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Belle Krasne Ribicoff papers, 1942-circa 2010, bulk 1945-2004

Krasne, Belle  Search this
D'Harnoncourt, Rene  Search this
Ritchie, Andrew Carnduff  Search this
Dorazio, Piero  Search this
Greenberg, Clement  Search this
Ferren, John  Search this
Morris, George L. K. (George Lovett Kingsland)  Search this
Ashton, Dore  Search this
Ribicoff, Abraham  Search this
Soby, James Thrall  Search this
Parsons, Estelle  Search this
Arp, Jean  Search this
Foote, Horton  Search this
Van Doren, Mark  Search this
Gottlieb, Adolph  Search this
Rosenborg, Ralph M.  Search this
Travers, P. L. (Pamela Lyndon),  Search this
Kazan, Elia  Search this
Bloom, Claire  Search this
Skinner, Cornelia Otis  Search this
Fitzsimmons, James  Search this
Greene, Balcomb  Search this
Lebrun, Rico  Search this
Albee, Edward  Search this
Roszak, Theodore  Search this
Chelimsky, Oscar Paul  Search this
Pearlstein, Philip  Search this
Geist, Sidney  Search this
Kelly, Ellsworth  Search this
Richardson, Edgar Preston  Search this
Bazaine, Jean  Search this
De Vries, Peter  Search this
Shapiro, Karl Jay  Search this
Lamos, Mark  Search this
Holty, Carl  Search this
Yunkers, Adja  Search this
Frankenthaler, Helen  Search this
Benn, Ben  Search this
Krautheimer, Richard  Search this
Saarinen, Eero  Search this
Valentin, Curt  Search this
Bailey, William  Search this
Graham, John D. (John Dabrowsky)  Search this
Dorazio, Virginia Dortch  Search this
Smith, David  Search this
Matisse, Pierre  Search this
Cornell, Joseph  Search this
Salpeter, Harry  Search this
Storm King Art Center  Search this
Wadsworth Atheneum  Search this
Drafts (documents)
Illustrated letters
Christmas cards
Art critics  Search this
Art, American  Search this
Editors  Search this
Art  Search this
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Data Source:
Archives of American Art
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Catherine Viviano Gallery records, 1930-1990, bulk 1949-1978

