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George Walter Vincent Smith Museum  Search this
Abbéma, Louise, 1858-1927  Search this
Aublet, Albert, 1851-1938  Search this
Bellcourt, Riene  Search this
Benjamin-Constant, 1845-1902  Search this
Besnard, Paul Albert  Search this
Bompard, Maurice  Search this
Bonnat, Léon Joseph Florentin, 1833-1922  Search this
Bouguereau, William Adolphe, 1825-1905  Search this
Boulanger, Gustave Clarence Rodolphe, 1824-1888  Search this
Bridgman, Frederick Arthur, 1847-1928  Search this
Béraud, Jean, 1849-1935  Search this
Cabanel, Alexandre, 1823-1889  Search this
Carolus-Duran, 1837 or 8-1917  Search this
Clairin, Georges, 1843-1919  Search this
Collin, Louis Joseph Rapheal  Search this
Cormon, Fernand  Search this
Courtois, Gustave, 1852-1923  Search this
Dagnan, Pascal Adolphe Jean  Search this
Detaille, Jean Baptiste Edouard  Search this
Duez, Ernest-Ange, 1843-1896  Search this
Falguiére, Jean-Alexandre-Joseph, 1831-1900  Search this
Fleury, T. R.  Search this
Frappa, J.  Search this
Gay, Walter, 1856-1937  Search this
Gervex, Henri, 1852-1929  Search this
Gérôme, Jean Léon, 1824-1904  Search this
Healy, G. P. A. (George Peter Alexander), 1813-1894  Search this
Hebert, Antoine Auguste Ernest  Search this
Henner, Jean-Jacques, 1829-1905  Search this
Jacques, Charles  Search this
Laurens, Jean-Paul, 1838-1921  Search this
Lefebvre, Jules, 1836-1911  Search this
Maignan, Albert  Search this
Merson, Luc Olivier, 1846-1920  Search this
Morot, Aime Nicolas  Search this
Munkácsy, Mihály, 1844-1900  Search this
Puvis de Chavannes, Pierre, 1824-1898  Search this
Rochegrosse, Georges, 1859-1938  Search this
Roll, Alfred Philippe, 1846-1919  Search this
Sargent, John Singer, 1856-1925  Search this
Smith, George Walter Vincent, 1832-1923  Search this
Stevens, Alfred  Search this
Storey, G. A. (George Adolphus), 1834-1919  Search this
de Neuville, Alphonse Wane  Search this
47 Items
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Scope and Contents:
47 photographs of 43 artists in their Paris studios. Artists include: Louise Abbema, Albert Aublet, Riene Bellcourt, Jean Beraud, Paul Albert Besnard, Maurice Bompard, Leon Joseph Florentin Bonnat, Gustave Rodolphe Clarence Boulanger, William Adolphe Bouguereau, Frederick Arthur Bridgman, Alexandre Cabanel, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, Georges Jules Victor Clairin, Louis Joseph Rapheal Collin, Jean-Joseph Benjamin Constant, Fernand Cormon, Gustave Courtois, Pascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan, Jean Baptiste Edouard Detaille, Ernest Ange Duez, Carolus Duran, Jean Alexandre Joseph Falguiere, T. R. Fleury, J. Frappa, Walter Gay, Jean Leon Gerome, Henri Gervex, George Peter Alexander Healy, Antoine Auguste Ernest Hebert, Jean Jacques Henner, Charles Jacques, Jean Paul Laurens, Jules Lefebvre, Albert Maignan, Luc Olivier Merson, Aime Nicolas Morot, Mihaly Munkacsy, Alphonse Wane de Neuville, Georges Rochegrosse, Alfred Philippe Roll, John Singer Sargent, Alfred Stevens, and George Adolphus Storey.
The studios show mainly a strong Moorish influence.
Donated by the George Walter Vincent Smith Museum, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1971, which had received them from a Mrs. Kirkham?, a painter who probably purchased them while studying in Paris.
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