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Morning Dreams, (painting)

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State of Being--Phenomenon--Dream  Search this
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AECI 01260099
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

The Dew, (painting)

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AECI 03022148
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The Springs, (painting)

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Mosler, Henry, 1841-1920  Search this
1.3 Linear Feet (Boxes 1-2)
Archival materials
1861-circa 1920
Scope and Contents note:
Letters are primarily written to Mosler with scattered letters written by him. Of particular note is a letter to his parents written from 3 miles outside Corinth, Mississippi on 22 May 1862 in which he describes the scene during the Siege of Corinth following the Battle of Shiloh.

Calling/congratulation cards were sent in response to Mosler's winning the gold medal at the Paris Salon in 1888 and being awarded the Ordre National Légion d'Honneur in 1892.

Correspondents include members of the military regarding his service in 1861-1863 and can be found in several places. A folder of Civil War letters includes Brigadier General R. W. Johnson's request for Mosler to serve as aide-de-camp, and a March 1863 letter from a friend (Bradley?) encamped at Murfreesboro and referring to the building of fortifications there following the Second Battle of Murfreesboro. Letters from Harper's Weekly include a summary of Mosler's military service from 1861-1863 and a handwritten account of his experiences in September 1861 in and around Louisville, Kentucky. Also found are letters from the United States Army and the Department of the Interior in 1885 introducing Mosler as a "distinguished artist" visiting the West. Included are 3 letters from General Philip Sheridan in which he refers to the "indians, in their uncivilized state," and Mosler's desire "to be able to depict them in a correct light."

Other letters are from museums and art associations, Mosler family members, including Mosler's children, artist Gustave Henry Mosler and Edith Mosler, friends and colleagues including artists James Henry Beard, Julien Dupré, Gabriel Ferrier, François Flameng, Ernest Hébert, William Henry Howe, Heinrich Mücke (history painter and Mosler's Düsseldorf professor), J. Francis Murphy, William Ordway Partridge, and Leon Germain Pelouse, among others. Letters from the Ministere de l'Instruction Publique et des Beaux-Arts include the 1879 purchase certificate for Mosler's painting Le Retour, and a letter assigning the painting to the Luxembourg Museum.

Letters from the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States confirm Mosler's election as a Member-at-Large to the order in 1896. Also found is a list of autographs of Cincinnati Artists representing a petition to suggest that the Cincinnati Museum purchase Mosler's painting The Last Moments.

Many of the letters are in French and German.

See Appendix for an extened list of correspondents in Series 2.
Arrangement note:
The bulk of the series is arranged alphabetically by correspondent in general files or in named files if there are 5 or more letters from an individual correspondent. A group of files arranged by subject can be found at the beginning of the series.
Appendix: Extended List of Correspondents from Series 2:
This appendix is taken from an existing list compiled at some point after the collection was accessioned and is intended to assist in identifying correspondents, as many signatures are difficult to decipher or illegible. Completeness and accuracy of the list cannot be guaranteed.

Abraham, Victor Emmanuel

Adan, Emile

Aldine, Publishing Co.

Allis, Edward Phelps

Avery, Samuel P.

Bail, Joseph

Bailly-Blanchard, Col.

Barria, J. (?)

Bartlett, Paul

Bartell, Prof. V.

Bassier, Cabinet du Ministre

Bates, Harry, Godey Co.

Bauerle, Carl

Beard, Dan

Beard, James Henry

Beau, Alfred

Beer, F.

Benedite, Leonce

Bigelow, C. B., American Art Association

Bodkin, Charlotte

Boulanger, Gen.

Bournand, François

Bourne, George

Bradley, L. P.

Breton, Jules

Bridgman, F. A.

Brispot, Henri

Brozik, Vacslav

Buhler, F. Zuber

Burgers, H. J.

Butler, E., Cincinnatti Art Club

Cabanel, Alexandre

Cabinet du Ministre

Carl-Rosa, Mario

Cauffman, Sig. J.

Chamberlin, W. H., Loyal Legion

Chambre des Deputes

Champney, J. Wells


Cincinnatti Commercial Office

Ckenbracher (?), T.

Cleveland, Lucy

Collins, M.

Constant, Benjamin

Corrington (?), John

Cortissoz, Royal

Courtois, Gustave

Crefeu, Etienne

Cramer, Mary (letter of introduduction to President Ulysses S. Grant)

Crawrford, Emily

Cummings, Dorothy

Dagnan, P.A.J.

Dal-, Leon

Dameron, E.

Danzinger, Rosa

Davis, Charles (?)

Davis, Margaret S.

de Campan, P.

De Chavannes, P.

de Czachorski, Ladislas

de Lambert, Marguerite

de Luce, Percival

de Mun, Albert

d'Almeida, W. B.

D'Ozouville, A.

deJean, A.

Delabbe (?), A.

Dennis, W. J.

Dessar, Louis

Dix, M. (?), miniature painter

Dodge, Harrison H.

Doubouchet, G.

Dougan, D. H.

Drapeau, Le

Du Nimes (?), Renee

Dubouchet, M./Mme.

Dupain, Edmund

Dupre, Julien

Dustin, Silas S. (?)

Dyer, Charles Gifford

Ech-, A.

Edgar, Oscar

Ehrich, Louis R.

Erefey (?)

Ezekiel, Moses-Jakob

Faber, L. E.

Ferrier, Gabriel

Fertiault, François

Field, painter

Flameng, François

Fleury, J. (?) Robert

Fleury, Jean

Ford, Sheridan

Frebauly (?)

