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Chamberlain, Alexander Francis, 1865-1914  Search this
49 Pages
Kootenai (Kutenai)  Search this
Indians of North America -- Plateau  Search this
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Archival materials
Scope and Contents:
In 4 sections: 1. Kootenay Indian Legends and Myths. Native text 14 pages Translation of 1 myth, 1 page. 2. Other Animal Stories and Myths. 19 pages. Native text only. 3. A Brief Text in Kutenai. Coyote and grizzly bear text, with interlinear translation and discussion by Chamberlain. 4. Myths and Legends...of which the Native Text is not obtained. 6 pages. English. Informants not given, but see Number 1962.
Number 1931: (1) Stories and Myths: Woman and giant, 2 pages. Coyote and Trout, 2 pages; native texts only. Coyote and the Woman, native text 1 page; translation, 1 page. Skunk and Mountain Lion, 3 pages. Skunk and Mountain Lion, 2 pages. Deluge Legend, 2 pages. Frog and Deer, 2 pages. Native text only. 1931 (2) Other Animal stories and Myths: 1. Owl and chipmunk, 2 pages. 2. Tomtit and Wolf, 1 page. 3. Tomtit and Elk (female), 1 page. 4. Beaver and Turtle, 3 pages. 5. Mosquito, 1 page. 6. Star and , 1 page. 7. Frog and Grouse, 1 page. 8. Toad, 2 pages. 9. Skunk and Mountain Lion, 3 pages. 10. Frog and Deer, 1 page. 11. Skunk and Mountain Lion, 2 pages. 12. Rabbit and Snow bird, 1 page. Native text only. 1931 (3) Text with interlinear in Kutenai "Coyote and Grizzly Bear" and discussion by Chamberlain, the whole entitled "A Brief Text in Kutenai, 9 pages. 1931 (4) Native text not obtained: (All in English) Informants not given. I Coyote and Mountain Spirit, 2 pages. II Fox and Wolf, 1 page. III Origin of Cattle, 1 page. IV The attempt to fly, 1 page. V The Man in the Moon, 1 page. VI Origin of the Stars, 1 page. VII Origin of thunder and lightning, 1 page. VIII Origin of clouds, 1 page. IX Origin of the sun, 1 page. X Origin of the moon, 1 page. XI Origin of horses, 1 page. XII Origin of women, 1 page. XIII A Origin of Kootenay, 1 page. XIII B Origin of Kootenay, 1 page. XIV The Deluge, 1 page.
Local Numbers:
NAA MS 1931
Other Title:
Woman and giant
Coyote and Trout
Coyote and the Woman
Skunk and Mountain Lion
Deluge Legend
Frog and Deer
Owl and chipmunk
Tomtit and Wolf
Tomtit and Elk
Beaver and Turtle
Star and
Frog and Grouse
Skunk and Mountain Lion
Frog and Deer
Rabbit and Snow bird
Coyote and Grizzly Bear
A Brief Text in Kutenai
Coyote and Mountain Spirit
Fox and Wolf
Origin of Cattle
The attempt to fly
The Man in the Moon
Origin of the Stars
Origin of thunder and lightning
Origin of clouds
Origin of the sun
Origin of the moon
Origin of horses
Origin of women
Origin of Kootenay
The Deluge
Folklore -- Kutenai  Search this
Language and languages -- Documentation  Search this
Manuscript 1931, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Archival Repository:
National Anthropological Archives