932-2002, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Henry Knotts, Detroit, Michigan Reino Kolu, 1929-2013, Grand Rapids, Minnesota Halvor Landsverk, 1909-1998, Whalan, Minnesota Lena Mae Lee, Chicago, Illinois Isabelle Marshall, 1900-1984, Walker, Minnesota Mickey Martin, Chicago, Illinois Doris Mayfield, Greenville, Illinois Lyle Mayfield, 1929-, Greenville, Illinois Charles McCloud, Pennsylvania Mattie McCroskey, Pennsylvania Margaret McGee, 1925-1998, Chicago, Illinois Robert Milewski, Chicago, Illinois Constance L. Müller, 1928-, Minneapolis, Minnesota, ex-North Dakota Karin Müller, 1907-2003, Minneapolis, Minnesota, ex-Illinois Nels Roy Nelson, 1920-2002, La Pointe, Wisconsin Arthur Nicholas, 1932-1991, Navarre, Ohio, ex-West Virginia Evelyn Nicholas, Malvern, Ohio, ex-West Virginia General Custer Nicholas, 1895-1979, Carrollton, Ohio, ex-West Virginia Lemma Nicholas, Navarre, Ohio, ex-West Virginia Raymond Nicholas, 1930-, Malvern, Ohio, ex-West Virginia Lily Nielsen, 1897-2000, Minneapolis, Minnesota, ex-Denmark Robert Palmquist, 1926-1992, Duluth, Minnesota Catherine (Kitty) Parham, 1924-2003, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania John Porter, Flemingsburg, Kentucky Yank Rachell, 1910-1997, Indianapolis, Indiana, ex-Tennessee Thomas Reykdal, 1939-, Cable, Wisconsin Josephine Robinson, 1892-1980, Naytahwaush, Minnesota William Robinson, 1934-2006, Naytahwaush, Minnesota Norman J. Ryberg, 1917-2002, Spooner, Wisconsin Ruth Ryberg, 1919-, Spooner, Wisconsin Alanzo Seal, Chicago, Illinois Clemon Shaw, Joliet, Illinois Frances Sheadman, Pennsylvania William Sheiby, Illinois Gregory H. Taylor, Southgate, Michigan Marvin Taylor, 1939-2013, Southgate, Michigan Minnis Taylor, 1931-2007, Lincoln Park, Michigan Helmer Toyras, 1926-, Kenton, Michigan Jacob Gustuf Varnes, 1900-2000, Ridgeland, Wisconsin, ex-Norway Ruth Viikinsalo, 1908-2000, Parkville, Minnesota, ex-Finland James J. Walker, 1910-1997, Chicago, Illinois, ex-Tennessee Willy Warren, Detroit, Michigan Jim Wetzel, 1939-, Effie, Minnesota Karen Wetzel, 1941-, Effie, Minnesota George Williamson, 1927-, Wyandotte, Michigan, ex-Kentucky Mary Williamson, 1932-1978, Wyandotte, Michigan, ex-Kentucky The South Nathan Abshire, 1913-1981, Louisiana Clementine Ardoin, 1941-, Eunice, Louisiana Dorothy Cole Auman, 1925-1991, Seagrove, North Carolina Kathleen Auman, 1951-, Seagrove, North Carolina, ex-Colorado Walter Auman, Sr., 1926-1991, Seagrove, North Carolina Walter Auman, Jr., 1950-, Seagrove, North Carolina Jonathan Weston Averill, 1949-, West Virginia, ex-California Elva Ayers, 1909-1981, Sandstone, West Virginia Larry Beasley, Greer, South Carolina, ex-Kentucky Daisy T. Bell, 1922-, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi David Edward Bell, 1905-1986, Luling, Texas Betty Bendolf, 1939-, Boykin, Alabama Jessie Bennett, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina Mary J. Bennett, 1923-2003, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina Anthony Bonin, 1940-1982, St. Martinville, Louisiana Rev. Pearly Brown, 1915-1986, Georgia Ray Brown, 1914-1998, Marietta, Georgia, ex-Tennessee James Cales, Sandstone, West Virginia John N. Callahan, 1895-1981, Birmingham, Alabama Peter Christensen, West Virginia, ex-Tennessee William T. Connor, 1927-1980, Durham, North Carolina, ex-Maryland Roy Crawford, 1934-, Alabama Clifton Creel, 1914-1999, Bessemer, Alabama Aver Crider, 1900-1995, Bessemer, Alabama Preston Crider, Bessemer, Alabama Jeff Dalton, Greer, South