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[Cigarette cards color print, advertising card.]

view [Cigarette cards color print, advertising card.] digital asset number 1
Turkish Trophies
Physical description:
Ink on paper
45 items, 5.9" by 7.9"
Cigarette cards
Cite as:
Tobacco Trade and Industry Series, Warshaw Collection of Business Americana, ca. 1724-1977, Archives Center, National Museum of American History
Local number:
AC0060-0000737.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000738.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000739.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000740.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000741.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000742.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000743.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000744.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000745.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000746.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000747.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000748.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000749.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000750.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000751.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000752.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000753.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000754.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000755.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000756.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000757.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000758.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000759.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000760.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000761.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000762.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000763.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000764.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000765.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000766.tif (Ac Scan no.)
AC0060-0000767.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000768.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000769.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000770.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000771.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000772.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000773.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000774.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000775.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000776.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000777.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000778.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000779.tif (Ac Scan no.)
AC0060-0000780.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000781.tif (AC Scan no.)
AC0060-0000782.tif (AC Scan no.)
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Tobacco Trade and Industry series, Warshaw Collection of Business Americana
Data Source:
Archives Center, National Museum of American History

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