Catherine Viviano Gallery.  Search this
Hirshhorn, Joseph H.  Search this
Ludgin, Earle  Search this
Dorazio, Piero  Search this
McCray, Porter A.  Search this
Wakabayashi, Kazuo  Search this
Ossorio, Alfonso A.  Search this
Seeger, Stanley J.  Search this
Fleischman, Lawrence Arthur  Search this
Van Veen, Stuyvesant  Search this
Manrique, César  Search this
Glasco, Joseph  Search this
Myers, John Bernard  Search this
Mabe, Manabu  Search this
Broderson, Robert M  Search this
Rathbone, Perry Townsend  Search this
Dudensing, F. Valentine  Search this
Miró, Joan  Search this
Stout, George L. (George Leslie)  Search this
Birolli, Renato  Search this
Callery, Mary  Search this
Yunkers, Adja  Search this
Barker, Walter  Search this
Tanning, Dorothea  Search this
Fleischman, Barbara G.  Search this
Pulitzer, Joseph  Search this
Moyens, H. Marc  Search this
Rosenthal, Bernard M.  Search this
Gopel, Erhard  Search this
Afro  Search this
Valentin, Curt  Search this
Faison, S. Lane (Samson Lane)  Search this
Sage, Kay  Search this
Rockefeller, Nelson A. (Nelson Aldrich)  Search this
Bareiss, Walter  Search this
Goodhue, Bertram Grosvenor  Search this
Dubuffet, Jean  Search this
Cox, Jan  Search this
Viviano, Catherine  Search this
Eisendrath, William N.  Search this
Shapiro, Meyer  Search this
Guerrero, José  Search this
Lerner, Abe  Search this
Krasne, Belle  Search this
Bishop, Elizabeth  Search this
Ernst, Dallas  Search this
Morlotti, Ennio  Search this
Perlin, Bernard  Search this
Giacometti, Alberto  Search this
Gopel, Barbara  Search this
Baker, Richard Brown  Search this
Dorazio, Virginia Dortch  Search this
Minguzzi, Luciano  Search this
Price, Vincent  Search this
Meltzer, Doris  Search this
Genauer, Emily  Search this
Graves, Morris  Search this
Menil, Dominique de  Search this
Chaet, Bernard  Search this
Miller, Stephen Robeson  Search this
Ashton, Dore  Search this
Art Institute of Chicago  Search this
Detroit Institute of Arts  Search this
American Federation of Arts  Search this
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.  Search this
American Academy of Arts and Letters  Search this
Harvard University. Germanic Museum  Search this
Los Angeles County Museum  Search this
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)  Search this
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston  Search this
Brooklyn Museum  Search this
Fogg Art Museum  Search this
Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)  Search this
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center  Search this
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts  Search this
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts  Search this
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston  Search this
Wadsworth Atheneum  Search this
World House Galleries  Search this
Barnes Foundation  Search this
Carnegie Institute  Search this
City Art Museum of St. Louis  Search this
Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Search this
Philadelphia Art Alliance  Search this
Walker Art Center  Search this
Santa Barbara Museum of Art  Search this
University of Virginia  Search this
Art Club of Chicago  Search this
Des Moines Art Center  Search this
Mary Washington College  Search this
William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art and Mary Atkins Museum of Fine Arts  Search this
Yale University.Art & Architecture Library  Search this
Sculpture  Search this
Art galleries, Commercial  Search this
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Art  Search this
Painting  Search this
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The Art Market
Lives of American Artists
Art Gallery Records
Data Source:
Archives of American Art
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Belle Krasne letter to Philip Pavia, 1954 May 14

Krasne, Belle  Search this
Pavia, Philip  Search this
Art, American  Search this
Record number:
Lives of American Artists
Data Source:
Archives of American Art

Ben Benn Correspondence

Collection Creator:
Benn, Ben, 1884-  Search this
Archival materials
1915-1993, undated
Scope and Contents note:
Chronological professional and personal letters received by Ben Benn relating to exhibitions, affiliations with various artists' groups, and relationships with other artists and friends. Found are letters from Alfred Barr, Holger Cahill, Juliana Force, Sidney Geist, Kaj Klitgaard, Rowan and Irene LeCompte, Audrey McMahon, Elie and Viola Nadelman, Samuel Rosenblum, Harry Salpeter, and Hugh Stix, and various art galleries and museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Newark Museum, and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the Walker Art Center Also found is correspondence from containing letters from Hudson Walker and others, relating to Benn's one-man exhibition; included are price lists of Benn's paintings.

See Appendix for list of notable correspondents from Series 2.1. and 2.3.
Appendix: Notable Correspondents from Series 2.1. and 2.3.:
Abbott, Jere, (See The Museum of Modern Art)

American Artists' Congress, 1936 (1 letter)

American British Art Center, 1944 (1 letter

American Federation of the Arts, 1959 (1 letter)

American Society of Painters, Sculptors, and Gravers, 1935-1936 (3 letters)

American Society for Technion, Women's Division, Israel Institute of Technology, 1958 (4 letters)

Anderson Galleries, The, 1922 (2 letters)

Arden Studios, Inc., 1931 (1 letter)

Art Appreciation Movement, 1942

Art For Living, 1949 (1 letter)

Art USA, 1959 (2 letters)

Artists Equity Association, 1951 (1 letter)

Artists' Gallery, The, 1937-1956 (11 letters)

Artists' and Sculptors' Division, Joint Distribution Committee, 1938 (1 letter)

Artists for Victory, 1943 (1 letter)

Artists Welfare Fund, Inc., 1973 (1 letter)

Associated American Artists, 1942 (1 letter)

Avery, Milton, 1930 (1 letter)