Carolina, ex-Kentucky Gary A. Davis, 1963-, Hixon, Tennessee Jewell Deason, 1909-1991, Bessemer, Alabama John Henry Demps, 1926-2011, Sparta, Tennessee Cannon Doss, 1904-1982, Bessemer, Alabama Robert Douglas, 1900-2001, Tennessee Nick P. Dovellos, 1924-, Tarpon Springs, Florida, ex-Greece Daniel Dugas, 1945-2000, St. Martinville, Louisiana Ozie Leonard Emanuel, 1904-1982, Godwin, North Carolina Edwin Fairconnetue, 1911-1979, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi John B. Floyd, 1924-1985, Durham, North Carolina Rudolph Floyd, 1933-, Durham, North Carolina Eva Fontenot, 1924-1984, Eunice, Louisiana Rudolph Fountain, 1918-1986, Bessemer, Alabama Dow Gill, 1924-, Sandstone, West Virginia Columbus Guffin, 1932-2006, Memphis, Tennessee Nola Guidry, Louisiana Sidney Guidry, Louisiana Queenie Hall, 1938-, Alberta, Alabama Gertrude Henson, 1922-2002, Gaffney, South Carolina, ex-North Carolina Diane Hickson, Tallahassee, Florida Agnes Hocutt, 1911-1996, Bessemer, Alabama John Hocutt, 1903-1997, Bessemer, Alabama Claudie Lee Holt, 1920-, Birmingham, Alabama Arthur Jackson "Peg Leg Sam", 1911-1977, Jonesville, South Carolina Nelvin Kilpatrick, 1919-, Arlington, Tennessee Vinus Lejeune, 1919-1993, Louisiana Lionel Leleux, 1912-1996, Kaplan, Louisiana Lawrence Lewis, 1914-2000, Memphis, Tennessee, ex-Louisiana Walter "Furry" Lewis, 1895-1981, Memphis, Tennessee, ex-Mississippi William R. Millsaps, Greer, South Carolina John Mitchell, 1895-1978, Arlington, Tennessee Ethel Mohamed, 1907-1992, Mississippi Don Montoucet, Lafayette, Louisiana Mitchell Moser, Greer, South Carolina, ex-Virginia James Frazier Moss, 1910-, Cookville, Tennessee Richard Benjamin Moss, 1898-1991, Hayesville, North Carolina, ex-Georgia Jackie Noto, Louisiana, Mississippi Henry Herman Oliver, 1909-1993, Goldsboro, North Carolina J.T. Perkins, 1927-, Arab, Alabama Frank Pickett, 1890-1984, Madison, Alabama Rev. Leon Pinson, 1919-1998, Mississippi Frank Poinsette, 1934-, Durham, North Carolina, ex-South Carolina Elton Quibideaux, Kaplan, Louisiana Loretta Ann Rigdon, Bessemer, Alabama Patricia A. Rigdon, Bessemer, Alabama Patricia E. Rigdon, Bessemer, Alabama William B. Rigdon, 1931-1995, Bessemer, Alabama Jacob Schultz, 1899-1989, New Caney, Texas, ex-Alabama J.C. Schultz, Freeport, Texas Buford Smith Jr., 1961-, Louisiana Clara Smith, 1908-2003, Bessemer, Alabama Ernest Archer Smith, 1896-1993, North Fort Myers, Florida, ex-Georgia Virgil Smith, Bessemer, Alabama Houston Stackhouse, 1910-1980, Memphis, Tennessee, ex-Mississippi Carl Story, 1916-1995, Greer, South Carolina, ex-North Carolina Napoleon Strickland, 1919-2001, Como, Mississippi Jimmy Sudduth, 1910-2007, Fayette, Alabama Algie Vardaman Surratt, 1927-1983, Birmingham, Alabama, ex-Mississippi Ellouise Taillac, 1914-2007, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi John Isah Thatch, 1937-, Madison, Alabama Martha Lavurne Thatch, 1950-, Madison, Alabama Charlotte Tracey, 1904-2005, Gaffney, South Carolina, ex-North Carolina Walter Tyler, Durham, North Carolina Curtis C. Waterfield, 1926-, Knotts Island, North Carolina, ex-Virginia Curtis W. Waterfield, 1953-, Knotts Island, North Carolina, ex-Virginia Luther J. Weeks, 1932-1994, Dalton, Georgia Carrie Wilkins, 1929-, Memphis, Tennessee, Arkansas Joe Willie Wilkins, 1923-1981, Memphis, Tennessee, ex-Mississippi Howard Williams, Cleveland, Mississippi Joseph Lee Williams, 1903-, Crawford, Mississippi Rev. North L. Williams, 1925-, Tallahassee, Florida, ex-Alabama Ralph