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The Hospitality of St. Julian, after Allori, from the original in the Pitti Palace at Florence, (painting)

Allori (copy after)
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 28
After Allori, from the original in the Pitti Gallery at Florence. The original of this beautiful picture is somewhat above life-size, . . . St. Julian Hospitator . . . was a noble count who, in his youth, spent his time in the pleasures of the chase and feasting. Being suddenly turned upon in the forest by a hunted deer, that by a miracle was endowed with speech, and who told him that, as a punishment . . . he would be the death of his parents, he fled to a distant country, . . . His parents, seeking him everywhere, arrived one day at his house during his absence, and having discovered themselves to his wife, were well entertained. To make them as comfortable as possible, Julian's own bed was given them to sleep in. On . . . discovering a man and woman in his bed, he slew them both. . . . [and] in penitence, left his home and dwelt by a river, . . . and was wont to ferry passengers across and entertain them. One night, . . . a young leper was found. St. Julian carried him across and tenderly bore him to a bed. In the morning, a beautiful angel appeared in his place, who, after assuring his entertainer of the pardon of Heaven, took flight and vanished. [P. 6; entries 00550028, 00550029, 00550030, 00550031, 00550032, 00550033, 00550034, 00550035, 00550036, 00550037, 00550038, 00550039, and 00550040 were exhibited under heading: "Donated to the Academy by H.W. Rogers."]
Price twenty-five cents. Buffalo Fine Arts Academy. 1872. Catalogue of Works of Art on Exhibition at the Gallery of the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, Young Men's Association Buildings, Buffalo, N.Y. Academy Instituted November 11, 1862. Incorporated December 4, 1862. Gallery opened December 23, 1862. Buffalo: Warren, Johnson & Co., Printers, Office of the Daily Courier, 197 Main Street, 1872.
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Religion--Saint--St. Julian
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AECI 00550028
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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