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Bacchanal, (painting)

Carraci, Agostino
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 92
Though gifted with a great taste for poetry, music, engraving and the charms of society, he found time to paint a considerable number of compositions. He disposed his draperies elegantly, drew with great exactness, and gave to his heads an elevated and beautiful character. Henry Atkinson, Esquire, a man of taste and who has done much in this country to encourage painting, offered Mr. Legare this painting for work which he desired him to execute, which proposal was gratefully accepted, as the latter supposed that it was done more particularly to encourage him in the art of painting. Mr. Atkinson had imported, at the same time as the above, a number of other paintings, the best of which he had the misfortune of loosing [sic] by a fire. [P. 10; see entry 04100034 for a note on the work's provenance.]
Catalogue of the Quebec Gallery of Paintings, Engravings, etc., the Property of Jos. Legare, St. Angele Street, corner of St. Helen Street. Quebec: E.R. Frechette, Printer and Stationer, No 13, Mountain Street, Lower-Town, 1852.
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AECI 04100092
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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