Barr, Alfred A., 1953-1956 (2 letters): See also The Museum of Modern Art

Baziotes, William, 1942 (1 letter)

Beer-Monti, Federica, (See The Artists' Gallery)

Bender, William H., 1968 (1 letter)

Benton, Tom, undated (1 letter)

Benton, Rita and Tom, 1925 (1 letter)

Benton, Rita, 1926-1928, undated (2 letters)

Biddle, George, 1949-1950 (3 letters)

Bluemner, Oscar, 1918-1932 (2 letters)

Blume, Peter, (See The National Institute of Arts and Letters)

Board, Brewster, (See First Municipal Art Exhibition)

Bourgeois Galleries, 1917-1918 (5 letters)

Bourgeois, P., (See Bourgeois Galleries)

Bourgeois, S., (See Bourgeois Galleries)

Breckinridge, Mrs. Henry, (See City of New York, Municipal Art Committee)

Brooklyn Museum, 1931-1932 (4 letters)

Brown, George Lippincott, 1922 (1 letter)

Brownell-Lamberston Galleries, 1930 (1 letter)

Bruckel, Fred H., (See Montross Gallery)

Bry, Edith, (See Artists' and Sculptors' Division, Joint Distribution Committee)

Bummell, Peter, (See The Museum of Modern Art)

Burck, Jacob, (See New Masses)

Cahill, Holger, (See First Municipal Art Exhibition): See also Works Progress

Administration/Federal Art Project

Carmel, Hilda, (See Artists Welfare Fund)

Chidsey, Alan C., 1937 (1 letter)

City of New York, Municipal Art Committee, 1936 (3 letters)

Coady, R.W., 1915-1918 (5 letters)

Codry, Patrick, (See New Masses)

Coffey, Katherine, (See The Newark Museum)

Cohen, Mildred, (See College Art Association)

College Art Association, 1932-1936 (5 letters; 1 press release)

Committee of Five/League for American Citizenship, 1928 (1 letter)

Corcoran Gallery of Art, The, 1938 (1 letter)

Dasburg, Andrew, 1921, undated (2 letters)

Educational Art Alliance, 1944 (1 letter)

The Day, 1935 (1 letter)

Egan, Charles, (See Egan Gallery)

Egan Gallery, 1946 (1 letter)

Elliott, James H., 1954 (1 letter)

Fair Lawn Art Association, The, 1950 (1 letter)

Ferargil Galleries, 1934 (1 letter)

First Municipal Art Exhibition, 1934 (2 letters)

Fisher, William, 1917-1925 (5 letters)

Fitzgerald, Eleanor M., The Studio Theatre, 1941 (2 letters)

Force, Juliana, (See Whitney Museum of American Art)

Ford Foundation, The, 1958-1960 (7 letters)

Forum Exhibition Committee, The, 1916 (6 letters)

Fraser, Joseph T., (See The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts)

Frueh, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred, 1916 (1 invitation)

Frueh, Alfred, 1917 (1 invitation)

Frueh, Giuliette, 1923 (1 letter)

Geist, Sidney, 1939-1959 (35 letters)

Gerdts, William H., (See The Newark Museum)

Glassgold, C. Adolph, (See Whitney Museum of American Art)

Goff, Carleton, (See Providence Art Club)

Gollomb, Joseph, 1931, undated (2 letters)

Goodyear, A. Conger, (See The Museum of Modern Art)

Hale, Robert Beverly, (See The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Hamlin, Elizabeth, (See Brooklyn Museum)

Hanna Ray, (See John Wanamaker New York)

Harris, Ruth F., (See The New York Times)

Hartley, Marsden, 1934 (1 postcard)

Hellman, George, 1926-1927 (2 letters): See also The New Gallery

Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, 1974 (1 letter)

Horch, Louis L., (See Roerich Museum)

Irvine, Rosalind, (See Whitney Museum of American Art)

Johnston, E.M., (See Bourgeois Galleries)

