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Jesse Walter Fewkes photograph collection related to archeology

Fewkes, Jesse Walter, 1850-1930  Search this
Beam, George L. (George Lytle), 1868-1935  Search this
Gill, De Lancey, 1859-1940  Search this
Higley, Elmer Ellsworth  Search this
McKee, Thomas M., 1854-1939  Search this
Poley, H. S. (Horace Swartley)  Search this
Rowland, Wesley R.  Search this
Wittick, Ben, 1845-1903  Search this
Gill, Mary W.  Search this
Mullett, G. M.  Search this
9 prints (cromolithograph)
40 prints (circa, halftone)
77 prints (circa, albumen)
84 drawings (circa 84 drawings (some mechanically produced))
1,655 prints (circa, silver gelatin)
71 copy negatives
43 copy prints
363 negatives (circa, nitrate)
7 paintings
1 print (cyanotype)
1 print (photogravure)
1 postcard (collotype)
Navajo Indians  Search this
Zuni Indians  Search this
Hopi Indians  Search this
Indians of North America -- Great Plains  Search this
Indians of North America -- Southwest, New  Search this
Huastec Indians  Search this
Piegan Indians  Search this
Archival materials
Collection descriptions
Copy negatives
Copy prints
Tennessee -- Antiquities
Stikine River (B.C. and Alaska)
South Carolina -- Antiquities
New Mexico -- Antiquities
Huasteca Region (Mexico)
Maryland -- Antiquities
Louisiana -- Antiquities
Alabama -- Antiquities
Arizona -- Antiquities
Colorado -- Antiquities
Cahokia Mounds State Historic Park (Ill.)
Florida -- Antiquities
Mexico -- Antiquities
Hovenweep National Monument (Utah and Colo.)
Utah -- Antiquities
Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.)
Navajo National Monument
Casa Grande (Ariz.)
circa 1890-1928
Scope and Contents note:
Photographs and drawings mostly relating to archeological subjects, collected and arranged by Jesse Walter Fewkes for his reference. Subjects include burial mounds, excavations, drawn maps, as well as urns, implements, idols, pottery, and other artifacts found in excavations, and Hopi, Zuni, and Piegan ceremonies and dances. Many of the photographs and drawings were probably made by Fewkes. Publication information is noted on some. The collection also includes newspaper clippings and correspondence.

Photographs were taken in Alabama, Arizona (including Casa Grande, Elden Pueblo, Navajo National Monument, and Wupatki National Monument), Colorado (including Mesa Verde and Montezuma Valley), Florida (including Weeden Island), Illinois (Cahokia Mound), Louisiana, Maryland, Mexico (including La Huasteca Region), Mississippi Valley, New Mexico (including Chaco Canyon, Hawikuh, and Mimbres Valley), South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah (including Hill Canyon, McElmo Canyon, and McLean Basin Ruins), Hovenweep National Monument, the West Indies (including Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, and Cuba), and West Virginia.
Biographical/Historical note:
Jesse Walter Fewkes (1850-1930) was a naturalist, anthropologist, and archeologist, and chief of the Bureau of American Ethnology from 1918 to his death in 1928. Fewkes received a Ph.D. in marine zoology from Harvard in 1877, and acted as curator of lower invertebrates at the Museum of Comparative Zoology until 1887. While on a collecting trip in the western United States, he developed an interest in the culture and history of the Pueblo Indians. In 1891, Fewkes became director of the Hemenway Southwestern Archeological Expedition and editor of the Journal of American Archeology and Ethnology, studying and recording Hopi ceremonials. In 1895, he embarked on various archeological explorations for the Bureau of American Ethnology, excavating ruins in the Southwest, the West Indies, and Florida. He was appointed chief of the Bureau in 1918, and played an important role in the creation of Hovenweep National Monument in Colorado and Wupatki National Monument in Arizona.
Local Call Number(s):
NAA Photo Lot 4321
Location of Other Archival Materials:
The National Anthropological Archives also holds the Jesse Walter Fewkes Papers (MS 4408), his photographs of excavations in Mesa Verde (Photo Lot 30), his negatives (Photo Lot 86), and other manuscript collections by and related to Fewkes' ethnological research and archeology and his work with the Bureau of American Ethnology.
Correspondence from Fewkes held in the National Anthropological Archives in the George L. Beam papers (MS 4517), the Henry Bascom Collins, Jr. papers, the Anthropological Society of Washington records (MS 4821), the Herbert William Krieger papers, the J.C. Pilling papers, the Walter Hough Papers (in the records of the Department of Anthropology), and the records of the Bureau of American Ethnology.
The Department of Anthropology collections holds several accessions of artifacts collected by Fewkes, including USNM ACC 048761 (relating to Casa Grande excavations) and USNM ACC 050765 (relating to Mesa Verde excavations).
Contained in:
Numbered manuscripts 1850s-1980s (some earlier)
See others in:
Jesse Walter Fewkes photograph collection related to archeology circa 1890-1928
Original nitrate negatives are in cold storage and require advanced notice for viewing.
Contact the repository for terms of use.
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Photo Lot 4321, Jesse Walter Fewkes photograph collection related to archeology, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Archival Repository:
National Anthropological Archives

