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Sunset, (painting)

Inness, George b. 1825
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 212 (Sale info: $400.00).
b. Newburg, N.Y., 1825. Studied art in Newark, N.J., and engraving in New York. In 1846 began landscape painting as a profession, spending a month meanwhile in the studio of Regis Gignoux. Visited Europe several times for purposes of observation and study, and lived in Italy from 1871 to 1875. elected National Academician, 1868. Member of the American Art Union and Society of American Artists. " There is no American artist who has acquired greater fame as such than George Inness, neither can we recall any other who is so varied in his moods. . . . in his happy moods he has painted some of the best landscapes produced in this country. - Art Journal, March, 1876. " Rarely do we see one of his landscapes without finding there a picturesque effect or a subtle meaning indicative of the rarest skill and the most absolute genius. - Tuckerman, Book of the Artists. " There is ever perceptible in his works imagination, feeling, and technical instinct of a high order. - Jarves, Art Idea. " A man who has been in intense earnest from the day he began to paint. His art has been his life, the center of his thoughts and dreams, influenced by the exaltation and depression of his moods, but always the fervid utterance of one impelled to deliver his message by the fullness of his heart. - J.R.W. Hitchcock. Biographical sketch of George Inness, N.A. " Sunset. A charming representation of the sunset glow in the sky, its reflection from the water, and effect upon the whole landscape." [P. 46; ellipses appear
Illustrated Catalogue of Works of Art in the Art Building of the Southern Exposition at Louisville, Ky. August 16 - October 25, 1884. Prepared by Charles M. Kurtz, Director of the Art Department. Editor of National Academy Notes and the Art Union Magazine. Published for the Art Committee by John P. Morton and Company.
Artist address: New York, New York.
Artist professional affiliation: Associate National Academician; Society of American Artists, New York; A.A.U.
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AECI 03860212
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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