Williams, 1922-, Rossville, Georgia Estelle Witherspoon, 1916-1998, Alberta, Alabama Nettie Young, 1917-2010, Alberta, Alabama The Upland South -- Jonathan Averill, 1949-, West Virginia, ex-California Elva Ayers, 1909-1981, Sandstone, ex-West Virginia Charles Leslie Bailey, 1916-2004, Adamstown, Pennsylvania, ex-Tennessee Danny Bailey, 1918-2004, Knoxville, Tennessee Donald H. Baker, 1944-, Norton, Virginia Estil C. Ball, 1913-1978, Grassy Creek, North Carolina, ex-Virginia Orna Ball, 1907-2000, Grassy Creek, North Carolina, ex-Virginia Nema Belcher, 1917-2001, Elkview, West Virginia Peggy Jean Black, 1935-, North Carolina Pearl Bowling, 1897-1988, Blaine, Tennessee Phyllis Boyens, 1947-2009, Charleston, West Virginia Glen Branscum, 1928-2011, Onie, Arkansas, ex-Oklahoma Flora Brock, 1913-1997, Newnata, Arkansas, ex-Mississippi Elizabeth O. Brown, 1956-, Princeton, West Virginia, ex-Virginia James Cales, Sandstone, West Virginia Jerry Calvert, Morehead, Kentucky Brenda Carper, 1943-, Princeton, West Virginia Fred Carper, 1941-, Princeton, West Virginia Martha Chandler, 1925-1989, Marshall, North Carolina Peter Christensen, West Virginia, ex-Tennessee Virginia D. Clayborne, 1929-1990, Linden, Tennessee Buell Cobb, 1944-, Carrollton, Georgia, Alabama Kyle Creed, 1912-1982, Galax, Virginia, ex-North Carolina Percy Danforth, 1900-1992, Ann Arbor, Michigan, ex-Washington, D.C. James E. Davis, 1926-, Mountain View, Arkansas Samuel A. Davis, 1932-, Pleasant Grove, Arkansas Hazel Dickens, Washington, D.C., ex-Virginia James Earnest Dillon, 1889-1983, Beaver, West Virginia Wilson B. Douglas, 1922-1999, Maysel, West Virginia Olen Fendley, 1910-1993, Leslie, Arkansas Retha Fendley, 1916-2004, Leslie, Arkansas J.W. Finney, 1923-1996, Hazelwood, North Carolina Christine Flinn, 1945-2005, North Carolina, ex-Indiana Dow Gill, 1924-, Sandstone, West Virginia Earl Walter Gilmore, 1924-2000, Clinchco, Virginia, ex-North Carolina Blanche Griffith, 1906-1986, Sod, West Virginia Sarah Ogan Gunning, 1910-1983, Hart, Michigan, ex-Kentucky William Taylor Henry, 1929-, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, ex-Kentucky Sallie Higgins, 1915-2004, Newnata, Arkansas Delbert Hughes, 1905-1982, Ohley, West Virginia, ex-Kentucky Thomas Hal Hunter, 1919-1993, Mars Hill, North Carolina Martha Lee Hyatt, 1929-, Canton, North Carolina William Otmer Iman, 1904-1987, Charleston, West Virginia Alberta P. Johnson, 1910-2011, East Bank, West Virginia, ex-Pennsylvania Elva E. Johnson, 1896-, Meadow Creek, West Virginia, ex-Virginia Janette Carter Kelley, 1923-2006, Hiltons, Virginia Aileen H. King, 1932-, Canton, North Carolina Floyd F. King, 1930-2004, Canton, North Carolina Jeff Kiser, 1954-, Whitesburg, Kentucky James E. Kitchens, 1912-1979, Cardova, Alabama Hugh Winfred McGraw, 1931-, Temple, Georgia Thomas Buford McGraw, 1911-1982, Mt. Zion, Georgia Robert A. McCoy, 1945-, Williamsburg, West Virginia Robert McMillon, 1951-, Lenoir, North Carolina Annie Estelle Monk, West Virginia Fate Morrison, 1905-, Arkansas Marvin Morrison, 1961-, Austin, Arkansas, ex-Kansas Richard Morrison, Arkansas, ex-Kansas Debbie Norton, 1961-, Marshall, North Carolina Dellie Norton, 1898-1993, Marshall, North Carolina Phoeba Parsons, 1908-2001, Orma, West Virginia A.L. (Arthur Leroy) Phipps, 1916-1995, Barbourville, Kentucky Helene Phipps, Barbourville, Kentucky Kathleen Phipps, Barbourville, Kentucky Leemon Phipps, Barbourville, Kentucky Barbara Ann Powell, 1937-, Timbo, Arkansas, ex-Missouri Nunnie