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MS 1802 Ethnological Studies of the Hoh and Quileute Indians, the Sole Survivors of the Chimakuan Linguistic Family

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Reagan, Albert B., 1871-1936  Search this
212 Pages
2 Maps
3 Items (musical score pages )
Quileute -- Mortuary customs  Search this
Quileute -- Puberty customs  Search this
Quileute -- Birth customs  Search this
Quileute -- Marriage  Search this
Quileute -- Potlatch  Search this
Quileute -- Dance  Search this
Quileute -- Medicine  Search this
Quileute -- Games  Search this
Quileute -- Hunting  Search this
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Quileute -- Shakerism  Search this
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Archival materials
Musical scores
Scope and Contents:
Includes text and drawings, 2 sketch maps, 21 native drawings, 3 pages musical scores.
Contents: 1 [Introduction], page 1; and Ethnohistory and History, 22 pages. 2. Traditions and Myths..., pages 1-89. 3. Songs..., pages 52-56. 4. Games..., pages 45-51. 5. The Quileute Children's Pastime, pages [1]-4. 6. Native coloring Material..., pages 43-44. [text and drawings] 7. ...Methods of Hunting and Trapping [text and drawings] [10] 8. Native Medicines, 1 page. 9. ...Dances..., pages 57-65. 10. Shamanistic Performances, pages [1]-10. 11. Shakerism, pages [1]-18. 12. The Potlatch, pages [1]-8. 13. Marriage Ceremonies, pages [1]-2. 14. Birth Ceremonies, 1 page. 15. Puberty Customs, 1 page. 16. Mortuary Customs, pages [1]-4. page. 17. Miscellaneous Notes, pages [1]-15, [16]. 18. The Retarding Influence of the Chinook Jargon, 1 page. The Thunder Bird. (Copied from a grave slab at Quileute) [Illustration] 1 page. 212 pages total. Quileute Indian Village and Vicinity [sketch map, 20" x 28"] 1 page. James Island or Ah-Kah-Lot. [sketch map, 20" x 28"] 1 page. [Drawings by native artists; all or part by students at the Indian School, Lapush, Washington.] 21 pages. Music to Songs used at the Quileute Shaker Meetings, pages 6, 7, 11. 238 pages total.
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NAA MS 1802
Folklore -- Quileute  Search this
Games -- Quileute  Search this
Color and dyes -- Quileute  Search this
Hunting -- Quileute  Search this
Medicine -- Quileute  Search this
Dance -- Quileute  Search this
Potlatch -- Quileute  Search this
Marriage -- Quileute  Search this
Birth customs -- Quileute  Search this
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James Island -- map  Search this
Musical scores
Manuscript 1802, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
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MS 1802 Ethnological Studies of the Hoh and Quileute Indians, the Sole Survivors of the Chimakuan Linguistic Family
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