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Pomgranate [music]

Ellington, Duke 1899-1974
Strayhorn, Billy (William Thomas) 1915-1967
Physical description:
1 mixed score(s) and/or part(s) (holograph), 32 cm
1 manuscript, 32 cm
6 copy scores, 32 cm
1 part (photocopy), 28 cm
Copy scores
Lead sheet
Parts (musical)
Piano conductor scores
Piano vocal scores
Short scores
United States
20th century
Handwriting and other details have been reported based on the notes of David Berger, Andrew Homzy, Dr. Theodore Hudson, Walter van de Leur, and Dr. Mark Tucker.
Condition: fair, torn, tape, stained.
Folder A, grouping ii from the Presentation Album, vol. F. Copyright by Tempo Music, Inc.
6 parts and an indefinite number of scores
Pomgranate is contained in two of thirty one folders for "Drum is a woman" consisting of 1 six page short score, 1 two page piano conductor score, 1 three page piano vocal score, 1 lead sheet and 5 parts in f minor concert -- in ink, pencil and photocopy -- in unidentified hands (BS, Whaley?).
Folder A contains items in 2 groupings -- (i) Short score. Short score indicates parts for saxes, clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor, baritone. -- (ii) Parts for voice; unidentified treble instrument. Lyrics begin "On some far isle in the sea ...".
Folder B contains piano conductor score, piano vocal score, lead sheet and remaining parts. Piano conductor score indicates parts for clarinet, bass clarinet, voice. Score does not include lyrics. Piano vocal score lyrics begin as above. Lead sheet for unidentified treble instrument. Parts for 2 reeds - alto 1, Carney; 1 trumpet - 4. -- All items except Folder A, grouping ii from the Duke Ellington Library.
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Duke Ellington Collection Music Manuscripts (Series 1), ca. 1930-1981
Data Source:
Archives Center - NMAH

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