Mark Raymond Harrington photograph collection

Harrington, M. R. (Mark Raymond), 1882-1971  Search this
Heye, George G. (George Gustav), 1874-1957  Search this
Harrington, Marie Walsh  Search this
Harrington, Marie Walsh  Search this
2133 negatives (photographic)
3 lantern slides
174 Photographic prints (black & white)
Iowa Indians  Search this
Osage Indians  Search this
Tulare  Search this
Wampanoag  Search this
Iroquois  Search this
Kiowa Indians  Search this
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Nyantic  Search this
Tolowa  Search this
Chumash Indians  Search this
Peoria  Search this
Wyandot  Search this
Chippewa  Search this
Yara  Search this
Comanche  Search this
Wichita  Search this
Pamunkey Indians  Search this
Mohegan Indians  Search this
Choctaw  Search this
Mattaponi  Search this
Paiute Indians  Search this
Chiricahua Apache  Search this
Nanticoke  Search this
Seminole Indians  Search this
Quapaw  Search this
Maidu  Search this
Chitimacha  Search this
Zuni  Search this
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Kaosati  Search this
Cherokee  Search this
Potawatomi  Search this
Klamath  Search this
Catawba  Search this
Niantic  Search this
Navajo  Search this
Shawnee  Search this
Sac and Fox (Sauk & Fox)  Search this
Narragansett  Search this
Kickapoo Indians  Search this
Sauk and Fox  Search this
Alibamu  Search this
Kaw (Kansa)  Search this
Archival materials
Collection descriptions
Negatives (photographic)
Lantern slides
Photographic prints
Lantern slides
Northeastern States
New Mexico
New York
Southern States
Great Basin
Southwestern States
Includes photographs of individual tribal members, artifacts; and the following archeological sites: Hawikku (Hawikuh), Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico; Mill Creek, Tehama County, California; Coachilla Valley, California; Sandal Cave, New Mexico; Eagle Canyon, Texas; Thea Heye Cave, Pyramid Lake, Nevada; Crown Peak, Chisos Mountains, Texas; Pueblo Grande, Nevada; Salt Caves, St. Thomas, Nevada; Chuckawalla Cave, Nevada; Lovelock Cave, Pershing County, Nevada; other sites in Nevada; cacti in Brewster County, Texas and California; archaeological sites in Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, New York, and Tennessee Collection also includes a variety of scenic shots in different states; shots of persons, identified and unidentified; personal photographs of Harrington, his son, and one of his wives (ELH); and photographs taken during his expeditions to Cuba and Ecuador. Includes photographs of the Alibamu, Apache, Catawba, Cherokee, Chitimacha, Choctaw, Chumash, Comanche, Delaware, Iowa, Iroquois, Kaw, Kickapoo, Kiowa, Klamath, Koasati, Maidu, Mattaponi, Mohegan, Nanticoke, Narragansett, Navajo, Niantic (Nyantic),Ojibwa (Chippewa), Osage, Paiute, Pamunkey, Peoria, Pit River, Potawatomi, Quapaw, Sac and Fox (Sauk and Fox), Seminole, Shawnee, Tolowa, Tulare, Wampanoag, Wichita, Wyandot, Yara, and Zuni tribes.
Arrangement note:
Collection arranged by format and item number.
Biographical/Historical note:
Mark Raymond Harrington was born on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor on July 6, 1882. He received his BS in 1907 and his MA in 1908 from Columbia University, where he studied under Franz Boas. He met George Heye while working at Covert's Indian store in New York in 1908 and Heye hired him shortly thereafter. Harrington spent from 1908-1911 visiting and collecting from tribes in the east and Midwest for Heye. From 1911-1915 Harrington was assistant curator at the University of Pennsylvania Museum. From 1916-1917 he conducted archeological surveys in Cuba and Arkansas, after which he spent a short time in the U.S. Army during the First World War. After his return in 1919 he started a series of archeological surveys in Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Texas. Harrington worked for George G. Heye as an archaeologist, ethnologist, field collector, and curator, primarily along the eastern seaboard, in the south, Midwest, west, Cuba and Ecuador, from 1908 to 1928. He then joined the staff of the Southwest Museum as curator until his retirement in 1964. He died in San Fernando, California on June 30, 1971. Harrington is the author of many books and several hundred articles. A partial bibliography can be found in the Mark Raymond Harrington manuscript collection in the archives of the National Museum of the American Indian, Cultural Resource Center, Suitland, Maryland.
General note:
Access restricted. For information on this collection consult the NMAI photo archivist at 301-238-1400 or
Copyright restrictions apply. Contact archives staff for information.
Indians of North America -- Southwestern States -- 1890-1949  Search this
Indians of North America -- Southeastern States -- 1890-1949  Search this
Indians of North America -- Northeastern States -- 1890-1949  Search this
Indians of North America -- California -- 1890-1949  Search this
Indians of North America -- Great Basin -- 1890-1949  Search this
Photographic prints
Lantern slides
Archival Repository:
National Museum of the American Indian

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