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Venus of Medicis, (sculpture)

Canova and Vanelli
Unknown (Antique artist) (copy after)
Praxiteles (copy after)
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 1 (Sale info: For Sale).
The Venus of Medicis, 4 feet 11 inches in height, marble of Carrara. The original statue of this Venus has a proverbial reputation in all the civilized world; it is the best specimen of sculpture ever performed by the human hand, and can hardly be equalled by the celebrated Apollo of Belvedere. Both these invaluable statues exist in the Imperial Gallery at Florence, where they have been restored in 1815, after an absence of about 18 years spent in the Gallery of the Louvre at Paris, among the treasures of fine arts, with which the French conquest had enriched the capital of France. The original is by Praxiteles, who has performed his work uniting together all the beauties of forms and features, which he had discovered in seven of the handsomest women of Athens. This is a copy made by the immortal Canova, before he undertook to make the celebrated Chaste Venus of his own invention. Canova had almost finished this invaluable copy, when he discovered a defect in the marble in the right hip of the figure, which had to be taken off and replaced with another piece of marble. For this unexpected accident he yielded to his pupil Vanelli, who has finished it in a manner to give great credit to the instructions received of his immortal master. It is impossible to describe all the beauties of this statue, which must be examined with a peculiar attention to be well appreciated. [P. 18.]
Synopsis of a valuable Collection of Old Italian Paintings, Marble Statuary, and other Rare Articles of Fine Arts, in the possession of Mr. John Clark, now exhibiting at the Academy of Fine Arts, in Barclay Street. New York, Lesueur & Co's Printing Office, No. 3, Barclay Street, opposite the Academy of Fine Arts. 1839.
Figure female--Nude
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