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MS 4290 Drawings of kachinas and ceremonial apparatus

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Hunt, Wolf Robe, 1905-1977  Search this
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Acoma Pueblo  Search this
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September-October, 1928
Biographical / Historical:
Henry Hunt (Acoma name, Ki-wa, "Growing Plant"), then 26 years old, did these drawings under the direction of his father, Edward Hunt, Acoma name, Gi-rri), who was then 67 years old and a member of the Koshari. (M. W. Stirling, transmittal note.) Henry Hunt is also known as Wayne Henry Hunt and Wolf Robe Hunt. (Jeanne O. Snodgrass, American Indian Painters, New York 1968, page 83.)
Local Numbers:
NAA MS 4290 OPPS NEG 45,014-A--H OPPS NEG 45,014-J--O
Local Note:
February 22, 1993. re: reproductions of plates from BAE Bulletin 135. BAE No. Ms. entry 4290. ACOMA. Henry Hunt was the artist and NAA has a collection of his drawings including some he may have made that have not been reproduced previously, i.e. 37 ms. drawings, and BAE B. 135, 31 bxw reproductions plus the six color images reproduced in plate 1. I have not collated all of the drawings with the reproductions in the bulletin but I do know that all of the bxw reproductions are not entirely covered by OPPS negatives. The NAA copy of the BAE publication was annotated with the primary OPPS negative number and the several designations of the negatives following in letter order. Evidently two drawings were made on the same bxw negative in some cases. These negatives were not reproduced as positive copy prints and placed in the BAE reference file print collection under Acoma. Since the OPPS negative files are generally not accessible to me I cannot say for sure which negative reproduce which drawings. The BAE photographic catalog card does not currently refer the searcher back to Henry Hunt's collection of drawings. [BAE No. Ms. entry 4290. ACOMA.] The drawings were made on acidic paper and have become brown in color. The drawings were laminated between thin sheets of cellulose acetate in the 1950's probably at the National Archives. The laminate is still whole but is subject to tearing, cracking or splitting. The colors still appear to be bright and satisfactory transparencies should be obtainable. James Harwood, Reference Archivist. OPPS Neg No. 45,014
Water color paintings
Kachinas -- Acoma  Search this
Manuscript 4290, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
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MS 4290 Drawings of kachinas and ceremonial apparatus
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