Lee Presson, 1897-1977, Linden, Tennessee Evelyn Ramsey, 1925-2001, Marshall, North Carolina John S. Ramsey, 1939-, Auburn, Alabama Byard Ray, 1910-1988, Marshall, North Carolina Shelia Rice, 1953-, Marshall, North Carolina, ex-Tennessee Lesley Riddle, 1905-1979, Rochester, New York, ex-North Carolina Robert Robinson, 1950-, Waynesville, North Carolina Harvey George Sampson, 1909-1991, Nicut, West Virginia Calvin Sears, 1958-1994, Ivydale, West Virginia Bookmiller Shannon, 1908-1985, Timbo, Arkansas Dewey Shepherd, 1906-1996, David, Kentucky Mabel Augusta Smith, 1912-2001, Linden, Tennessee Toney Estes Smith, 1927-, Tuscaloosa, Alabama Von Bulow Smith, 1908-1985, Linden, Tennessee Michael Snyder, 1939-, Wymer, West Virginia Alberta Stanley, Virginia James Stanley, Virginia Alexander Stewart, 1891-, Blackwater, Virginia, ex-Tennessee Charles Summey, 1921-1991, Waynesville, North Carolina Dovis Symns, 1949-, Princeton, West Virginia Lou Booth Therrell, 1936-, Mars Hill, North Carolina, ex-Florida John Homer Walker, 1898-1980, Narrows, Virginia, ex-West Virginia Charlene Wallace, 1929-, Waco, Georgia Berzilla Wallin, 1892-1986, Marshall, North Carolina Cas Wallin, 1903-1992, Marshall, North Carolina Dudley Wilson, 1954-, Whitesburg, Kentucky, ex-North Carolina Jacquelyn Wilson, 1953-, Virginia Melvin Wine, 1909-2003, Copen, West Virginia George Wolfe, 1933-, Gallagher, West Virginia George Washington Woodard, 1906-1984, Gadsden, Alabama Martha Ann Woodard, 1913-2005, Gadsden, Alabama Chester Davis Wootten, 1910-1988, Flatrock, Alabama Freeman Edward Wootten, 1921-2001, Ider, Alabama James Carnice Wootten, 1918-1986, Ider, Alabama Nimrod Workman, 1895-1994, Chattaroy, West Virginia, ex-Kentucky Erle C. Wright, Jr., 1944-, Wise, Virginia Bobby Younger, 1941-, Mountain View, Arkansas Samuel Younger, 1926-, Mountain View, Arkansas The Heartland Billy J. Abell, 1925-2013, McPherson, Kansas, ex-Texas David R. Adair, 1933-2010, Tulsa, Oklahoma Geraldine Baker, Belcourt, North Dakota Henry Baker, Belcourt, North Dakota Kepka Belton, Kansas Bob Brown, Lebanon, Missouri Lucille M. Brubacher, 1921-2006, Newton, Kansas, ex-Texas Royce Campbell, 1923-1996, Langley, Oklahoma Gene Chipman, 1909-1988, Perry, Missouri John H. Clawson, 1913-1987, Okemah, Oklahoma, ex-Texas Brenda Coker, 1949-, Tulsa, Oklahoma Bill Collins, Missouri Elzey Collins, 1892-1986, Dora, Missouri Max Collins, 1916-2001, Shawnee, Oklahoma Webb S. Collins, 1914-1999, Shawnee, Oklahoma Timothy R. Daniels, 1948-, Cedar Rapids, Iowa John D. Dednam, St. Louis, Missouri Vivian Dednam, St. Louis, Missouri Greek Ellick, Kansas, Oklahoma David W. Gaines, 1952-, Dixon, Missouri Arthur Goering, 1910-1999, Newton, Kansas Paul P. Goering, 1903-1999, Moundridge, Kansas Clarence E. Gourd, 1926-, Des Moines, Iowa Weldon D. Gourd, 1931-2013, Iowa Farrell Gourneau, St. John, North Dakota Sandra Gourneau, St. John, North Dakota Buster Grass, 1928-2003, Bethany, Oklahoma, ex-Kansas Joyce E. Grimes, 1905-1996, Elgin, Iowa, ex-Minnesota Riley Grimes, Iowa Jack Hakethorn, Missouri Jerry R. Hart, 1931-1992, Midwest City, Oklahoma Charles W. Heath, 1902-, King City, Missouri Albert Heselmeyer, Taylor, Texas Patric S. Ireland, 1954-, Kansas City, Kansas George P. Jackson, 1920-, Kansas City, Missouri, ex-Mississippi Jacqueline D. Jackson, 1932-2003, St. Louis, Missouri Cecil W. Johnson, 1911-1991, Shawnee, Oklahoma Doris Johnson, Luray, Kansas Ed Johnson, North Dakota Bill L. Jones, 1926-, Dixon, Missouri Carol D. Jones, 