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[Trade catalogs from E. F. Houghton & Co.]

Company Name:
E. F. Houghton & Co.  Search this
Notes content:
Oils and lubricants for hydraulics; steam cylinders; industrial plants; automobiles; diesel engines; leather; spindles; gears; mines; plastics industry. Lubricating grease; quenching and tempering oils; broaching oils; cutting oils; industrial greases. Fuel oil additives. Leather belting; belt fasteners; leather lace. Hydraulic and pneumatic leather packings; synthetic rubber packings. Textiles: hosiery silk softening oils; conditioning oils for fabrics and yarn; cotton warp sizing. Metal treatment products: metal cleaning processes and chemicals; acid and rust resisting metal coatings; liquid baths; pickling; salt baths; liquid carburizers. Cleaning agents. Rubber goods: hose; couplings; matting; packing; etc. Government/military product applications. Company publications: “Research Illustrated”; “The Houghton Line”; “Houghton News.” Technical papers.
Trade catalog and manual
Black and white images
Physical description:
280 pieces; 5 boxes
Type of material:
Trade catalogs
Trade literature
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Topic (Romaine term):
Cleaning tools and supplies  Search this
Engines and motors: steam; oil; gas; etc.  Search this
Foundries; supplies and equipment  Search this
Fuel (includes oil; petroleum; gas; coal; etc.)  Search this
Leather products; tanning and equestrian supplies  Search this
Military equipment and supplies (including uniforms)  Search this
Plastics and rubber  Search this
Textiles and textile machinery  Search this
Armed Forces -- Equipment  Search this
Cleaning compounds  Search this
Cleaning machinery and appliances  Search this
Coal  Search this
Engines  Search this
Foundries  Search this
Fuel  Search this
Leather industry and trade  Search this
Military supplies  Search this
Military uniforms  Search this
Motors  Search this
Petroleum  Search this
Plastics industry and trade  Search this
Rubber industry and trade  Search this
Tanning  Search this
Textile fabrics  Search this
Textile machinery industry  Search this
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Trade Literature at the American History Museum Library
Smithsonian Libraries Trade Literature Collections
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Smithsonian Libraries

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