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Smithsonian Branding Campaign Oral History Interviews

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The Smithsonian Institution Archives began its Oral History Collection in 1973. The purpose of the program is to supplement the written documentation of the Archives' record and manuscript collections with an Oral History Collection, focusing on the history of the Institution, research by its scholars, and contributions of its staff. Program staff conduct interviews with current and retired Smithsonian staff and others who have made significant contributions to the Institution. There are also interviews conducted by researchers or students on topics related to the history of the Smithsonian or the holdings of the Smithsonian Institution Archives. The Smithsonian Branding Interviews were conducted in response to the Smithsonian's 2012 launch of a new branding campaign in order to detail the background of the campaign and its interaction with the Smithsonian Institution Archives.
Descriptive Entry:
These interviews, conducted by Smithsonian Institution Archives intern Elaura Dunning, were recorded in September and October of 2012 at the Capital Gallery building and the Smithsonian Institution Building, Washington, D.C. They cover motivations behind the Smithsonian's new branding campaign, integration of social media and web resources into the work of the Smithsonian brand, details of fundraising for the Smithsonian Institution Archives, and responses to the "Seriously Amazing/Questions Come Alive" campaign. This collection is comprised of four interviews, one with each subject, totaling 2.2 hours of recording, 58 total pages of transcript, four .mp3 reference files and four original .wav files. The original wav files are in security storage.
Historical Note:
The Smithsonian Branding interviews were conducted as part of a larger research project done by Smithsonian Institution Archives (SIA) intern Elaura Dunning during September through December, 2012. Dunning's project focused on the history of branding, or the process by which organizations manage their image and reputation, at the Smithsonian Institution. The Smithsonian's new branding campaign, "Seriously Amazing/Questions Come Alive at the Smithsonian" provides context for these interviews about the campaign's background, the Smithsonian's use of social media and their target demographics, the Smithsonian Institutional Archives' presence on the Internet, and how fundraising for the Smithsonian Institution Archives will be managed. Interviewees include the Smithsonian's Office of Communications and External Affairs' Associate Director of Strategic Communications, Pherabe Kolb, who helped develop and supervise the launch of the new branding campaign; an Office of Communications and External Affairs Public Affairs Specialist, Sarah Sulick, who helped manage the Smithsonian's social media accounts and incorporate new material from the "Seriously Amazing" campaign; Effie Kapsalis, the Smithsonian Institution Archives' Head of Web and New Media, who assists in managing the online presence of the SIA; and Mamie J. Williams, the SIA's new Director of Advancement, who discusses fundraising at the Smithsonian.
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Smithsonian Institution Archives, Record Unit 9631, Smithsonian Branding Campaign Oral History Interviews
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