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MS 3538 Several short manuscripts collected by Jeremiah Curtin

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Curtin, Jeremiah, 1835-1906  Search this
Pitt, Jesse  Search this
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Achomawi Indians  Search this
Modoc Indians  Search this
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Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Scope and Contents:
In addition to Modoc materials, there are items which relate or may relate to the Shasta, Achomawi, Wintun and Yana. Possibly not all are in Curtin's handwriting.
Contents of file: (1) "Modoc Words." February 23, 1884. 34 pages total: vocabulary 24, 2 pages; myth, 2 pages (note on outside cover reads, "One Kumush story in this book"); notes on several myths which are identified by number only, 6 pages. This entire item may belong in file 2569. (2) "Customs. Information given by Jesse Pitt." Modoc. 9 pages, numbered 421-9. Marked "not to be used in "Modoc Myths;" see letter 7/8/12." This notation is crossed out. (3) "Medicine. The Doctor. This information was given by Koalak'aka. I afterward questioned the old men at Klamath Agency and found out that it was accurate." 8 pages numbered 414-20. Same notation as above, crossed out. (4) "Names of Places on the Triangle East of Redding and South of Pit River. Achomawi ? 30 pages. (5) Personal names, Achomawi ? Shasta ? Wintun ? Yana ? 15 pages. (6) Item moved to Yana vocabulary # 2060 (5/66) (7) Vocabulary. Tribe ? 6 pages. Mentions terms relating to Mt. Shasta page 2; Redding, page 3, Pit River, page 4, Maj. Redding, page 5, Stillwater, page 5. (8) Miscellaneous vocabulary notes. Tribes ? 7 pages.
Local Numbers:
NAA MS 3538
Other Title:
Modoc Words
Customs. Information given by Jesse Pitt
Medicine. The Doctor.
Names of Places on the Triangle East of Redding and South of Pit River
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Manuscript 3538, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
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