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Modern Vogue Decorated Gift Wrapping Papers, [sample book]

view Modern Vogue Decorated Gift Wrapping Papers, [sample book] digital asset number 1
Modern Vogue Company, Inc.
Physical description:
Ink on paper
1 item, 8.3" x 11.6"
Sample books
Cite as:
Bernard Levine Sample Book Collection, Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
Gift wraps
Local number:
AC0278-0000001-01 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-02 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-03 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-05 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-06 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-07 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-08 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-09 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-10 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-11 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-12 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-13 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-15 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-16 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-17 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-18 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-19 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-20 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-21 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-22 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-23 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-24 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-25 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-28 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-29 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-30 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-31 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-34 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-36 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-38 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-41 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-42 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-43 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-48 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-49 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-51 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-53 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-54 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-57 (AC Scan)
AC0278-0000001-60 (AC Scan)
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Bernard Levine Sample Book Collection ca. 1930s
Data Source:
Archives Center - NMAH

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