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Hildesheim, Erik

Collection Creator:
Weeks, E. D. "Hud" (Evert D.)  Search this
Box 1, Folder 9
Archival materials
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E. D. "Hud" Weeks Collection, Acc. 1985-0004, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
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E. D. "Hud" Weeks Collection
Archival Repository:
National Air and Space Museum Archives

Hildesheim, Erik

Collection Creator:
Weeks, E. D. "Hud" (Evert D.)  Search this
Box 1, Folder 10
Archival materials
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Collection Citation:
E. D. "Hud" Weeks Collection, Acc. 1985-0004, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
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E. D. "Hud" Weeks Collection
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National Air and Space Museum Archives

Med staalnerver; motorfolkene i verdenskrigen paa jorden, vandet og i luften, af Erik Hildesheim. Med 50 illustrationer og en samling flyverbreve

Hildesheim, Erik  Search this
Physical description:
171 p. illus. 21 cm
World War, 1914-1918--Transportation  Search this
World War, 1914-1918--Naval operations  Search this
World War, 1914-1918--Naval operations--Submarine  Search this
World War, 1914-1918--Aerial operations  Search this
Motorization, Military  Search this
Call number:
D639.S2 H5X
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

The book of balloons. Translated and rev. by Erik Hildesheim

Nørgaard, Erik  Search this
Hildesheim, Erik  Search this
Physical description:
200 pages illustrations 28 cm
Balloons--History  Search this
Call number:
TL616 .N769 E1971
TL616.N769 E1971
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

E. D. "Hud" Weeks Collection

Weeks, E. D. "Hud" (Evert D.)  Search this
Early Birds of Aviation (Organization).  Search this
Allison, Lawrence M.  Search this
Arens, Charles A., 1895-1967  Search this
Brock, Walter L.  Search this
Hildesheim, Erik  Search this
Jones, Ernest La Rue, 1883-1955  Search this
Morehouse, Harold E., 1894-1973  Search this
Parker, Will D.  Search this
Tibbs, Burrell  Search this
Waterman, Walter D.  Search this
Weeks, E. D. "Hud" (Evert D.)  Search this
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Archival materials
Collection descriptions
Hud Weeks, pilot and restorer of early aircraft, exchanged correspondence with many early aviators and possessed a strong interest in the career of the exhibition pilot Lincoln Beachey.
Scope and Contents:
This collection consists primarily of correspondence between E. D. "Hud" Weeks, a cosmetics manufacturer and aviation enthusiast from Des Moines, IO and various aviation personalities and members of the Early Birds, a not-for-profit organization established in 1928 and composed of persons who had piloted an aircraft or airship prior to 17 December 1916. The collection also includes material gathered by Weeks on early aeronautical events, both in the US and abroad. Included within this collection are newspaper articles on Lincoln Beachey's life and tragic death, a great deal of photographs of the daring aeronaut and correspondence between Hud Weeks and former colleagues of Beachey's such as Art Mix and Warren Eaton.
Arrangement note:
The E.D. "Hud" Weeks Collection contains approximately one cubic foot of material, including photographs, printed, typewritten and handwritten material. It was donated to the National Air and Space Museum (NASM) in two installments in 1985 (accessions 1 985-0004 and 1985-0006).

Original order of the materials, where identified, has been maintained.

Series in the collection are as follows: Series I: Personal Series II: Correspondence Series III: Lincoln Beachey Series IV: Oversized materials
Biographical/Historical note:
Evert D. "Hud" Weeks of Des Moines, Iowa, first learned to fly in 1930. It was an experience that would guide his future life. A cosmetics manufacturer by trade, Weeks devoted his spare time to the collection and restoration of antique aircraft and the recreation of pioneer aircraft. To further this avocation, Weeks entered into correspondence with many early aviators and fellow collectors. Several of these were Early Birds, members of an organization having the distinction of soloing before December 17, 1916. Weeks possessed a strong interest in the career of the exhibition pilot, Lincoln Beachey.
E. D. "Hud" Weeks, gift, 1985, 1985-0004
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Aeronautics -- 1903-1916  Search this
Wright (Co) Model G Aeroboat  Search this
Aeronautics  Search this
Periodicals  Search this
E. D. "Hud" Weeks Collection, Acc. 1985-0004, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
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E. D. "Hud" Weeks Collection
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National Air and Space Museum Archives
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Postal pioneer flights of the United States / by Erik Hildesheim