1940-, Dixon, Missouri Mona Jones, 1937-, Dixon, Missouri Meta Juhnke, 1916-1996, McPherson, Kansas Richard Kohl, Perry, Missouri Carl Krehbiel, 1896-1994, Moundridge, Kansas Ernest M. Krehbiel, 1900-1988, Moundridge, Kansas Jimmy La Rocque, Belcourt, North Dakota Bertil I. Malm, 1910-1995, Rosholt, South Dakota Myrtle Malm, 1908-1998, Rosholt, South Dakota Ralph McCraw, 1917-1998, Tecumseh, Oklahoma Ray McCraw, 1912-1990, Norman, Oklahoma Harriet McClurg, 1917-1983, Newell, Iowa Emmet McWoods, 1930-2005, St. Louis, Missouri Floyd Midgett, 1936-, Langley, Oklahoma Alex Morin, Belcourt, North Dakota Bernt Odegard, 1903-1997, Erskine, Minnesota Jimmy Parisien, Belcourt, North Dakota Rosemary Parisien, Belcourt, North Dakota Dennis Pash, 1954-, Kansas City, Kansas Agnes Poitra, 1924-1999, Belcourt, North Dakota Leon Poitra, 1922-2003, Belcourt, North Dakota Zella Jackson Price, St. Louis, Missouri John Purk, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Ida Sacquinta, 1901-, Decorah, Iowa Kevin A. Sanders, 1954-, Kansas City, Kansas Ester Schmidt, 1932-, Newton, Kansas Ellen E. Schrag, 1925-1996, Moundridge, Kansas Roy Searcy, 1919-2000, Kansas City, Missouri, ex-Mississippi Willie J. Smith, 1929-2003, St. Louis, Missouri Willie Mae Ford Smith, 1904-1994, St. Louis, Missouri Vernon E. Spooner, 1924-1991, Casselton, North Dakota George Strimska, 1931-2003, Bartlett, Texas Patrick Strimska, Bartlett, Texas Thomas Strimska, Bartlett, Texas Bloyd Jerome Talge, 1906-1992, Erskine, Minnesota Edith Thiesen, Collinsville, Oklahoma Henry Townsend, 1909-2006, St. Louis, Missouri, ex-Mississippi Vernell Townsend, 1930-1995, St. Louis, Missouri, ex-Arkansas Vernes M. Trandem, 1919-1993, Erskine, Minnesota Genevieve M. Trinka, 1923-2010, Lidgerwood, North Dakota Anton Vacura, 1913-1987, Jennings, Kansas Eva Marie Vacura, 1926-2006, Jennings, Kansas Monroe Veach, 1896-, Trenton, Missouri Darrel Vik, 1943-, South Dakota Sandra Vik, South Dakota Alfred Vrazel, Buckholts, Texas Anton Vrazel, Buckholts, Texas Delbert Wedel, Hesston, Kansas Dennis Wengert, 1942-1980, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Lonnie O. Wilson, 1921-2002, Norman, Oklahoma Rebecca A. Worthington, 1945-, Tulsa, Oklahoma The Great West Grant Wesley Ader, 1925-1978, Midvale, Idaho Karen Lynn Ader, 1946-, Weiser, Idaho Wanona E. Ader, 1924-, Midvale, Idaho, ex-Missouri Wendell Ader, 1944-, Midvale, Idaho Kenneth Atwood, Utah Geraldine Baker, Belcourt, North Dakota Henry Baker, Belcourt, North Dakota Roger B. Baker, 1938-, Ontario, Oregon, ex-Idaho James LeRoy Beebe, 1898-1984, Townsend, Montana Helen Boyd, Ottumwa, South Dakota Jean Louise Bunch, Durkee, Oregon Scott N. Carter, 1953-, Miles City, Montana Jose Ciscar, Ely, Nevada Nels Clang, Broken Bow, Nebraska John Craft, 1919-1996, Nampa, Idaho, ex-Texas Daniel E. Dasovich, 1928-1977, Omaha, Nebraska Daniel L. Dasovich, Omaha, Nebraska Nellie Doke, 1908-2003, Ephraim, Utah Ann Dorthy, Montana, ex-Michigan Ed G. Dorthy, Montana, ex-Iowa Charles Dougal, 1919-1998, Jordan Valley, Oregon, ex-Idaho Frankie C. Dougal, 1918-, Jordan Valley, Oregon Pete Drakulich, 1926-1998, Bellevue, Nebraska Flora M. Duncan, 1923-, Orem, Utah Gaile Duncan, 1960-, Orem, Utah Alain Erdocaincy, 1959-, San Francisco, California Clifford T. Flaten, 1909-2000, Boise, Idaho, ex-North Dakota Mary Forsea, Richland, Oregon Robert Forsea, 1918-2001, Richland, Oregon Forrest Fretwell, 1940-, Jordan Valley, Oregon David R. Frisbie, 1944-, Emmett, Idaho George B. German, 