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Benn, Ben, 1884-  Search this
Archival materials
1915-1993, undated
Scope and Contents note:
Chronological professional and personal letters received by Ben Benn relating to exhibitions, affiliations with various artists' groups, and relationships with other artists and friends. Found are letters from Alfred Barr, Holger Cahill, Juliana Force, Sidney Geist, Kaj Klitgaard, Rowan and Irene LeCompte, Audrey McMahon, Elie and Viola Nadelman, Samuel Rosenblum, Harry Salpeter, and Hugh Stix, and various art galleries and museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Newark Museum, and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the Walker Art Center Also found is correspondence from containing letters from Hudson Walker and others, relating to Benn's one-man exhibition; included are price lists of Benn's paintings. See Appendix for list of notable correspondents from Series 2.1. and 2.3.
Appendix: Notable Correspondents from Series 2.1. and 2.3.:
Abbott, Jere, (See The Museum of Modern Art) American Artists' Congress, 1936 (1 letter) American British Art Center, 1944 (1 letter American Federation of the Arts, 1959 (1 letter) American Society of Painters, Sculptors, and Gravers, 1935-1936 (3 letters) American Society for Technion, Women's Division, Israel Institute of Technology, 1958 (4 letters) Anderson Galleries, The, 1922 (2 letters) Arden Studios, Inc., 1931 (1 letter) Art Appreciation Movement, 1942 Art For Living, 1949 (1 letter) Art USA, 1959 (2 letters) Artists Equity Association, 1951 (1 letter) Artists' Gallery, The, 1937-1956 (11 letters) Artists' and Sculptors' Division, Joint Distribution Committee, 1938 (1 letter) Artists for Victory, 1943 (1 letter) Artists Welfare Fund, Inc., 1973 (1 letter) Associated American Artists, 1942 (1 letter) Avery, Milton, 1930 (1 letter) Barr, Alfred A., 1953-1956 (2 letters): See also The Museum of Modern Art Baziotes, William, 1942 (1 letter) Beer-Monti, Federica, (See The Artists' Gallery) Bender, William H., 1968 (1 letter) Benton, Tom, undated (1 letter) Benton, Rita and Tom, 1925 (1 letter) Benton, Rita, 1926-1928, undated (2 letters) Biddle, George, 1949-1950 (3 letters) Bluemner, Oscar, 1918-1932 (2 letters) Blume, Peter, (See The National Institute of Arts and Letters) Board, Brewster, (See First Municipal Art Exhibition) Bourgeois Galleries, 1917-1918 (5 letters) Bourgeois, P., (See Bourgeois Galleries) Bourgeois, S., (See Bourgeois Galleries) Breckinridge, Mrs. Henry, (See City of New York, Municipal Art Committee) Brooklyn Museum, 1931-1932 (4 letters) Brown, George Lippincott, 1922 (1 letter) Brownell-Lamberston Galleries, 1930 (1 letter) Bruckel, Fred H., (See Montross Gallery) Bry, Edith, (See Artists' and Sculptors' Division, Joint Distribution Committee) Bummell, Peter, (See The Museum of Modern Art) Burck, Jacob, (See New Masses) Cahill, Holger, (See First Municipal Art Exhibition): See also Works Progress Administration/Federal Art Project Carmel, Hilda, (See Artists Welfare Fund) Chidsey, Alan C., 1937 (1 letter) City of New York, Municipal Art Committee, 1936 (3 letters) Coady, R.W., 1915-1918 (5 letters) Codry, Patrick, (See New Masses) Coffey, Katherine, (See The Newark Museum) Cohen, Mildred, (See College Art Association) College Art Association, 1932-1936 (5 letters; 1 press release) Committee of Five/League for American Citizenship, 1928 (1 letter) Corcoran Gallery of Art, The, 1938 (1 letter) Dasburg, Andrew, 1921, undated (2 letters) Educational Art Alliance, 1944 (1 letter) The Day, 1935 (1 letter) Egan, Charles, (See Egan Gallery) Egan Gallery, 1946 (1 letter) Elliott, James H., 1954 (1 letter) Fair Lawn Art Association, The, 1950 (1 letter) Ferargil