Hildesheim, Erik  Search this
Former owner:
Steptoe, T. E. DSI  Search this
Physical description:
45 p. : ill. ; 20 cm
United States
Between 1929 and 1939?]
Air mail service--History  Search this
Call number:
HE6496 .H64 1929
HE6496.H64 1929
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Appendix II: Membership List

Collection Creator:
Early Birds of Aviation (Organization).  Search this
Archival materials
Scope and Contents note:
The following listing represents the membership of The Early Birds of Aviation, Inc. as reflected in the roster of January 1, 1989, the latest in the collection.

Abberly, Nicholas R.

Acker, Steadham

Acre, Raynold E.

Addems, Walter J.

Aitken, William R.

Aldasoro, Eduardo

Aldasoro, Juan Pablo

Alfaro-Fournier, H.

Allan, A. Livingston

Allen, Walter E.

Allison, Lawrence M.

Allison, Malcolm G.

Amory, Francis I.

Arcier, A. Francis

Arens, Charles A.

Armor, Robert J.

Armstrong, Edward R.

Armstrong, Robert T.

Arnold, George B.

Arnold, H.H.

Aston, Arthur

Astor, Vincent

Atkinson, B.M.

Atwood, Harry N.

Auer, Stuart F.

Ausmus, Reinhardt N.

Avery, William

Babcock, Verne C.

Bacon, W. Barlett

Bagnell, Edgar W.

Baldwin, Frederick W.

Baldwin, William Ivy

Balsley, H. Clyde

Bangs, Niel

Barber, Horatio

Barnaby, Ralph S.

Barnhart, George E.

Barnitz, Richard B.

Barry, Rutledge B.

Bates, Carl S.

Bates, Edmond E.

Bates, Mortimer F.

Batts, Carl T.

Beachey, Hillery

Beatty, George W.

Beilgard, Harvey A.

Bell, Frank

Bellanca, Giuseppe .M.

Bellande, Edward A.

Bellinger, Patrick N.L.

Bennett, Joseph S.

Bishop, Lester F.

Bjorklund, Filip A.

Bleriot, Louis

Blondin, Joseph A.

Boal, Pierre deL.

Boland, Edward R.

Boland, Joseph J.

Bolognesi, Alfred

Bonnalie, Allen F.

Borkland, C.R.

Bouldin, William, III

Bounds, Overton M.

Boyd, George N.

Boyer, Philip

Brabazon, Jesse C.

Brabazon, Lord of Tara

Bradley, Eric T.

Bragg, Caleb S.

Brauninger, Fred H.

Bredouw, Homer L.

Brejuet, Louis C.

Brereton, Lewis H.

Brett, George H.

Brivonesi, Bruno

Broadwick, Georgia "Tiny"

Brock, Walter L.

Brock, William S.

Brookins, Walter R.

Brooks, John B.

Brower, Gerald E.

Brown, Harold H.H.

Brown, Harry B.

Brown, Lawrence W.

Brown, Ralph M.

Brown, W. Norman

Bruno, Harry A.

Bryan, John C.

Bryan, Mahlon P.

Bryant, Alys McKey

Bryant, Frank M.

Budwig, Gilbert G.

Bullock, Walter R.

Burge, Vernon L.

Burnelli, Vincent J.

Burns, Arthur C.

Burnside, Frank H.

Burwell, Paul V.

Caldwell, Jeanette Doty

Callan, J. Lansing

Canady, Buel H.

Canady, Leon E.

Carberry, Joseph E.

Carolin, Norbert J.

Carr, Walter J.

Carroll, Philip A.

Carter, Ralph B.

Carter, Verne

Cato, Joseph L.

Cessna, Clyde V.

Chandler, Alfred N.

Chandler, C. deF.

Chapman, Carleton G.

Christie, Arthur R.

Christmas, William W.

Christofferson, Harry P.

Church, Everitt Vail

Clark, George Russell

Clark, Virginius E.

Claverie, Armand W.

Clinger, W.R.

Coffyn, Frank T.

Coombs, Clarence B.

Cogswell, Stewart W.

Cooper, John D.

Copland, Harry D.