Katz, Harry, The Library of Congress, 1993 (1 letter)

Kent, H.W., (See The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Klitgaard, Georgina and Kaj, 1920 (1 letter)

Klitgaard, Kaj, 1921-1936, undated (8 letters)

Korzenik, Lillian, (See American Society for Technion, Women's Division, Israel Institute of Technology

Krasne, Bell, 1954-1955 (2 letters)

Kruse, Alexander Z., 1941 (1 letter)

Kuniyoshi, Yasuo, (See American Artists' Congress)

LaGuardia, Fiorello, 1941 (1 letter)

Lambertson, Dorothy, (See Brownell-Lambertson Galleries)

Lang, Gladys V., (See The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Laurent, Robert, 1920 (1 letter)

Lechay, James, 1971 (1 letter)

LeCompte, Rowan, 1949-1953 (12 letters)

LeCompte, Irene and Rowan, 1952-1967 (12 letters)

LeCompte, Irene, 1951-1953 (4 letters)

Lerner, Abram, (See Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden)

Lewis, Robert, 1950-1952 (5 letters)

Lowry, W. McNeill, (See The Ford Foundation)

McBride, Henry, 1932 (1 letter)

McCausland, Elizabeth, 1951 (1 letter)

McKinney, Roland, (See Pepsi-Cola's Fifth Annual Art Competition): See also The Metropolitan Museum of Art

McMahon, Audrey, (See College Art Association)

Mallette, Alice, (See The Museum of Modern Art)

Marantz, Evelyn, (See Art For Living)

Marvel, Josiah P., The Springfield Museum of Art, 1932 (2 letters)

Meeting Place, The, 1931, (2 letters)

Metropolitan Museum of Art, The, 1939-1957 (8 letters)

Miller, Ann, (See The Fair Lawn Art Association)

Minnigerode, C. Powell, (See The Corcoran Gallery of Art)

Montross Gallery, 1930 (1 letter)

More, Hermon, (See Whitney Museum of American Art)

Museum of Modern Art, The, 1931-1951, undated (5 letters)

Musgrove, Louis, 1935-1954, undated (4 letters)

Musgrove, Nonnie, 1963 (1 letter)

Nadelman, Elie, 1915 (1 letter): in French

Nadelman, Elie and Viola, 1921-1947, undated 6 letters)

Nadelman, Viola, 1925-1929 (4 letters)

National Society of American Art, 1934 (2 letters)

Nestor, Bernard and Dudley Pratt, (See Seattle Art Museum)

New Gallery, The, 1926-1927 (2 letters)

New Masses, 1933 (3 letters)

Newark Museum, The, 1958 (4 letters)

New York Times, The, 1938-1957 (2 letters)

Nordness, Lee, (See Art USA)

Ostrowsky, Abbo, (See Educational Art Alliance)

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, The, 1942-1965 (3 letters)

Pepsi-Cola's Fifth Annual Art Competition, 1948 (3 letters)

Phillips Memorial Gallery, 1929 (1 letter)

Providence Art Club, 1965 (3 letters)

Rickey, George, 1936 (1 letter)

Ritchie, Andrew C., (See The Museum of Modern Art)

Robinson, Eleanor, (See Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.)

Rockefeller, Mrs. John D., 1940 (1 letter)

Roerich, Horch L., (See Roerich Museum)

Roerich Museum, 1936 (1 letter)

Rogovin, Howard, 1956 (4 letters)

Rollins, Lloyd L., 1944 (3 letters): See also Works Progress Administration/Federal Art Project

Ross, Sidney, (See Theatre in Art Exhibition)

Rowan, Edward B., (See Treasury Department, Section of Painting and Sculpture)

Saarinen, Aline B., (See The New York Times)

Salpeter, Harry, (See Harry Salpeter Gallery, Inc.)

