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Unidentified Garden in Unknown Location, ca. 1960-1972

Physical description:
1 folder+ 17 safety film negatives
Mixed archival materials
United States
Unidentified Garden (United States)
ca 1960-1972
Unlike many unidentified gardens for which only one or two images exist, this large site is represented by multiple images. These negatives were at one time associated with CT320, the Gund Garden in Fairfield, Connecticut; close visual examination has shown them to be of another site or sites. Thirteen photographs are clearly depict the same location and show individual garden areas surrounding a house in a spacious suburban setting. On one side of the house a pergola divides two separate garden and lawn areas, each with its own planting and seating arrangements (see images ADM047006 and ADM047011). On the other side of the house are semi-raised planting beds. Because of their previous association with the Gund Garden it is possible that the images were taken in or near the same location, Fairfield, Connecticut, and at the same time, June 1969. One of the images, ADM047016, is included in Rhoda Specht [Maxwell] Tarantino's 1972 book Small Gardens Are More Fun, providing a basis for narrowing the date range to ca. 1960-1972. That image and three others, however, do not "fit" clearly with the other 13 images in the series, raising questions about whether they indeed depict the same location.
The folder includes worksheets, a photocopied excerpt from the Tarantino book, and other information.
Garden has been featured in Rhoda Specht [Maxwell] Tarantino, Small Gardens Are More Fun (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1972), pp. 102-103
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