Courtney, Frank T.

Cramer, Parker D.

Crawford, Harvey

Crewdson, Harry B.

Cross, W. Redmond

Crowell, Kent

Culver, H. Paul

Cunningham, A.A.

Curran, John F.

Curry, John F.

Curtis, Greely S.

Curtiss, Glenn H.

Custer, L. Luzerne

Daniell, John B.

Dargue, Herbert A.

Daugherty, Earl S.

Davidson, Howard C.

Davis, Stuart V.

Davis, Walter C., Sr.

Davison, F. Trubee

Day, Charles H.

Day, Curtiss L

DeBustamente, Antonio S.

DeFlores, Luis

DeGiers, Clarence A.

DeHart, Dana C.

DeKor, Fred Korstad

DeMitkiewicz, Serigius

Denehie, William A.

Depew, Richard H., Jr.

DeRemer, Lionel H.

DeVillard, Jean F.

Dick, Farman R.

Diehl, William C.

Diggins, Ralph C.

Doherty, William E.

Dolan, Charles H., II

Dollfus, Charles

Domenjos, John

Doolittle, Burton M.

Dora, Henry

Dowd, Raymond E.

Duede, Carl H.

Dunlap, David E.

Dunsworth, James L.

DuPont, Francis V.

Eaton, Warren S.

Ecker, Herman A.

Eckert, Samuel B.

Edgerly, John P.

Ekstrom, Gustav J.

Ellis, Frank H.

Ellyson, Theodore G.

Elton, Albert

Emerson, Raffe

Engel, Albert J.

Ennis, LeRoy M.

Erickson, Louis G.

Ericson, Frithiof G.

Esnault-Pelterie, Robert

Este, J. Dickinson

Evans, Francis T.

Evers, W. Hendrick

Fabre, Henri

Fales, Elisha N.

Fay, Charles L.

Fenouillet, Louis A.

Ferguson, Harry

Ferron, Paul L.

Fish, Farnum

Fleischmann, Max C.

Fokker, Anthony H.G.

Ford, Harry H.

Forkner, Joseph R.

Foulois, Benjamin D.

Fowler, Harold S.

Fowler, Robert G.

Francis, Roy N.

Frantz, Joseph

Fray, William T.

Freund, John F.

Frolich, Arthur T.

Frost, Donald

Frost, John

Fullerton, Rutherford

Gammeter, John R.

Gantz, Harry

Garber, Paul E.

Garrison, Ben

Gates, Ivan R.

Gay, George

Gertson, Louis H.

Gibson, William W.

Gillespie, George S.

Goff, E.A., Jr.

Goodale, Frank W.

Goodier, Lewis E. Jr.

Gordon, Donald H.

Gorrell, Edgar S.

Graham, Harry T.

Grant, Charles H.

Grant, Rudolph R.

Graulich, Harry D.

Gray, George A.

Gray, John F.

Greene, William

Gregg, David

Gregor, Michael

Grundy, George D., Jr.

Gustafson, Emil

Hadley, Clifton O.

Hall, Ernest C.

Hallett, George E.A.

Halliday, Garnet R.

Hamilton, Thomas F.

Hammond, Lee

Hanks, Stedman S.

Hanley, Thomas J.

Harmon, Millard F.

Harper, William Jr.

Harris, Helen Hodge

Hartman, Arthur J.

Hartney, Harold E.

Hassell, B.R.J.

Hathorn, Charles E.

Haupt, William E.

Havens, Beckwith

Haviland, Willis B.

Hawley, Alan R.

Heard, Jack W.

Heath, E.B.

Heermance, Andrew H.

Heffernan, Leo G.

Heindell, Howard J.

Heinrich, Albert S.

Heinrich, Arthur O.

Henning, John C.

Herrman, Charles A.

Hess, Charles E.

Heth, Eugene

Hetlich, William A., Jr.

Hewitt, Robert P.

Hickey, John E.

Hild, Frederichk C.

Hildesheim, Erik

Hiller, Stanley

Hinkle, Edward F.

Hodgdon, Melvin W.

Holderman, Russell

Holterman, Edward H.

Holtzem, Max

Hoover, Frederick

Hoover, Orton W.

Horton, Clarence F.

Hummel, Fred

Humphreys, Frederick E.