1902-1991, Yankton, South Dakota, ex-Illinois Farrell Gourneau, North Dakota Sandra Gourneau, North Dakota Leean Mower Gray, 1943-, Orem, Utah Tessie Groth, 1904-1985, Miles City, Montana, ex-Canada Michael Hanley, 1941-, Jordan Valley, Oregon Barbara Hanson, 1937-, New Plymouth, Idaho, ex-California Harold Albert Hanson, 1963-, New Plymouth, Idaho Kenny Hanson, 1937-, New Plymouth, Idaho Tena Hanson, New Plymouth, Idaho John Hanzek, 1919-1997, Omaha, Nebraska Catherine M. Hardman, 1925-, Orem, Utah Charlene Hardman, 1945-, Orem, Utah Fred Haun, 1897-1982, Weiser, Idaho, ex-Russia Claudia J. Holmes, 1930-, Midvale, Idaho Dennis K. Holmes, Midvale, Idaho Phyllis Anne Holmes, 1932-, Cambridge, Idaho Thomas E. Holmes, 1923-, Midvale, Idaho William Kenneth Holmes, 1930-2000, Cambridge, Idaho Denise Marie Inda, 1961-, Reno, Nevada Janet Inda, Nevada Mike Jergovic, 1918-2008, Omaha, Nebraska Ed Johnson, North Dakota Leona Johnson, Belcourt, North Dakota Charles R. Kirby, Baker, Oregon Gayle M. Kirby, Baker, Oregon Lavaughn Kirby, 1912-1995, Baker, Oregon Verdell Skinner Kirby, 1906-1989, Baker, Oregon Jimmy La Rocque, Belcourt, North Dakota Bryan McClure, Oregon, Washington David McClure, 1950-, Spokane, Washington Vernon L. McClure, 1921-2009, Midvale, Idaho Vivian I. McClure, 1922-2006, Midvale, Idaho Leota McKnight, 1917-1992, Nampa, Idaho Mack Medakovich, 1912-1982, Council Bluffs, Iowa Clara Meldrum, 1904-2000, Utah Alex Morin, Belcourt, North Dakota Bonnie Morrey, 1960-, Orem, Utah Geneal M. Morrey, 1927-, Orem, Utah Geraldine Mower, 1922-2009, Provo, Utah Sivert O. Mysse, 1922-2004, Ingomar, Montana Bonnie Lee Nielson, 1937-, Ephraim, Utah Jimmy Parisien, North Dakota Rosemary Parisien, North Dakota Charles Pettis, 1900-1980, Broken Bow, Nebraska D. Peter Plechas, Omaha, Nebraska Agnes Poitra, 1924-1999, North Dakota Leon Poitra, 1922-2003, North Dakota Ken Putnam, 1955-, South Dakota Bernard D. Rasmusson, 1930-2003, Polson, Montana Luke Rollins, 1891-1977, Midvale, Idaho, ex-Oregon John E. Sawyer, 1925-, Pinegrove, Montana, ex-Illinois Benhard Setram, 1903-1999, Billings, Montana, ex-South Dakota Vivian L. Shepard, 1919-2001, Payette, Idaho, ex-Montana Vivian Skeans, 1948-, Boise, Idaho, ex-Oregon Darrell Stykes, 1922-, Meridian, Idaho Siguald Tueden, Montana, North Dakota Elise O. Van Decar, Oregon Lewis Carl Watson, 1911-1979, Ingomar, Montana, ex-Colorado Roberta Whiting, 1958-, Nampa, Idaho James W. Widner, 1924-, Darby, Montana, Wyoming Jess L. Williams, 1892-, Lincoln, Nebraska Dixie Wilmarth, Oxbow, Oregon, Idaho Everett Wilmarth, 1929-1998, Oxbow, Oregon, ex-Idaho Carl Wilson, 1911-1988, Miles City, Montana, ex-Colorado The Pacific Northwest Sandra Abolins, 1959-, Seattle, Washington Ingrida Avotins, 1957-, Seattle, Washington Steven Bartow, 1951-, Grants Pass, Oregon George T. Beaman, 1907-1984, Yuba City, California Janis Beisans, 1952-, Seattle, Washington Steven Bennett, 1959-, Eugene, Oregon, ex-California Robert Bojarcas, 1943-, Oregon Steve Brewer, 1953-, Red Bluff, California Theodore M. Bryant, 1926-, Eugene, Oregon Brenda Caffrey, 1960-, San Francisco, California James Caffrey, 1958-, San Francisco, California Patricia Caffrey, 1956-, San Francisco, California Thomas J. Caffrey, 1919-1996, San Francisco, California, ex-Arkansas Cynthia Chang, California Thomas Chin, California Walter H. Christiansen, 1908-1991, Oakridge, Oregon, ex-California Francis Clay, 1923-2008, San Francisco, California, ex-Illinois Duane Coop, 1921-2009, Oregon Jean Coop, 