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[Camille Nickerson portraits : acetate film photonegatives, ca. 1941.]

view [Camille Nickerson portraits : acetate film photonegatives, ca. 1941.] digital asset number 1
Scurlock, Addison N. 1883-1964
Nickerson, Camille 1888-1982
Physical description:
Silver gelatin on cellulose acetate film sheets, 8" x 10"
6 items
Washington (D.C.)
ca 1941
From Box B.
Camille Nickerson was noted for her research on the music and culture of Louisiana Creoles. She studied music with her parents, pioneer musicians in New Orleans, and took piano with Rene Salomon. B.A., 1916, and M.A.,1932 at Oberlin; further study at Julliard and Columbia University in New York. Nickerson collected, arranged, and published Creole folksongs, and during the 1930s-1950s lectured and performed as "The Louisiana Lady." She was active in the National Association of Negro Musicians and was a member of the Howard University faculty, 1926-1962. Some of her compositions are: "Lizette, My Dearest One," "Mister Banjo," and "Dance Baby Dance." Source: Perkins Holly, Ellistine. Biographies of Black Composers and Songwriters; A Supplementary Textbook. Iowa: Wm. C. Brown Publishers, 1990.
6 studio portraits of Camille Nickerson in various poses, wearing fancy gown, some with piano. All on film with edge marking, "Eastman--Safety--Kodak / 23," and ink identification on emulsion side. Negatives retouched. Five accompanying contact prints (2 from each of 2 of the negatives, 1 from another) have been relocated in the print series.
618.222751.01: Subject standing.
618.222751.02: Subject standing near piano, holding fan.
618.222751.03: Theatrical costume and pose. Subject wears bonnet.
618.222751.04: Subject is seated.
618.222751.05: Subject is seated at piano.
618.222751.06: Subject is bowing.
Cite as:
Scurlock Studio Records, ca. 1905-1994, Archives Center, National Museum of American History
African American entertainers
African American women
African American pianists
African Americans
Local number:
Freezer box 43
43537 (Scurlock No.)
618ps0222751-01pw.tif (AC Scan No.)
618ps0222751-02pw.tif (AC Scan No.)
618ps0222751-03pw.tif (AC Scan No.)
618ps0222751-04pw.tif (AC Scan No.)
618ps0222751-05pw.tif (AC Scan No.)
618ps0222751-06pw.tif (AC Scan No.)
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Archives Center - NMAH
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