Huntington, Howard

Hutchinson, Joseph R.

Irvin, Leslie L.

Jaquith, E. K.

Jenkins, William C.

Jerwan, Shakir S.

Johanssen, Christian

Johnson, Davenport

Johnson, Edward A.

Johnson, Frank M.

Johnson, James M.

Johnson, Louis

Johnson, Robert R.

Johnson, Victor G.

Johnson, Walter E.

Johnston, Archibald B.

Jones, Byron Q.

Jones, Ernest L.

Jones, Harry M.

Jordanoff, Assen

Kabitzke, J. William

Kaminski, John G.

Kantner, Harold D.

Kastory, Frank

Katchinsky, Victorin

Keane, Horace P.

Keightley, George M.

Kelly, Edward A.

Kennard, Ralph B.

Kennedy, Frank M.

Kilner, Walter G.

Kimball, Leo B.

Kimball, Wilbur R.

Kinderman, R.M.

King, Bertell W.

Kingsbury, Jerome

Kinney, James L.

Kirtland, Roy C.

Kiser, Daniel

Knabenshue, A. Roy

Knowlson, Roland S.

Koenig, Alfred

Koerbling, Auguste K.

Koger, Esten B.

Korn, Edward A.

Krull, James S.

Kuhl, Carl T.

LaGrone, John K.

Lahm, Frank P.

Laird, E.M.

Lamb, Dean

Lambert, Albert B.

Lamkey, William A.

Landrey, Jean M.

Latham, Boyd

LaVista, Frank W.

LeBoutillier, Oliver C.

Lee, E. Hamilton

Lee, Robert E.

Lees, Walter E.

Leighton, Bruce G.

Lenert, Willy

Leon, Lawrence

Lesh, Lawrence J.

Lewis, Samuel C.

Link, Goethe

Lissauer, Walter J.

Lockheed, Allan H.

Loening, Grover C.

Longren, Albin K.

Loudy, Flavius E.

Ludlow, Israel

Macauley, Theordore C.

MacDill, Leslie C.

MacDonald, Charles S.

MacFie, Robert F.

Marr, Kenneth

Mars, James C.

Marshall, R.C.

Martin, Glenn L.

Martin, Harold S.

Martin, James V.

Masson, Didier

Mattery, William A.

Maxim, Hiram Percy

McCalley, Jmes B.

McClaskey, J.W.

McCurdy, John A.D.

McDonnell, Edward O.

McIlvaine, William M.

McLaughlin, George F.

Meinecke, Emil

Meissner, George

Meredith, Russell L.

Messer, Glenn E.

Meyer, Cord

Meyers, Charles W.

Miller, Bernetta

Miller, Lestere

Miller, Lloyd E.

Miller, William C.

Milling, T. DeWitt

Mills, Frank

Minshall, Robert J.

Mix, Arthur H.

Moisant, Matilde

Moore, Robert S.

Morgan, Stuart A.

Morris, Raymond V.

Morriss, P.G.B

Munter, Herbert A.

Murray, George D.

Musick, Edwin C.

Myers, George F.

Naiden, Earl L.

Nelson, C.E.

Nelson, Nels J.

Netherwood, Douglas B.

Netzow, George

Nichols, John M.H.

North, Russell B.

Ober, Willy Otto

Oliver, Ruth Law

Olivier, Edward

Ovington, Earle L.

Page, George A.

Page, Stanley H.

Pallissard, Joseph M.

Park, Harry

Parker, Evan J.

Parker, Fred F.

Parker, Will D.

Parlá, Augustín

Parsons, Edwin C.

Patterson, Charles H.

Pattison, John W.

Pawlowski, Felix W.

Petre, John F.

Phillips, Luba

Pickerill, Elmo N.

Pickles, Sydney

Pierce, Percy

Pierce, Samuel S.

Post, Augustus

Post, Edwin M., Jr.

Post, George B.

Pound, Claude W.

Prest, Clarence O.

Prevost, Maurice L.

Prime, Frederick H.

Prince, Frederick H., Jr.

Probst, John D., Jr.

Proffitt, Ira J.

Prudden, George H.

Purcell, Sam A.

Rader, Ira A.

Ramsey, Dewitt C.

Rankin, Alexander

Ray, Arthur

Read, Albert C.