1932-, Creswell, Oregon Julie Eng, California Ronald Fong, California Jane Forrester, Idleyld Park, Oregon Michael Forrester, 1947-, Idleyld Park, Oregon Robert Freimanis, 1911-2000, Seattle, Washington, ex-U.S.S.R. Bettie F. Gibson, 1943-, Veneta, Oregon, ex-Virginia Ronald O. Gibson, 1940-1983, Veneta, Oregon Stanley A. Gonshorowski, 1919-1997, Eugene, Oregon, ex-North Dakota Charles E. Griffin, 1926-1999, Olympia, Washington Pauline E. Griffin, 1933-, Olympia, Washington Eric A. Halberg, 1941-, Warren, Oregon Pat Halberg, 1942-, Warren, Oregon Anna L. Hoerster, Oregon John H. Hoerster, 1901-1977, Rogue River, Oregon James B. Hoots, 1918-1996, Ashland, Oregon, ex-Illinois James K. Hulsey, Oregon, ex-Washington Mayhorn Itha, 1912-1985, Brentwood, California, ex-Texas Marshall P. Jackson, 1911-1983, Gresham, Oregon, ex-North Dakota Marita Jansevics, Seattle, Washington, ex-Colorado Benita Jaundaldris, 1962-, Seattle, Washington Cora A. Johnson, 1913-1986, Livermore, California, ex-Texas Harry O. Johnson, 1921-2010, Bothell, Washington, ex-North Dakota Jim Johnson, 1943-1998, San Jose, California Louise Johnson, San Jose, California Patricia Lew, California Phillip Li, California Calvin E. Long, San Diego, California Gary D. Lorentzen, 1949-, Astoria, Oregon Sherry L. Lorentzen, 1948-, Astoria, Oregon Glen Lum, California Georgia L. Maki, 1909-2004, Astoria, Oregon Liko Martin, Kauai, Hawaii Milton F. Mayfield, 1937-, Oregon Peter Medeiros, Honolulu, Hawaii John H. Miller, 1921-1995, Roseburg, Oregon Mary G. Miller, 1930-, Roseburg, Oregon Bryant C. Minor, 1917-2000, Modesto, California, ex-Oklahoma Maxine Minor, Modesto, California, ex-Arkansas Russell E. Modrell, 1916-1995, Terrebonne, Oregon, ex-Idaho Willie Moore, 1929-, Emeryville, California, ex-Louisiana Alice K. Namakelua, 1892-1987, Hawaii Jerry Nicholson, Seattle, Washington Lisa Nicholson, 1916-, Seattle, Washington Julian O'Bryant, 1928-, Veneta, Oregon, ex-Oklahoma Irene A. Olson, 1944-, Seattle, Washington, ex-Latvia Wallace S. Olson, 1940-, Seattle, Washington, ex-Virginia Walter J. Osborne, 1918-1986, Prineville, Oregon, ex-California Joseph F. Pancerzewski, 1905-1991, Enumclaw, Washington, ex-Minnesota Margaret Pang, Honolulu, Hawaii Raymond Pang, Honolulu, Hawaii Bill Parrish, Redwood, California, ex-New Mexico Inez Parrish, 1911-1991, Redwood, California, ex-Texas Ray E. Poppe, 1931-, Skamokawa, Washington, ex-Wisconsin Keith Poppert, 1937-, Wasilla, Alaska, ex-Colorado Virgil Poppert, 1910-1997, Wasilla, Alaska, ex-Colorado William W. Puustinen, 1903-1995, Oregon, ex-Finland Robert Quam, 1943-, Cloverdale, California, ex-North Dakota Reinis Ritelis, 1942-, Seattle, Washington, ex-Latvia Louis C. Robinson, 1915-1976, Berkeley, California, ex-Texas Martins Rubenis, 1957-, Seattle, Washington Hugh Samples, 1903-1987, Central Point, Oregon, West Virginia Dorothy Seay, 1916-1993, King City, California, ex-Texas Herman Seay, 1913-2002, King City, California, ex-Texas Homer Shamblin, 1907-1994, Pleasanton, California, ex-Texas Iris Shamblin, 1910-2001, Pleasanton, California, ex-Texas James Sisler, Kodiak, Alaska Clarence E. Smith, 1940-, Oakland, California, ex-Texas James Soong, California Keith Steele, 1929-1995, Leaburg, Oregon Elaine Sylvia, California Ron Sylvia, California, Massachusetts Robert H. Waibel, 1934-, Sweet Home, Oregon Raymond E. Willis, 1901-1995, Springfield, Oregon, ex-Missouri Adam J. Wleklinski, 1908-1986, Renton, Washington, ex-Germany Irena Wleklinski, Renton, Washington