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Manhattan serenade [music]

Alter, Louis
Adamson, Harold
Physical description:
3 copy scores, 32 cm
2 manuscripts, 32 cm
1 part (photocopy), 32 cm
1 manuscript, 30 cm
Conductor scores
Copy scores
Parts (musical)
Piano vocal scores
United States
20th century
A part for an untitled piece is noted on the verso of the part in G Major. Handwriting and other details have been reported based on the notes of David Berger, Andrew Homzy, Dr. Theodore Hudson, Walter van de Leur, and Dr. Mark Tucker.
Condition: fair, stained.
Unsigned Strayhorn composition.
Statement of responsibility taken from The Great Song Thesaurus, by Roger Lax and Frederick Smith.
4 parts and an indefinite number of scores
Manhattan serenade is contained in one folder consisting of 1 one page conductor score and 1 part in Ab Major concert, 2 parts in Eb Major concert, 1 one page conductor score and 1 three page piano vocal score in F Major concert, and 1 part in G Major concert -- in ink, pencil and photocopy -- in unidentified hands (Whaley, other?).
Conductor score in Ab Major indicates parts for 2 violins - A, B; 3 saxes - 1, 2, 3; 3 trumpets - 1, 2, 3; 1 trombone - 1; bass; piano. Score appears incomplete. Part in Ab Major for piano. Part appears incomplete. Parts in Eb Major for 1 reed - Rab (2). Conductor score in F Major does not indicate instrumentation and appears incomplete. Piano vocal score lyrics begin "Lord please forgive me for cursing your rain ...". Score appears incomplete. Part in G Major for unidentified bass instrument. Relationship of these materials is uncertain. -- from the Duke Ellington Library.
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Duke Ellington Collection Music Manuscripts (Series 1), ca. 1930-1981
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