Galleries, 1934 (1 letter) First Municipal Art Exhibition, 1934 (2 letters) Fisher, William, 1917-1925 (5 letters) Fitzgerald, Eleanor M., The Studio Theatre, 1941 (2 letters) Force, Juliana, (See Whitney Museum of American Art) Ford Foundation, The, 1958-1960 (7 letters) Forum Exhibition Committee, The, 1916 (6 letters) Fraser, Joseph T., (See The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts) Frueh, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred, 1916 (1 invitation) Frueh, Alfred, 1917 (1 invitation) Frueh, Giuliette, 1923 (1 letter) Geist, Sidney, 1939-1959 (35 letters) Gerdts, William H., (See The Newark Museum) Glassgold, C. Adolph, (See Whitney Museum of American Art) Goff, Carleton, (See Providence Art Club) Gollomb, Joseph, 1931, undated (2 letters) Goodyear, A. Conger, (See The Museum of Modern Art) Hale, Robert Beverly, (See The Metropolitan Museum of Art) Hamlin, Elizabeth, (See Brooklyn Museum) Hanna Ray, (See John Wanamaker New York) Harris, Ruth F., (See The New York Times) Hartley, Marsden, 1934 (1 postcard) Hellman, George, 1926-1927 (2 letters): See also The New Gallery Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, 1974 (1 letter) Horch, Louis L., (See Roerich Museum) Irvine, Rosalind, (See Whitney Museum of American Art) Johnston, E.M., (See Bourgeois Galleries) Katz, Harry, The Library of Congress, 1993 (1 letter) Kent, H.W., (See The Metropolitan Museum of Art) Klitgaard, Georgina and Kaj, 1920 (1 letter) Klitgaard, Kaj, 1921-1936, undated (8 letters) Korzenik, Lillian, (See American Society for Technion, Women's Division, Israel Institute of Technology Krasne, Bell, 1954-1955 (2 letters) Kruse, Alexander Z., 1941 (1 letter) Kuniyoshi, Yasuo, (See American Artists' Congress) LaGuardia, Fiorello, 1941 (1 letter) Lambertson, Dorothy, (See Brownell-Lambertson Galleries) Lang, Gladys V., (See The Metropolitan Museum of Art) Laurent, Robert, 1920 (1 letter) Lechay, James, 1971 (1 letter) LeCompte, Rowan, 1949-1953 (12 letters) LeCompte, Irene and Rowan, 1952-1967 (12 letters) LeCompte, Irene, 1951-1953 (4 letters) Lerner, Abram, (See Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden) Lewis, Robert, 1950-1952 (5 letters) Lowry, W. McNeill, (See The Ford Foundation) McBride, Henry, 1932 (1 letter) McCausland, Elizabeth, 1951 (1 letter) McKinney, Roland, (See Pepsi-Cola's Fifth Annual Art Competition): See also The Metropolitan Museum of Art McMahon, Audrey, (See College Art Association) Mallette, Alice, (See The Museum of Modern Art) Marantz, Evelyn, (See Art For Living) Marvel, Josiah P., The Springfield Museum of Art, 1932 (2 letters) Meeting Place, The, 1931, (2 letters) Metropolitan Museum of Art, The, 1939-1957 (8 letters) Miller, Ann, (See The Fair Lawn Art Association) Minnigerode, C. Powell, (See The Corcoran Gallery of Art) Montross Gallery, 1930 (1 letter) More, Hermon, (See Whitney Museum of American Art) Museum of Modern Art, The, 1931-1951, undated (5 letters) Musgrove, Louis, 1935-1954, undated (4 letters) Musgrove, Nonnie, 1963 (1 letter) Nadelman, Elie, 1915 (1 letter): in French Nadelman, Elie and Viola, 1921-1947, undated 6 letters) Nadelman, Viola, 1925-1929 (4 letters) National Society of American Art, 1934 (2 letters) Nestor, Bernard and Dudley Pratt, (See Seattle Art Museum) New Gallery, The, 1926-1927 (2 letters) New Masses, 1933 (3 letters) Newark Museum, The, 1958 (4 letters) New York Times, The, 1938-1957 (2 letters) Nordness, Lee, (See Art USA) Ostrowsky, Abbo, (See Educational Art Alliance) Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, The, 1942-1965 (3 letters) Pepsi-Cola's Fifth Annual Art Competition, 1948 (3 letters) Phillips Memorial Gallery, 1929 (1 letter) Providence Art Club, 1965 (3 letters) Rickey, George, 