Reed, Charles

Reid, Andrew

Reid, Marshall E.

Reynolds, Clearton H.

Reynolds, Harry V.

Richards, Harrison H.C.

Richardson, Holden C.

Richmond, Arthur L.

Rinehart, Howard Max

Robinson, Hugh A.

Roche, Jean Alfred

Rockwell, Robert L.

Rockwell, Wallace L.

Roehrig, Bernard F.

Rohlfs, Roland

Rosillo, Domingo

Rosto, Oliver A.

Royce, Ralph

Russell, George F.

Rutshaw, Lucille Belmont

Salinas, Gustavo

Salinas-Carranza, Alberto

Saunders, Bert

Scanlon, Martin F.

Schauffer, William G.

Schoeber, Frank

Schroeder, Rudolf W.

Schultz, Edward G.

Scott, Blanche Stuart

Scragg, George H.

Scripps, William E.

Shafer, Howard M.

Shaffer, Cleve T.

Shaffer, Walter J.

Shank, Robert F.

Sharp, Samuel H.

Shaw, B. Russell

Sheahan, William H.

Shirley, A.P.

Shoemaker, Charles W.

Shoemaker, Joseph

Sikorsky, Igor I.

Simmons, Milton H.

Simmons, Oliver G.

Simon, Robert

Sims, Dorothy Peirce

Sinclair, Cecil

Smith, Albert D.

Smith, Hilder F.

Smith, James Floyd

Smith, Jay D.

Solbrig, Oscar A.

Sopwith, Sir Thomas O.M.

Spaatz, Carl T.

Spencer, Earl W., Jr.

Spencer, P.H.

Springer, Thomas Eric

Stadlman, Anthony

Stark, William M.

Stenrud, Arney P.

Steptoe, Thomas E.

Stetson, John B.

Stewart, Robert J.

Stinson, Edward A., Jr.

Stinson, Katherine

Stinson, Marjorie

Stratemayer, George E.

Stratton, John G.

Stockton, Paul R.

Stone, Arthur B.

Stone, E.F.

Studenski, Paul

Stupar, Max F.

Sunstedt, Hugo

Suppe, Harry B.

Suppe, William F.

Surini, Andrew M.

Sutro, Adolph G.

Sutton, John R.

Tabuteau, Maurice

Tarbox, Gurdon L.

Tevis, Lansing K.

Thaw, William

Thomas, Joseph H.

Thomas, Willliam T.

Thompson, De Lloyd

Thomsen, Carl H.

Tibbs, Charles Burrell

Tickell, Sam A.

Tiffany, Carter

Timm, Otto W.

Toncray, Henry E.

Torrey, Joseph R.

Towers, John H.

Turpin, J. Clifford

Tuttle, Horace B.

Tweed, John h.

Upson, Ralph H.

Van Arsdale, G.E.

Vandivort, Clifford C.

Vaughn, Stanley I.

Vernon, Victor

Verplanck, J.B. R.

Vilas, Jasck

Vincent, Sydney A.

Waite, H. Roy

Walden, Henry W.

Walker, L.L., Sr.

Warner, Arthur P.

Warren, Robert A.

Waterman, Waldo D.

Watson, Hugh

Webster, Clifford L.

Webster, Harry J.

Weeks, Elling O.

Wehrle, Howard F.

West, Charles F.

Whelan, Bernard L.

Wheaton, Ivan P.

Whitaker, John R. H.

Whiting, George Clarke

Whiting, Kenneth

Whitsett, Kirby L.

Wiggin, Charles D.

Wiggin, G. Livingston

Wilber, Paul S.

Wild, Horace B.

Wildman, Francis A.

Willard, Charles F.

Willets, William P.

Williams, George W., Jr.

Willis, Harold B.

Willoughby, Hugh L.

Wiseman, Fred J.

Witmer, Charles C.

Witteman, Charles R.

Wood, C. Murvin

Wright, Frank W.

Wright, Orville (Honorary Member)

Wright, Wilbur (Honorary Member)

Wright, Roderick M.

Wulpi, James M.

Wyman, Charles D.

Wysong, Forrest E.

Yager, George E.

Young, David H.

Young, Edward H.

Zistel, Errol H.
Collection Restrictions:
No restrictions on access
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Archival Repository:
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