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Frederick Starr collection of William L. Koehne photographs of Indigenous peoples of Mexico

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Starr, Frederick, 1859-1933  Search this
Koehne, William L.  Search this
60 Platinum prints (mounted)
Chol Maya  Search this
Chontal (Chontol)  Search this
Chinantec  Search this
Chocholtec (Chocho)  Search this
Ikood (Huave)  Search this
Mayas  Search this
Cuicatec Indians  Search this
Huastec  Search this
Tepehuán (Tepehuan)  Search this
Purepecha (Tarasco)  Search this
Totonac  Search this
Nahua  Search this
Aztec (archaeological culture)  Search this
Otomí (Otomi)  Search this
Mixtec  Search this
Zoque  Search this
Indians of Mexico  Search this
Tzotzil Maya  Search this
Zapotec  Search this
Triqui (Trique Choco)  Search this
Tzeltal Maya  Search this
Mixe  Search this
Mazatec [Huautla]  Search this
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Platinum prints
circa 1890-1902
Scope and Contents note:
Front and profile studio portraits of Indigenous peoples of Mexico, representing Aztec, Chinantec, Chocho, Chol, Chontal, Cuicatec, Huastec, Huave, Maya, Mazatec, Mixe, Mixtec, Otomi, Tarascan, Tepehua, Tlaxcalan, Totonac, Trique, Tzental, Tzotzil, Zapotec, Zapotec Tehuartepec, and Zoque tribes. The photographs were made by William L. Koehne of Chicago for publication in Frederick Starr's book, Physical Characters of Indians of Southern Mexico.
Biographical/Historical note:
Frederick Starr (1858-1933) was an anthropologist and academic who worked as curator at the American Museum of Natural History and professor of anthropology at the University of Chicago. During his professiorship, Starr hired professional photographer and studio owner William L. Koehne to make the studio portraits for his 1902 book, Physical Characters of Indians of Southern Mexico. Additionally, Starr made several field studies in Mexico and commissioned field photographs and plaster busts.
Local Call Number(s):
NAA Photo Lot 123
Location of Other Archival Materials:
Photographs collected by Cyrus Thomas, Robert T. Hill, Edward W. Nelson, and Edgar L. Hewitt have been relocated to Photo Lot 169, Photo Lot 170, Photo Lot 171, and Photo Lot 172, respectively.
The Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian Archives holds the Frederick Starr negatives and lanterns slides, 1894-1910.
Correspondence from Starr held in the National Anthropological Archives is in MS 4558, MS 4821, and the Bureau of American Ethnology records.
The collection is open for research. Access to the collection requires an appointment.
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Photo lot 123, Frederick Starr collection of William L. Koehne photographs of Indigenous peoples of Mexico, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Archival Repository:
National Anthropological Archives