William R. Yohey, 1919-1991, McMinneville, Oregon, ex-Nebraska Janina Zutis, 1939-, Seattle, Washington The Pacific Southwest Sam Agins, Arizona, Colorado Luis Armendáriz, Presidio, Texas Eural Bake, 1909-2001, Prescott, Arizona, ex-Utah Nila Mary Bake, 1919-1997, Prescott, Arizona, ex-Idaho Everett Brisendine, 1906-1996, Chino Valley, Arizona, ex-Oklahoma Francisco Castro, California Sam Chatmon, 1899-1983, El Cajon, California, ex-Mississippi Francis Clay, 1923-2008, San Francisco, California, ex-Illinois Duane Coop, 1921-2009, Oregon Harry Leandro Cordova, 1947-, Truchas, New Mexico Porfirio Cordova, 1926-2009, New Mexico Rosanna Cordova, 1926-1996, New Mexico Danny Cruz, charro, Los Nietos, California Tom Cruz, California Van Cunningham, 1896-1984, fiddler, Bodfish, California Fredrick Dolby, Jr., Texas Willie J. Dolby, Texas Gary Dunshee, Alpine, Texas Eugene Enis, 1953-, Tucson, Arizona Gerald Enis, 1961-, Tucson, Arizona Marvin Enis, 1956-, Tucson, Arizona Francis J. Enriquez, Sells, Arizona Alfredo Figueroa, singer, guitarist, Blythe, California Ervin Garcia, 1934-, Tucson, Arizona Alicia Gonzales, paper crafts, Los Angeles, California Margarita Gutierrez, California Van Holyoak, 1928-1980, Arizona John M. Hughes, 1909-1998, Clifton, Arizona Stella F. Hughes, 1916-, Clifton, Arizona, ex-Oklahoma Mayhorn Itha, 1912-1985, Brentwood, California, ex-Texas Rex Ivey, 1950-, Alpine, Texas Robert Ernest Lee Jeffery, 1915-1976, blues pianist, San Diego, California Martha A. Jennings, 1938-2007, Thatcher, Arizona, ex-Arkansas Sharon Lee Jennings, 1962-, Thatcher, Arizona, ex-Kansas Tommy R. Jennings, 1940-2003, Thatcher, Arizona Jesus Manuel Jimenez, Presidio, Texas Cora A. Johnson, 1913-1986, Livermore, California, ex-Texas Jim Johnson, 1943-1998, San Jose, California Louise Johnson, San Jose, California Jon A. Knudtson, 1945-, Yuma, Arizona, ex-Minnesota Clarence Langen, 1911-1990, Thatcher, Arizona, ex-New Brunswick Mrs. Clarence Langen, Thatcher, Arizona Calvin E. Long, San Diego, California David Luckow, 1945-2003, Tucson, Arizona, ex-California Benjamin Maestas, Taos, New Mexico Felipe Mares, 1908-1978, New Mexico Lucy Mares, 1917-2001, New Mexico Jose Martinez, California Dave McEnery, 1914-2002, Nashville, Tennessee, ex-Texas Bryant Minor, California, ex-Oklahoma Maxine Minor, California, ex-Arkansas Willie Moore, 1929-, Emeryville, California, ex-Louisiana Bill Neely, 1916-1990, Austin, Texas Carmen Orozco, 1921-, Redford, Texas Bill Parrish, California, New Mexico Inez Parrish, California, ex-Texas Danial Raya, California Louis C. Robinson, California, ex-Texas Victor Romero, California Juanita Saludado, singer, Earlimart, California Don Jésus Sanchez, 1910-1983, violinist, Los Angeles, California Dorothy Seay, California, Texas Herman Seay, California, Texas Homer Shamblin, 1907-1994, Pleasanton, California, ex-Texas Iris Shamblin, 1910-2001, Pleasanton, California, ex-Texas Clarence E. Smith, 1940-, Oakland, California, ex-Texas Lorence L. Smith, Colorado Elaine Sylvia, California Ron Sylvia, California, ex-Massachusetts Elizabeth Rose Tea, 1920-, Clifton, Arizona Pablo Trujillo, 1916-, New Mexico Florentino Urias, Presidio, Texas Jose Urias, Texas, Presidio, Texas Maria Velasquez, California Ossie White, California Roscoe White, California Jesse Wright, California Jimmy Wright, singer, Fresno, California Walter Wright, singer, Fresno, California William Wright, 1914-1982, singer, Selma, California
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