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Hazen, William Babcock, 1830-1887  Search this
Gibbs, George, 1815-1873  Search this
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Scope and Contents:
Letter to George Gibbs, transmitting three "upper Rogue River" vocabularies. Fort Yamhill, Oregon Territory. January 10, 1857. Autograph letter signed 4 pages. Comparative vocabulary of Applegate, Ta-kil-ma, and Uppa (Shasta). [Fort Yamhill, Oregon Territory] [Before January 10, 1857] Manuscript document 8 pages. Individual Applegate Creek and Ta-kil-ma vocabularies. [Fort Yamhill, Oregon Territory] Before January 10, 1857] Manuscript document 12 pages. Gibbs, George. Drafts of two letters to W. B. Hazen, concerning the collection of vocabularies and creation myths. Port Townsend, Washington Territory. February 26, 1856 [1857], and March 16 [1857]. Autograph document signed 11 pages.
Both the comparative and the individual vocabularies are copies by George Gibbs. The individual vocabularies are recorded in Comparative Vocabulary. The draft of the February 26 letter from Gibbs to Hazen contains a Nisqually creation myth. The comparative vocabulary is annotated by A. C. Anderson (compare Athapascan Manuscript number 123), with a few later Manuscript notes by A. S. Gatschet and J. C. Pilling. Although the individual Applegate Creek vocabulary is also labeled "Nabiltse," it is not the same language as Nabiltse (compare Nabiltse Manuscript number 131).
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NAA MS 154
Mythology -- Nisqually  Search this
Creation myth -- Nisqually  Search this
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Manuscript 154, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
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National Anthropological Archives