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LL's Garden, 2011-2015

view LL's Garden, 2011-2015 digital asset number 1
Former owner:
Henson, Paul
Henson, Betty
Gibson, Lorelei
The Greensman
Westport Garden Club
Physical description:
1 folder+ 21 digital images
Mixed archival materials
United States of America, Kansas, Johnson, Mission Hills
Mission Hills
LL's Garden (Mission Hills, Kansas)
A side yard of 3000 square feet was transformed into a series of formal garden rooms with boxwood borders, brick walkways and strategically placed bronze sculptures. The large brick house had no views of the outdoors since the courtyard in back was covered by a Plexiglas conservatory, and the heart-shaped small courtyard at the front door was hidden by unpruned trees and boxwood. Tall trees on the neighbors' properties shaded the side yard which needed to be graded before boxwood hedges and brick walkways could be installed. Privacy was achieved by planting white pines, yew hedges and hemlock. A bluestone stepping stone path leads from the front of the house to the brick walkway and first garden room with perennial flower beds on either side of the walk and a large planted urn at the end of the walk. On the other side of the boxwood hedge there is an herb garden with dwarf fruit trees planted in containers and some of the owners' collection of millstones used to contain individual plants. A small kitchen garden is sited next to the house across the main walkway. Bronze sculptures with azaleas, hydrangea and vinca and lirope groundcovers are next in the progression to the rear of the property. There one finds a miniature garden and cutting garden with an armillary sphere and an arbor.
In the courtyard behind the house there are dogwood and hydrangea and white flowers bordered by boxwood, and a central brick fountain with a putti and goldfish; the conservatory was removed. The front courtyard garden planted with boxwood, Japanese maple and English ivy is entered through a wrought iron gate. In front of the house there is a semi-circular driveway with a lawn and mature trees. Across the driveway under the trees a garden with boxwood, yew, allium and hosta has a whimsical topiary gnome.
Persons associated with the garden include Paul and Betty Henson (former owners, 1966-2010); The Greensman (landscape and hardscape, 2010); Lorelei Gibson (garden designer, gardener and horticulturist, 2011).
The folder includes worksheets and photocopies of articles.
This property is featured in "Starting from the Beginning" by Chuck Robinson, published by Garden Center Association of Kansas City, March-April 2011, p. 8-9; "Gorgeous Garden" published in The Independent Magazine, November 10, 2012, p. 31; The Kansas City Gardener, March 2013; The Independent Magazine, May 4, 2013; p. 10
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  • LL's Garden (Mission Hills, Kansas)
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