Fuster, Charles

Ga-, Jules

Galland, Bertha

Gardner, Elisabeth

Garnier, Edouard

Garvier (?), Edward


Goshorn, A. S. (Director Cincinnati Museum Association)

Gross, P. A.

Guay, Gabriel

Guillaumet, P.

Guygellion, Louise (?)

H-, Edumnd

Halsted, W.

Hardeman, Elizabeth

Haquette, Georges

Harper & Bros.

Harper's Weekly

Hartmann, Sad-

Hassaurek, Frederick

Haven, Daisy

Haymes, H.

Healy, G.P.A.

Hébert, Ernest

Henger, Thomas E. (?)

Henry, Edward L.

Hoebel, Arthur, -- New York Times

Homer, W. H.

Hooper, Lucy

Howe, W. H.

Hustin, M./Mme.

Ingalls, M. E.


Jacob, Stephen

James, Maj. F. B. (Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States)

Jansen, P.


Johnson, Brigadier General R. W.

Jordan, D. M.

Kaplan, A. O.

Kauffmann, S. H. (?), Corcoran

Knight, Ridgway

Knoedler, R. F.

Kroyer (?), F.


L-ington, W.P.L.

Lamar, L.Q.C., Secretary of the Interior (letter of introduction)


Lassaille, M.

Lau-, Frederick S.

Laugee, Georges

Le E-, L. M.

Le Leusche, L. M. (?)

Le Roux, Hector


Lefebvre, Jules

Leighton, Frederic

Leipziger, H. M.

Leisten (or Leister), Jacobus

Leunier (?)

Lhermitte, Leon

Loyal Legion of the United States

Miles, Roger

Mabel-Trevor, Helen (?)

MacPherson, G. G.

Madden, Thomas

Maignan, Albert

Marks, Montague

Masson, Charles, Ministere de l'Instruction Publique

Mayer, Henry

Mayers, Nathan

Mayers, C.

Mehaus, C. H. (?)

Meikie (?), H.

Melchers, Gari

Merson, Luc Olivier

Mielziner, Leo

Mieuer, D. J.

Miller, Juanita

Miller, L. W., Art Club of Philadelphia

Ministere de l'Instruction Publique et des Beaux-Arts

Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres

Moch, M. E.

Mocker, Melchior

Moeselagen, F.

Moeselagen, J.

Moffat, W. D.

Morris, A. K., YMCA

Morton, Levi Parsons

Moses, Otto A.

Moses-Jacob, Ezekiel

Mosler, Agnes

Mosler, Edith

Mosler, Gustave

Mourges, Robert


Mücke, Heinrich

Mullin, Alex J.

Murphy, J. Francis

Neal, David

New York Herald

Nicoll, J. C., National Academy of Design

Niehaus, Charles H.

Noble, S.

Noble, T. S.

Nontet, D.

Ollendorf, Gustave

Paine, H. G., -- Harper's Weekly

Palmer, Ray

Panhauts, C. M. (?)

Partridge, William Ordway

Pearce, Charles Sprague

Pelouse, Leon Germain

Pengelly, W. G.

Petitjean, E.


Picknell, William L.

Pleinpent (?), F. B.

Plimpton, C. A.

Porral, Jules

Profesional Photographer's Society of New York

Race, G. F.

Rae, Alison

Rea, John S.

Read, Thomas Buchanan

Reid, J. (?)

Rettig, John

Richards, Renée

Reid, Robert S.

Rongier, Jeanne

Rosenberg, H.

Rosenthal, Albert

Rosenthal, Toby E.

Roth, Th. (?)

Royal Academy (invitation)

Ruze, Adolphe

Sherard, Robert (?)

Saile, Fernand

Saint-, G.

Sardey, V.

Sayler, Nelson (letter of introduction)

Schatz, Joseph L.

Schaus, W (?)

Scribe, Fernand

Seissen, F. (?)

Sh-, R. M.

Shearard, Robert M.

Simmons, Sallie M.

Skinnner, Otis

Smillie, George

Smith, Rufus H.


Stanton, Theodore

Surand, Gustave

Thierot, J. H.

Thompson, Harry

Thouron, Henry

Townsend, George Alfred

Trebaulz, T.

Trioche, Gen.

Turner, C. Y.

Turner, Henry

Turquel, Edmund: see Ministere de l'Instruction Publique et des Beaux-Arts

Turquet, Henry

Turquet, M.

Turquet, Octavie

United States Army, Sheridan, Lt. General Philip Henry (letters introducing Mosler)

United States Department of the Interior (letters introducing Mosler)

Vanderstraeyen, L.

Vaul, Eugene

Vauthier, Pierre

Vele-, Gustave

Vey-, J.

Vezin, Charles

Vidal, E.

Vignaud, Henry

Volksblatt, Cincinnati

von Catharin, D. (from Henry Mosler)

von Piloty, Carl

Vonnoh, Robert W.

Voruz, E.

Vower, J.

Wameron, Peter

Watrous, H. W.

Wattson, A. Francis

Webber, C. T.

Weeks, E. L.

Whistler, J. McNeill (1 calling card)

Wight, Moses

William, Moses

Wismile, William

Worms, Henry

Worms, Ida

Wright, M.

Y-, Edmond


Collection Restrictions:
Use of original papers requires an appointment.
Collection Rights:
The Henry Mosler papers are owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.
Collection Citation:
Henry Mosler papers, 1856-1929. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
AAA.moslhenr, Series 2
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