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Faris and Yamna Naff Arab American Collection, ca. 1875-2004

Catalog Data:
Naff, Alixa 1919-2013
Community Life, Div. of, NMAH, SI
Naff, Faris
Naff, Yamna
National Association of Arab Americans
American Arab Anti-discrimination Committee
Arab American Institute
Syrian Protestant Church
Spring Valley (Ill.) Syrian Orthodox Church
Southern Federation of Lebanese Clubs
Archdioceses of Antiochan Orthodox, Melkites, and Maronites
Physical description:
120 cu. ft.: 218 boxes
Arab Americans
Collection descriptions
Oral history
Journals (accounts)
Automobile industry workers
United States
Detroit (Mich.)
Dearborn (Mich.)
Fort Wayne (Ind.)
Spring Valley (Ill.)
Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.)
Cedar Rapids (Iowa)
Los Angeles (Calif.)
ca 1875-2004
20th century
This collection grew out of a major research project by Dr. Alixa Naff on the study of the early Arab immigrant experience in the United States--ca.1880-World War II. The study began with oral history interviews in 1962 and became a major project in 1980 with a grant from NEH. The collection process continues.
Oral history interviews deal with sociological categories of the assimilation process. Most tapes have been fully transcribed or abstracted. This data supported with published articles; demographic statistics; articles from Arab-American press, books, journals and dissertations by and about Arab Americans, published in the USA or in Arab countries. These include literature, poetry, histories, religious publications and philosophies. There are also family and church post-World War II publications by the Arab American community as well as newspaper articles about Arab Americans in the news by fields of endeavor.
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Faris and Yamna Naff Arab American Collection, Archives Center, National Museum of American History
Emigration and immigration--Arab Americans
Ethnic groups--cultural history
Immigration and emigration--Arab Americans
Press--Arabic language
Associations, institutions--voluntarism
Voluntarism--associations, institutions, etc
Naturalization--Arab Americans
Emigration and immigration
Shopkeepers--Arab Americans
Businessmen--Arab Americans
Arab Americans
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1985.3009 (NMAH Acc.)
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