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Seeger, Mike, 1933-2009  Search this
Paley, Tom  Search this
Schwarz, Tracy  Search this
Rosenbaum, Art  Search this
Jabbour, Alan  Search this
Thompson, Tommy, 1937-2003  Search this
Martin, Reed, (Banjoist)  Search this
Gerrard, Alice, 1934-  Search this
Cahan, Andy  Search this
Sutphin, Kirk  Search this
Holt, David  Search this
Watson, Doc  Search this
Leftwich, Brad  Search this
Higginbotham, Linda  Search this
Carlin, Bob  Search this
Flippen, Benton  Search this
Brown, Paul, 1952-  Search this
MacBride, Larry  Search this
Shimberg, Joe and Kathy  Search this
Gellert, Dan  Search this
Ornstein, Lisa  Search this
Stefanini, Rafe  Search this
Woodring, Woody  Search this
Honig, Peter  Search this
Read, Sue  Search this
Hyman, Judy  Search this
Stearns, Ritchie  Search this
New Lost City Ramblers  Search this
Schwarz's Family Band  Search this
Hollow Rock String Band  Search this
Highwoods String Band  Search this
Hotmud Family (Musical group)  Search this
Deseret String Band  Search this
New Tranquility String Band  Search this
Arm and Hammer String Band  Search this
Swamp Opera (Musical group)  Search this
Fly by Night String Band  Search this
Canebrake Rattlers  Search this
Round Peak Band  Search this
Old Hollow Stringband.  Search this
Lazy Aces String Band.  Search this
Jubilo String Band  Search this
Rhythm Gorillas  Search this
Dr. Bubba's OK Bayou Dance Band  Search this
Double Decker Stringband  Search this
Critton Hollow Stringband  Search this
Otis Brothers  Search this
Red Mules (Musical group)  Search this
Indian Creek Delta Boys.  Search this
Half Shaved (Musical group)  Search this
Hurricane Ridgerunners (Musical group)  Search this
Hardtack and Pig's Feet  Search this
Chicken Chokers (Musical group)  Search this
Tompkins County Horseflies (Musical group)  Search this
Plank Road String Band.  Search this
Agents of Terra  Search this
Collection Creator:
Rinzler, Ralph  Search this
1 Phonograph record (analog, 33 1/3 rpm, 12 in.)
Americans  Search this
Canadians  Search this
Anglo-American  Search this
French-Canadians  Search this
Archival materials
Phonograph records
Appalachian Region, Southern -- Songs and music
United States
New York
North Carolina
Washington (D.C.)
West Virginia
New Jersey
Seattle (Wash.)
Québec (Québec)
Québec (Province)
Charlottesville (Va.)
Track Information:
101 Then It Won't Hurt No More / New Lost City Ramblers, Mike Seeger, Tom Paley. Banjo,Guitar,Fiddle. English language. 102 I Want You So Near / Schwarz's Family Band, Tracy Schwarz. English language. 103 Po' Boy / Art Rosenbaum. Banjo. English language. 104 Betty Likens / Hollow Rock String Band, Alan Jabbour, Tommy Thompson. Banjo,Guitar,Fiddle. English language. 105 Sheep Shall Corn by the Rattling of His Horn / Highwoods String Band.. Banjo,Guitar,Fiddle. English language. 106 Take Me Back to My Old North Carolina Home / Hotmud Family (Musical group). Banjo,Guitar,Fiddle. English language. 107 Off to California / Reed Martin. Banjo. English language. 108 Good Indian / Deseret String Band. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 108 Cutting at the Point / Deseret String Band. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 109 Weary Blues from Waiting / Alice Gerrard, Andy Cahan. Fiddle. English language. 110 Dubuque / New Tranquility String Band. Banjo,Fiddle,Mandolin. English language. 201 The Shopping Song / Arm and Hammer String Band. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 202 Fort Smith Breakdown / Swamp Opera (Musical group). Guitar,Fiddle. English language. 203 Boy Them Buzzards are Flying / Fly by Night String Band. Guitar,Fiddle. English language. 204 Goodbye My Honey I am Gone / Canebrake Rattlers. Guitar,Fiddle,Mandolin. English language. 205 Pretty Little Gal / Round Peak Band. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 206 Twinkle Little Star / Old Hollow Stringband., Kirk Sutphin. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 207 The Bible's True / Lazy Aces String Band.. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 208 Rain Crow Bill / David Holt, Doc Watson. Banjo,Guitar. English language. 209 Jenny on the Railroad / Jubilo String Band. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 210 My Eyes Grow Dimmer Each Day / Rhythm Gorillas. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 301 Drunken Hiccups / Brad Leftwich, Linda Higginbotham. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 302 Mes Parents Veulent Plus Me Voir / Dr. Bubba's OK Bayou Dance Band. Fiddle,Accordion. English language. 303 Skunk in the Collard Patch / Double Decker Stringband. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 304 Oklahoma Rooster / Critton Hollow Stringband. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 305 Oh, the Lamb of God, The Lord Done Sanctified Me / Otis Brothers. Banjo,Guitar. English language. 306 Blind Steer in a Mudhole / Red Mules (Musical group). Guitar,Fiddle. English language. 307 Four and Twenty Blackbirds Dancing on a Fawnskin / Indian Creek Delta Boys.. Guitar,Fiddle. English language. 308 Tupelo Blues / Bob Carlin. Banjo. English language. 308 Let Me Fall / Benton Flippen, Paul Brown. Banjo. English language. 309 Sunny Home in Dixie / Half Shaved (Musical group), Larry MacBride. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 310 The Bumblebee in the Jug / Joe and Kathy Shimberg. Fiddle,Piano. English language. 311 Old Bangum / Dan Gellert. Banjo. English language. 401 Glory in the Meetinghouse / Hurricane Ridgerunners (Musical group). Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 402 Homage A Nos Racines / Lisa Ornstein. Fiddle,Piano. 403 High Yellow / Rafe Stefanini, Woody Woodring. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 404 Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss / Peter Honig, Sue Read. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 405 Safe Harbor Reel / Hardtack and Pig's Feet. Banjo,Fiddle,Harmonica. English language. 406 Chinkapin Hunting / Chicken Chokers (Musical group). Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 407 Oh Death / Tompkins County Horseflies (Musical group), Judy Hyman, Ritchie Stearns. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 408 Sail Away / Plank Road String Band.. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 408 George Booker / Plank Road String Band.. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 409 Every Breath You Take / Agents of Terra. Banjo,Fiddle. English language. 410 Who Throwed Lye on My Dog / Tompkins County Horseflies (Musical group). Banjo,Fiddle. English language.
Local Numbers:
FP-RINZ-LP-0267 Heritage.056
Publication, Distribution, Etc. (Imprint):
Heritage 1985
Country, bluegrass, folk, and old time music performed by various soloists and ensembles. Biographical notes on the performers, "The young fogies gazette" ([18] p. ; 36 cm.) inserted in container.
Restrictions on access. No duplication allowed listening and viewing for research purposes only.
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Ralph Rinzler papers and audio recordings, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections, Smithsonian Institution.
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