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Field Notes, POBSP, Sibley, Volume 69

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National Museum of Natural History, Pacific Ocean Biological Survey Program, records, circa 1961-1973, with data from 1923
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1 volume
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National Museum of Natural History (U.S.). Division of Birds
Volume 69
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Fieldbook record
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Field notes
United States
Laysan Island
Midway Islands
Eastern Island
Pearl and Hermes Reef
Kure Atoll
French Frigate Shoals
Howland Island
Enderbury Atoll
McKean Atoll; McKean Island
American Samoa
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Volume 69 are the journals Fred C. Sibley completed for the Pacific Ocean Biological Survey Program, 1963-1964. 1) is his journal from Southern Island Cruise [SIC] #1 & 2, January 27 - July 22, 1963. These are typed copies of the original journals. Begins with an itinerary. Entries are dated and are headed with island. Entries describe observed birds in Hawaii; time aboard ship; daily activities with times of day; observations of types of birds with descriptions and quantities; other wildlife and vegetation; bird banding; specimen collecting; data on counts of birds, chicks, nests, and eggs; travel arrangements; and summaries of flora and fauna of each island. Includes maps. Locations include Oahu (Hawaii), Laysan, Midway, Eastern, Pearl and Hermes, Kure, French Frigate Shoals, Howland, and Enderbury. 2) is the journal from SIC #3, September 30 - November 28, 1963. Includes much the same content, organization, and locations of the previous journal. Was aboard the USS Tawakoni. Includes locations Canton, McKean, Hull, Sydney, Tutuila (American Samoa), and Phoenix [Rawaki]. 3) is the journal for SIC #4, February 27 - April 9, 1964. Entries contain much the same content and structure as above journals. Additionally detail collecting fish, skinks, crabs, birds, Berlizi samples (?), and time aboard USS Lipan. Locations include Enderbury, Canton, Jarvis, Christmas [Kiritimati]. Fanning [Tabuaeran], Washington, and Palmyra.
Pacific Ocean Biological Survey Program
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SIA RU000245
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At least 24 hours advance notice is recommended to consult this collection. Contact the Division of Birds at (202) 633-0794 to make an appointment.
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National Museum of Natural History, Pacific Ocean Biological Survey Program, records, circa 1961-1973, with data from 1923
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Smithsonian Field Book Project