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MS 4530 Drafts of 7 proposed bills for termination of Federal Supervision over certain tribes of Indians

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Scope and Contents:
Each draft consists of about 25-50 pages, processed. Tribes concerned are as follows: --California Indians S. 2749 H.R. 7322. --Sac and Fox and Iowa of Kansas and Nebraska, Kickapoo and Prairie Potawatomi of Kansas S. 2743 H.R. 7318. --Confederated Salish and Kutenai of the Flathead Reservation S. 2750 H.R.7319. --Seminole of Florida S. 2747 H.R. 7321. --Klamath of Oregon S. 2745 H.R. 7320. --Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana S. 2748 H.R. 7316. --Indians of Western Oregon S. 2746 H.R. 7317. The draft concernng the Seminole was printed in full as Part 8, Seminole Indians of Florida, under the general title, "Termination of Federal Supervision over Certain Tribes of Indians; Joint Hearing before the Subcommittees on Interior and Insular Affairs, Congress of the U. S., 83rd Congress, 2nd Session (Washington, 1954)." Probably the others were also printed under the same general heading. If so, the whole file can be considered expendable, to be kept only for convenience in reference. --MCB.
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Manuscript 4530, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
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National Anthropological Archives