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Landscape, (painting)

Rousseau, Theodore b. 1812
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 458 (Sale info: $1500.00).
b. Paris, 1812. Pupil of Guillon-Lethiere. First exhibited, Salon, 1834. Medals, 1834, 1849, and 1855. Legion of Honor, 1852. One of the eight grand medals of honor, Exposition Universelle, Paris, 1867. d. 1867. Diploma to the memory of deceased artists, 1868. " Landscape. Theodore Rousseau has been for twenty-five years the first apostle of truth in landscape. He made a breach in the wall of the historic school, which had lost the habit of regarding nature, and servilely copied the bad copyists of poussin. He emancipated the landscape painters as moses formerly liberated the hebrews. He led them into a land of promise where the trees had leaves, where the rivers were liquid, where the men and animals were not of wood. . . . His incontestable talent was contested by all the world. It is only to-day that his reputation is made. - Edmond About. - Our Artists in the Salon (1857.]." [P. 89; ellipses appear
Illustrated Catalogue of Works of Art in the Art Building of the Southern Exposition at Louisville, Ky. August 16 - October 25, 1884. Prepared by Charles M. Kurtz, Director of the Art Department. Editor of National Academy Notes and the Art Union Magazine. Published for the Art Committee by John P. Morton and Company.
Artist professional affiliation: F.L.H.
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AECI 03860458
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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