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  • Caldwell, Joseph Ralston
  • Caldwell, Warren W
  • Campbell, John M
  • Campbell, Thomas Nolan
  • Cape, T.W
  • Carmichael, Leonard
  • Casanova, Richard L
  • Case, Charles Calvin
  • Caton, Jewell Brown
  • Caywood, Louis R
  • Chace, Charles E
  • Champe, John Leland
  • Chapman, Carl H
  • Chase, David W
  • Cheney, George A
  • Coale, George L
  • Coe, Joffre L
  • Cole, David L
  • Colton, Harold Sellers
  • Conner, Stuart W
  • Connolly, James B
  • Coogan, Alan H
  • Cook, Harold J
  • Cooper, Paul Lemen
  • Corbett, John M
  • Cotter, John Lambert
  • Cowan, Richard S
  • Crabtree, Robert
  • Cressman, Luther Sheeleigh
  • Cross, Dorothy