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Mead, Margaret, 1901-1978  Search this
Roberts, Frank H. H. (Frank Harold Hanna), 1897-1966  Search this
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Weltfish, Gene, 1902-1980  Search this
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Wolf, Eric R.  Search this
Honigmann, John Joseph, 1914-1977  Search this
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Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Psychological tests
Great Whale River (Qu├ębec)
Attawapisdat, Ontario
Schefferville, Quebec
Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada
Churchill, Manitoba
Scope and Contents:
The papers of John Joseph Honigmann (1914-1977) consist largely of research material of a specialist in personality, socialization, and social problems of Subarctic and Arctic people. Trained at Yale University (M.A., 1943; Ph.D., 1947), Honigmann spent most of his professional career at the University of North Carolina (1951-77) and was chairman of its Department of Anthropology from 1970-1975. Some material reflects his classroom teaching and administrative work. There are also general reference materials and materials relating to the history of anthropology. Correspondents include David F. Aberle, Saeed K. Alizai, Nels Anderson, Asen Balikci, Victor Barnouw, Harry Basehart, Ronald Berndt, William E. Bittle, Gordon Blackwell, Walter Boek, Paul J. Bohannan, Robert J. Braidwood, Robert Carneiro, Joseph B. Casagrande, Norman A. Chance, Yehudi A. Cohen, Earl W. Count, David Damas, William Davis, Pierrette Desy, Cora du Bois, Richard Duncan, Fred R. Eggan, Loren C. Eiseley, Gary L. Emmons, Vincent Erickson, Sam J. Ervin, Arthur Evans, Lita B. Fejos, Paul Fejos, William N. Fenton, F.L. Fischer, Regina Flannery, Don Charles Foote, Clellan Ford, Morris Freilich, Clifford Geertz, Mickey Gibson, John P. Gillin, Thomas F. Gladwin, Walter R. Goldschmidt, Ward H. Goodenough, Theodore D. Graves, John Gulick, Zachary Gussow, Charles Hamori-Torok, Asael T. Hansen, Edward B. Harper, S.I. Hayakawa, Dwight B. Heath, June Helm, Maria Herzmaier, George K. Hindley, Tom R. Hopkins, Francis L.K. Hsu, Katherine Jocher, Berton H. Kaplan, Michael Kenny, Solon T. Kimball, Harriet J. Kupferer, Gordon B. Laing, L.L. Langness, Margaret L. Lantis, Oscar Lewis, Nancy O. Lurie, Donald S. Marshall, Abraham H. Maslow, John S. Matthiasson, Selz C. Mayo, Tom F.S. McFeat, Margaret Mead, Betty J. Meggers, George P. Murdock, Raoul Naroll, George Nelleman, Arthur Niehall, Marrilee Oakes, Morris E. Opler, Harold Orlans, Cornelius Osgood, Simon Ottenberg, John G. Peck, William Pollitzer, Ruben E. Reina, David Reisman, Marcel Rioux, Frank H.H. Roberts, Jr., Edward S. Rogers, Irving Rouse, Beate R. Salz, A.H.A. Siddiqi, Norman Simpkins, Leon Sinder, Richard Slobodin, Edward H. Spicer, Leslie Spier, Robert F.G. Spier, George D. Spindler, Sol Tax, Morton I. Teicher, Laura Thompson, Mischa Titiev, Brian du Toit, John Trudeau, Arthur Tuden, Victor F. Valentine, Frank G. Vallee, Clark Vincent, Fred W. Voget, Evon Z. Vogt, C. Von Furer-Haimendorf, Willard Walker, Anthony F.C. Wallace, Gene Weltfish, and Eric R.Wolf.
Arrangement note:
The Honigmann papers are not fully processed and are only broadly desccribed in this finding aid. The collection is arranged into (1) Churchill, five northern towns, and Schefferville, undated; (2) the Cree of Attawapisdat, Ontario, 1947-1956; (3) Frobisher Bay, 1963; (4) Great Whale River; (5) Inuvik, 1967; (6) Material concerning the Kaska of Lower Post, British Columbia, and Southern Yukon Territory, 1944-1945; (7) General anthropological subjects and teaching;(8) General and miscellaneous material on peoples of the world; (9) West Pakistan; (10) Canadian Wildlife Service Arctic Ecology Map; (11) Understanding Culture; (12) Miscellany; (13) Correspondence, ca. 1950s-1970s
Biographical / Historical:
Honigmann was regularly in the field. In 1943, this began with an ethnographic study of the Fort Nelson Slave in Canada. In 1944-1945, he was with the Kaska in British Columbia. In 1947-1948, he worked at Attawapiskat on James Bay and, in 1949-1950, at Great Whale River on Hudson Bay. He investigated town life in Pakistan in 1952 and 1957-1958. During the summers of 1960-1962, 1964-1966, 1972, and 1975, his studies carried him to a village in Austria. In 1963, he worked at Frobisher Bay and in 1967 at Inuvik. 1914 -- Born June 7, New York City, New York 1937 -- Married Irma Grabel 1942 -- Student at Columbia University Received BA from Brooklyn College 1943 -- Received MA from Yale University Field trip with the Fort Nelson Slave in Fort Nelson (3-6 months) 1944-1945 -- Field trip with the Kaska in British Columbia, Canada (3-6 months) 1946-1947 -- Assistant professor of Sociology and anthropology at State College, Washington 1947 -- Received PhD in anthropology from Yale University 1947-1948 -- Field trip at Attawapiskat, James Bay, Ontario, Canada Research anthropologist for the National Committee for Community Health Studies in Toronto, Canada 1948-1951 -- Assistant professor of sociology and anthropology at New York University 1949 -- Published Anthropology, Culture and Ethos of the Kaska Society 1949-1950 -- Field trip at Great Whale River, Hudson's Bay, Ontario, Canada 1951-1955 -- Associate professor of anthropology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 1952 -- Field trip at Pakistan 1955 -- Field trip at Attawapiskat, James Bay, Ontario, Canada 1955-1957 -- Professor of anthropology, UNC, Chapel Hill 1957-1958 -- Field trip at Pakistan 1959 -- Published The World of Man 1960 -- Field trip at Austria 1962 -- Published Foodways in a Muskeg Community Field trip at Austria 1963 -- Published Understanding Culture Field trip at Frobishers Bay, Baffin Island, Canada 1964 -- Field trip at Austria 1965 -- With wife Irma, co-authored Eskimo Townsmen 1966 -- Field trip in Austria 1967 -- Published Personality in Culture Field trip at Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada 1967-1970 -- Postdoctoral fellowship and grants: NSF grant 1970 -- Co-authored Arctic Townsmen Chairman of the department of anthropology, UNC, Chapel Hill 1972 -- Field trip at Austria 1975 -- Field trip at Austria 1977 -- Died at Chapel Hill, NC, August 4
Most of Honigmann's papers were donated to the National Anthropological Archives by Irma Honigman, his wife, between October 1977 and January 1979. Honigmann's daughter, Karen Honigmann Schaefer, donated her father's field journals in July 1993.
Some materials concerning the operations of the University of North Carolina Department of Anthropology are restricted.
Honigmann used pseudonyms when referring to his informants in publications. Irma Honigmann has requested that researchers refrain from publishing their names.
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John Joseph Honigmann Papers, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
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