1936 (1 letter) Ritchie, Andrew C., (See The Museum of Modern Art) Robinson, Eleanor, (See Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.) Rockefeller, Mrs. John D., 1940 (1 letter) Roerich, Horch L., (See Roerich Museum) Roerich Museum, 1936 (1 letter) Rogovin, Howard, 1956 (4 letters) Rollins, Lloyd L., 1944 (3 letters): See also Works Progress Administration/Federal Art Project Ross, Sidney, (See Theatre in Art Exhibition) Rowan, Edward B., (See Treasury Department, Section of Painting and Sculpture) Saarinen, Aline B., (See The New York Times) Salpeter, Harry, (See Harry Salpeter Gallery, Inc.) Harry Salpeter Gallery, Inc., 1956-1961 (11 letters) Seattle Art Museum, 1933 (1 letter) Shahn, Ben, 1949 (1 letter) Slatkin, Charles E., (See Charles E. Slatkin Galleries) Charles E. Slatkin Galleries, Inc., 1959 (1 letter) Society of Independent Artists, The, 1923 (1 letter) Marie Sterner Fine Arts, 1930 (1 letter) Stix, Hugh, 1930-1960 (6 letters): See also The Artists' Gallery Theatre in Art Exhibition, 1932 (2 letters) Treasury Department, Section of Painting and Sculpture, 1934 (1 letter) Tschudy, Herbert B., (See Brooklyn Museum) Usher, Elizabeth, (See The Metropolitan Museum of Art) Van Deventer, S., Kröller-Müller Museum, 1924 (1 letter) Varian , Dorothy, 1937 (1 letter) Von Groschwitz, Gustave, (See Ferargil Galleries) Walker Art Center, 1953-1954 (17 letters) Walker, Hudson, 1948-1958 (6 letters): See also Hudson Walker Art Center Walkowitz, Abraham, 1928 (1 letter) John Wanamaker New York, 1934 (1 letter) Wehle, Harry B., (See The Metropolitan Museum of Art) Weichsel, John, The People's Guild, 1915 (1 letter) Whitney Museum of American Art (pre-1930: Whitney Studio Club), 1927-1950, undated (16 letters) Woodstock Artists Association, 1977 (1 letter) Works Progress Administration/Federal Art Project, 1935-1936 (2 letters) Wright, Willard Huntington, (See The Forum Exhibition Committee) Yiddisher Kultur Farband, 1951 (1 letter) Zorach, William, 1916 (1 letter) Notable Correspondents from Series 2.3: Velida Benn Correspondence, 1906-1963 Art Foundation, The, 1943 (Page proof of advertisement for Art News) Ashton, Dore, The New York Times, 1958 (1 letter) Avery, Sally, 1934 (1 letter) Benton, Rita, 1925 (2 letters) Bluemner, Oscar, undated (1 letter) Bouché, Louis, 1918 (2 letters) Champanier, Abram, 1933 (1 letter) City of New York, The, Department of Parks, 1915 (Permit to paint and sketch in the boroughs of Manhattan and Richmond) Columbia University, 1928-1929 (4 letters) Force, Juliana, 1933 (1 letter) Freeman, Anne, (See Juliana Force) Furlong, Tomás, 1909-1911 (3 letters; 1 letter in Spanish) Geist, Sidney, 1941-1949 (14 letters) Hartley, Marsden, 1934 (1 postcard, surname omitted) Haskell, Juliana, (See Columbia University) Hitchings, Elisabeth J., College Art Association 1935 (1 letter) Kelly, Anne, (See Mrs. John D. Rockefeller) Klitgaard, Kaj, undated (1 note) LeCompte, Irene, 1951-1953, (2 letters) LeCompte, Rowan and Robert Lewis, 1949 (1 letter) Mora, Luis F., 1911 (1 letter in Spanish) Nadelman, Viola, 1942 (1 letter) Osma, Julio, 1923-1924 (4 letters: 2 letters in Spanish) Rockefeller, Mrs. John D., 1931 (1 letter) Rollins, Lloyd, 1944 (2 postcards) Salpeter, Betty and Harry, 1956 (1 letter) Salpeter, Harry, 1960 (1 postcard) Sanger, William, 1915 (1 letter) Stella, Joseph, 1918 (1 letter) Stieglitz, Alfred, 1925 (1 letter) Weber, Max, 1918 (1 letter) Weischel, Mr. and Mrs., 1915 (1 postcard) Zorach, Marguerite, 1915-1916 (2 letters)
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Collection Citation:
Ben Benn papers, 1905-1993. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
AAA.bennben, Subseries 2.1
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