Harry Salpeter Gallery, Inc., 1956-1961 (11 letters)

Seattle Art Museum, 1933 (1 letter)

Shahn, Ben, 1949 (1 letter)

Slatkin, Charles E., (See Charles E. Slatkin Galleries)

Charles E. Slatkin Galleries, Inc., 1959 (1 letter)

Society of Independent Artists, The, 1923 (1 letter)

Marie Sterner Fine Arts, 1930 (1 letter)

Stix, Hugh, 1930-1960 (6 letters): See also The Artists' Gallery

Theatre in Art Exhibition, 1932 (2 letters)

Treasury Department, Section of Painting and Sculpture, 1934 (1 letter)

Tschudy, Herbert B., (See Brooklyn Museum)

Usher, Elizabeth, (See The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Van Deventer, S., Kröller-Müller Museum, 1924 (1 letter)

Varian , Dorothy, 1937 (1 letter)

Von Groschwitz, Gustave, (See Ferargil Galleries)

Walker Art Center, 1953-1954 (17 letters)

Walker, Hudson, 1948-1958 (6 letters): See also Hudson Walker Art Center

Walkowitz, Abraham, 1928 (1 letter)

John Wanamaker New York, 1934 (1 letter)

Wehle, Harry B., (See The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Weichsel, John, The People's Guild, 1915 (1 letter)

Whitney Museum of American Art (pre-1930: Whitney Studio Club), 1927-1950, undated (16 letters)

Woodstock Artists Association, 1977 (1 letter)

Works Progress Administration/Federal Art Project, 1935-1936 (2 letters)

Wright, Willard Huntington, (See The Forum Exhibition Committee)

Yiddisher Kultur Farband, 1951 (1 letter)

Zorach, William, 1916 (1 letter)

Notable Correspondents from Series 2.3: Velida Benn Correspondence, 1906-1963

Art Foundation, The, 1943 (Page proof of advertisement for Art News)

Ashton, Dore, The New York Times, 1958 (1 letter)

Avery, Sally, 1934 (1 letter)

Benton, Rita, 1925 (2 letters)

Bluemner, Oscar, undated (1 letter)

Bouché, Louis, 1918 (2 letters)

Champanier, Abram, 1933 (1 letter)

City of New York, The, Department of Parks, 1915 (Permit to paint and sketch in the boroughs of Manhattan and Richmond)

Columbia University, 1928-1929 (4 letters)

Force, Juliana, 1933 (1 letter)

Freeman, Anne, (See Juliana Force)

Furlong, Tomás, 1909-1911 (3 letters; 1 letter in Spanish)

Geist, Sidney, 1941-1949 (14 letters)

Hartley, Marsden, 1934 (1 postcard, surname omitted)

Haskell, Juliana, (See Columbia University)

Hitchings, Elisabeth J., College Art Association 1935 (1 letter)

Kelly, Anne, (See Mrs. John D. Rockefeller)

Klitgaard, Kaj, undated (1 note)

LeCompte, Irene, 1951-1953, (2 letters)

LeCompte, Rowan and Robert Lewis, 1949 (1 letter)

Mora, Luis F., 1911 (1 letter in Spanish)

Nadelman, Viola, 1942 (1 letter)

Osma, Julio, 1923-1924 (4 letters: 2 letters in Spanish)

Rockefeller, Mrs. John D., 1931 (1 letter)

Rollins, Lloyd, 1944 (2 postcards)

Salpeter, Betty and Harry, 1956 (1 letter)

Salpeter, Harry, 1960 (1 postcard)

Sanger, William, 1915 (1 letter)

Stella, Joseph, 1918 (1 letter)

Stieglitz, Alfred, 1925 (1 letter)

Weber, Max, 1918 (1 letter)

Weischel, Mr. and Mrs., 1915 (1 postcard)

Zorach, Marguerite, 1915-1916 (2 letters)
Collection Restrictions:
The collection is open for research. Use requires an appointment and is limited to the Washington, D.C. research facility.
Collection Rights:
The Ben Benn papers are owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.
Collection Citation:
Ben Benn papers, 1905-1993. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
AAA.bennben, Subseries 2.1
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