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Sohmer & Co. Records, Series VII: Sales Records, 1923-1982

Sohmer & Company
Physical description:
ca. 0.7 cubic feet
Sales Reports
Sales Records include sales reports, sales records related to dealers, a dealer list, and a salesman s̓ informational packet. Monthly sales reports, 1933-1939 and 1951-1961. Yearly sales reports, 1923-1929, and 1929-1933. On the back of sales reports are salesmen s̓ cost sheets which lay out in tabular form the salesman s̓ name, salary, and commision, 1925-1933. Also, on the back of these sheets are advertising expenses and results reports, 1930-1937. What has been characterized as a salesman̓s information packet includes informational or fact sheets, sales presentation aids which could also be used as handouts, motivational literature, and a sales territory map of Northern New Jersey, probably belonging to a salesman named Robinson.
Sales Records
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