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Oriskatach 1997-1999

Plazzotta, Enzo
Robinson, John
Physical description:
1 folder+ 23 35 mm. slides
Mixed archival materials
United States of America, New York, Albany County, New Scotland, Feura Bush
New York
Feura Bush
Oriskatach (Feura Bush, New York)
The landscape was not "designed" by a landscape designer but was planted and cared for many years by a professional gardener. The story related was that the gentleman and his family lived in the house during the depression. His profession was little in demand during those years so he practiced on his own property.
The huge locusts all along the road are a native species and could have been gathered in nearby wooded areas but they were planted at measured distances. There is another row of them near the driveway on the right side of the house. As locusts must be removed from the property the present owner is replacing them.
The locust is currently "unpopular" and considered by some to be invasive, but on this property the owner thinks of these trees as the anchor plants. They hold the house to the ground. They certainly belong there. Whenever locusts are removed the wood is saved and used for fencing.
After the gardener and his family sold the property there were a few years when there was not much gardening, although there was good maintenance. The current lady of the house is a practiced gardener with a trained eye. The plan is to uncover the rock shelves and tuck in a minimum of plants. The selections are studied for shape and texture - not color. Summer color is added in pots.
Across the road from the house the owner has a tenant farmer working the fields. That field is planted in corn which he thinks is certainly appropriate to the vintage of the house. When the wind sweeps through the field it adds sound to the garden as does the Onesquethaw Creek when the water is high. Additional garden features include sculpture by Enzo Plazzotta and John Robinson.
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Archives of American Gardens

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