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Grelen 1997

Former owners:
Gregg, Will R., Jr. Mr. Mrs.
Landscape architect:
Shurcliff, Arthur A (Arthur Asahel) 1870-1957
James, John
Gregg, Dan
Physical description:
1 folder+ 13 35 mm. slides
Mixed archival materials
United States of America, Virginia, Orange County, Orange
Grelen (Orange, Va.)
"The land around the main house includes approximately fifteen acres of naturally and formally planned landscape. Naturalized areas feature a vast variety of ornamental and native Virginia trees and shrubs. Grelen features two planned gardens. The formal garden covers approximately two acres and is a four-level walled sunken garden. It is located to the west of the main house and can be approached through the mall-- a boxwood and hemlock tree lined lawn approximately 75 yards long (the garden is half way down the mall) - or from a blue stone walk leading from the back terrace. The top level is a tripartite formal space with brick walks leading to raised corner overlooks. The focal point is a brick paved overlook located on a central axis that runs through the garden and into the vista beyond. To either side of this overlook are brick stairways that lead to the lower levels."
"The second level of this garden features eight perennial beds, while the third and fourth levels are grassed. Opposite the garden entrance off the mall is a boxwood-lined mew with a millstone as the focal point. Specimen trees, including a Cedars of Lebanon, a Blue Atlas Cedar and a Deodora Cedar further accentuate this transept."
"The kitchen garden, a two-level 52' by 52' space on the east end of the house, is in line with the back terrace and the walk to the formal garden. This garden has a center circular bed surrounded by four corner sections and is divided into two levels by a stone retaining wall."
"Beyond the formally constructed garden, vistas were created by plantings of large hardwood trees. This technique was used on the mall, on the axis beyond the formal garden, and on the main drive up to the house. The front drive is bordered by tulip poplar trees and the edges of the front lawns are defined by the white pine trees. The mall uses boxwood for the vista close to the house, and then hemlock trees lead the eye on out toward the neighboring hillside. As one stands at the overlook in the formal gardens and faces cow pastures, a line of trees far beyond the fenced area carries the theme of cultivated grounds past the manicured lawns."
Persons associated with the property include: Mr. and Mrs. Will R. Gregg, Jr. (former owners, 1934-1990); Arthur Asahel Shurcliff (landscape architect, 1936-1940); John James (horticulturist in 1996); and Dan Gregg (nurseryman).
This folder includes plans, plant list for herb garden, tree inventory, plant list, garden description and worksheet done by GCA researcher Patricia M. Dunnington.
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Data Source:
Archives of American Gardens

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